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Chapter 25: Little Green


Izumi Nogami was stunned,


Didn't you hear me,

I said take out your money,"

"Mu Xiaoxiao don't ... be too much, Do you think you can threaten people at will,"

She wanted to curse, but seeing his indifferent eyes, she changed her words, and said words, which came off as ironic,


Hearing her, he was amused and smiled as if saying

'Are you worthy of saying these'

Mu Xiaoxiao also didn't want to bully some girls, but he doesn't have money so, he can only do so,

And he heard from Akane that she was a rich girl so it wasn't like she would become poor just from a few thousand yen..

And he can also teach them that he wasn't someone that could mess with, though the main reason was money, after all, the more they tried to mess with him, the more he would get rewarded, but it's just that rewards are too small,

"Quickly take out,"


The two girls glanced at the scared girl, and didn't know what to say,

"Ok, take it"

Hearing this she said and took out four 10,000 Yen notes from her schoolbag,

"Now, Are you happy"

However, Mu Xiaoxiao just looked at the expression of

'That's it'


"Aren't you a rich lady from a rich family,

Are you so poor?"

"Who said this girl is poor, I have ..."

Suddenly she stopped, her face turning red,

"You have? "

"Right, then take out"

"I am not, what are you going to do"

This time she was stubborn,


"Little Green"

Little Green is a pet that he found again after arranging for Luna to be delivered to Akane; yes, it is a snake.

The white-lipped pit viper was discovered by him after a lot of effort in the forest behind the school.

This snake is not only beautiful; its body is green and smooth, and it is also very aggressive.

After training, it will definitely have good fighting power.

Unlike the two sparrows, don't think about using them as combat power until there is an obvious mutation.

The toxicity of the white-lipped pit viper is average, but it is still very troublesome to be bitten, and the person will still die if he or she is not rescued in time.

Of course, it has been cultivated by Mu Xiaoxiao's B-level

[Beast Taming] skill.

After taming, she wouldn't bite at will; otherwise, with her aggressiveness, she would have already bitten the moment Nogami Izumi overturned the table and alarmed her.

But now Mu Xiaoxiao made a gesture, and the snake hissed, staring at Izumi Nogami and it was ready to pounce at her,

"Wait, wait, I'm giving"

She said hurriedly, and looking at the snake around his waist, she took out everything from her bag, and gave it to him,

"That's all, I have.. please take it back"

Her eyes turned moist, and she has never been so aggrieved in her life.

"And you two,"

After taking money, from her, he turned to look at the two girls behind her,

"Take it"

Seeing the girl give her money, the two girls also took out whatever, they had,

"Well, Little Green"

"Now, don't look so pitiful, it was you who tried to cause trouble for me, I just replied back,"

"Yes, yes"

But seeing her like this, it seemed she would cry at any time, so he didn't say anything, just took the money and left..

Leaving Izumi Nogami, and the two girls standing in the classroom,

The two girls looked at her and said,

"It's okay, Izumi, let's not cause trouble for him from now on,"

Hinata Sae said as Minako Sanada nodded in agreement,

"Hm, that guy is strong and has weird things, this time it was just a snake,

Who knows, next time what animal you'll find in his bag,"

"Hm" Izumi Nogami, just hummed, still having psychological fears about that snake,

Of course, she would never cause any trouble for him, never..


Mu Xiaoxio on the other hand was walking toward the school gate when he heard a familiar sound of the system,

[ Ding, the host's justice execution is detected: confrontation and intimidation, leaving a shadow!

Use animals that women are naturally afraid of to scare them out of psychological shadows, deal a heavy blow to the hearts of the bad girl trio,

Ratings C and the host gets the rewards—

"Skill points: 3." ]


It's still recognized by the system?

Even though it's only a C-level evaluation, the rewards are average, but it's better than nothing; after all, it was a surprise, and he was just trying to scare Nogami and the others.

