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Chapter 26: Seika Girl's Private Academy

After separating from Akane Nanao, Mu Xiaoxiao ran to the supermarket to buy a lot of raw meat.

Little Green's digestive system is quite powerful, and so is her strength, so she can hunt for food by herself without needing to spend money

But after all, it is his little pet, so feed it better.

If money is gone, he will find a way to get it, and he always thought that getting money was not a big deal.

Didn't he just get 200,000 yen today?

At the door of the apartment, Mu Xiaoxiao looked up at the sky, searched for a while, and saw two frolicking sparrows. He whistled, and two little greys swooped down and landed on Mu Xiaoxiao's shoulders.


However, seeing the green snake's head, they were shocked and flew up with flapping wings.


"Okay, okay, Little Green won't do anything to you; what are you afraid of? Go into the house!"

Mu Xiaoxiao didn't keep the two sparrows at home; they were kept outside every day. Anyway, he had already tamed them using his skill, so they would not run around and would go home by themselves, then return to the apartment at the time of dinner.

However, looking at it now, as his pets kept increasing, it would also take money to feed them, and even though he got some money today,

But Two hundred thousand yen can't last for a few days, and I can't bear to eat instant noodles."

Should I continue to blackmail?"

Those three girls are quite rich,...

It's not a problem to keep going, but

And he was not the one who would bully others, and just like that girl cried today, it seemed like he was a bad guy.

So, forget it.

After much deliberation, it seems that the only way is to work.

"Let's look online."

While Little Green and the others were eating, Mu Xiaoxiao was leaning on the sofa and holding a laptop to search online.

"It's a pity that the prophetic eye can only predict for a maximum of two seconds. It would be great to have clairvoyance."

"I don't know what the improvement is after the upgrade."

'Now I have 26 skill points.'

After thinking about it for a long time, he decided to save it.

Even if it can update certain skills, it cannot be upgraded to S.

"There are a lot of job advertisements, but unfortunately, they are all ordinary jobs."

Let's forget about working in a convenience store or something.

'Bodyguard?'  'This looks good, but I am a student and I don't have that much time; it's a pity.'

"Pet shop?  Animal breeder?

"This one is pretty good, and the salary looks good."

"Let's look for a few more."

Mu Xiaoxiao clicked the bookmark, then continued to check, flipping through several recruitment pages in a row.

He can also collect the work of a private detective and have two little greys as spy planes; he is also competent for the job of a private detective.

"Huh?" "What is this?"

However, as he was searching and looking at some odd jobs, he came across something,

[Recruiting workers.

Interview requirements: Male, in good health, with an outstanding physique and no bad resume,

Age Requirement: 25–40 years old.

For recruitment details, please discuss them in your interview.

Job details are kept confidential; please interview for details.

Salary: 2 million to 5 million yen per month

contact address:...

Note: Please bring your physical examination form, resume, and ID card to the interview.

[Seika Girl's Private Academy]

This job posting attracted Mu Xiaoxiao's attention.

Although it didn't mention the specific job, it was very popular because the salary was attractive.

He had to admit that he was also attracted by the salary.

From two million to five million,

It was too much.

And he also met almost every requirement.


"It's just that the age limit... I don't qualify."

He frowned and thought,

'Should I go there tomorrow?

Anyway, it's the weekend, so it's not a problem?'

'It is written that it is a mysterious job, so I don't know what kind of job it would be. '

Mu Xiaoxiao thought, Even if he didn't meet the age requirements, he could be a bodyguard or a detective with his abilities.

It's more than enough to be a killer.

And the job just needed a male with an outstanding physique, which he has.

And on the recruitment page, it is said that the job details are confidential and that it is a job that cannot be disclosed. In this regard, he is confident in himself.

"Besides, the recruiter is actually from an all-girls school."

'Seika Girl's Private Academy High School

'Somewhat familiar; where have I heard it?'

It's okay; the money is high enough for me to go.

It's just that he always had a bad feeling.

Not as bad as he had when he first travelled to this world, but it was still bad.

But after thinking about it for a long time, Mu Xiaoxiao simply ignored it and wrote down the address and phone number.

After calling and contacting the people over there, he started to prepare.

"Work?" "Xiao, are you going to work part-time?"

"Yeah, I'm fed up with instant noodles, and it's hard to fill my stomach." Now I have found a job with a good salary, but I don't know if I will be selected until I go to the interview."

Akane Nanao was lying on her bed, petting the cat, while talking on the phone with Mu Xiaoxiao.

"It's a pity; I wanted to go on a date with you this weekend."

The girl turned over on the bed, rubbing her chest, embarrassed to say that they didn't do it these days, and she kind of wanted it.

Though she would always get unconscious every time they did it due to his intense stamina, it felt too good, so she was looking forward to it.

But if he gets a job, they would have less time to spend, so she said,

"You have less time to work."

"That's not true."

"I don't think this job will take much time.

It's probably something like a private detective.

"And if it takes a lot of time, I will refuse."

"That's good",

"Tomorrow, let's go to the newly opened aquarium together."

"There should be time tomorrow."

The interview should not take too much time, so he was free, but thinking of something, he asked his personal encyclopaedia,

"By the way, Akane, there is a private girls' high school called Seika Girl's Private Academy; do you know?"

"Seika Girl's Private Academy High School?"

Wait, Xiao Xaio, let me think about it. Oh!

I heard that it is a very famous girls' school, and the students who go there are all rich and famous girls.

"They are of two worlds; why are you asking this?"

"Because if I get selected tomorrow,"

"This is where I would work."

"Eh?" "Is that so?"

Akane Nanao gripped the phone slightly harder than Mu Xiaoxiao.

'He wouldn't be hooking up with girls here, would he?'

"So, what kind of detective are you going to be in a girl's high school?"

"That I don't know. Maybe it's not a detective but some kind of bodyguard."

"Xiaoxiao, Are you going to be a bodyguard for some rich girl at the academy?"

"I don't know, but I'll find out tomorrow."

"But if it's a bodyguard, then I won't take it,"

"Don't forget our date."


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