'By the way, blackmailing... There is no way; I really don't have any money, and as for asking Akane to eat soft food, forget it; I really can't shame her for it, and Nanao Akane is not a very rich woman.'

'I can only find a way by myself.'

"Nogami Izumi and the others seem to have a lot of money in their family, I actually got 200,000 Yen."

Mu Xiaoxiao happily counted the banknotes and counting everything he not only got 200,000 Yen in extra cash but also system rewards.

This wave is a win-win situation.

The little snake climbed up from Mu Xiaoxiao's wrist, skilfully slipped into his clothes, then got out from his chest and wrapped around his neck; the raised snake's head rubbed against his face.

"Okay, okay, I know you're hungry, so I'll eat when I get back," as expected of the snake with a really big appetite.

Fortunately, a sum of money was obtained.

The white-lipped snake happily returned to Mu Xiaoxiao's arm after receiving the response.

Ever since Mu Xiaoxiao's training and enlightened intelligence, she has become more and more fond of pestering him.

Not only is the relationship close, but the heat on his body also makes Little Green very comfortable.

"Xiao xiao—"

Akane Nanao, who had been waiting at the school gate for a long time, waved her hand.

After quitting the baseball club, it has become a custom for her to go home together with him after school.

Although she was asked to wait at the gate just now, Nanao didn't ask the specific reason.

"Let's go."

Hugging his arm, Akane Nanao couldn't hold back and kissed his face, but suddenly lowered her head in doubt,

"Huh?" "What's on your arm?"


Looking intently, a smuggling snake head faced her, and after a second of silence...



Mu Xiaoxiao: "...

Little Green completed a double kill, and sure enough, women are afraid of this thing.

"Xiao, that, in your hand...



Luna narrowed her cat's eyes, jumped to the ground, and looked at Little Green.

The latter also stared at the black cat, not to be outdone.

But after all, cats are not afraid of snakes.

Regardless of strength, speed, and agility, cats win.

Even venomous snakes cannot bite, and then they will be played by cats, especially wild cats like Luna.

"Okay, this is our new partner, Little Green"

Mu Xiaoxiao patted the snake's head, then stroked the cat's chin, saying,

"Luna, don't fight, and get along well."


Luna has a pitiful face,

'He has a new love so soon after I left,'

Damn it, so envious, and she also wants to wrap her arms around Mu Xiaoxiao's body every day and never separate from him!

"Xiaoxiao, is this snake raised by you?"

Nanao Akane swallowed her saliva and cautiously stepped forward a few steps.

"How is it?" "Isn't it beautiful?"

"Pretty is pretty, emerald green... but it's a snake!"

Slippery snake—when she thought of this, Akane Nanao felt hairy all over her body, and she didn't even dare to approach Mu Xiaoxiao, feeling fearful in her heart.

"Her name is Little Green; she got this nickname because her body is emerald green and she is a white-lipped pit viper, which is highly venomous."

"Very venomous? Then you're still keeping it?!" If you get accidentally bitten, scratched, or something else, it will be over!

"It's not that exaggerated." "Little Green is very sensible. "She usually doesn't show her fangs and keeps her venom away."

Mu Xiaoxiao said with a relieved look.

He didn't dare to be too intimate when he first found the snake with white lips.

However, with the deepening of the training, he basically doesn't worry about being bitten.

Except for bathing, she usually sleeps together when he sleeps, and he feels full of security.

"Hey, originally I would have liked to raise a giant python; how interesting that would be, or a lion or a tiger, but these pets can't be obtained without money,"

He said while spreading his hands as if he was helpless.

Hearing him Akane Nanao was very sad.

What kind of weird pets do you want to keep, and do you have a zoo at home?

"By the way, Akane, do you want to change it?" "Let little green accompany you home, and Luna will follow me."

"Don't want!!"

Hugging the black cat back quickly, she shook her head crazily and said,

"I just need Luna, that snake you should take it with you, Xiaoxiao.

She couldn't stand being with a snake all day and night.

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