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I Regenerate 10,000 Times Faster I Regenerate 10,000 Times Faster original

I Regenerate 10,000 Times Faster

Author: RagingArtPunk

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Chapter 1: Awakened

Within the depth of the cosmos, at the center of chaos itself. A large Crystal Palace floated amidst the profound swirling of time and space itself.

A young, handsome man in an exquisitely hand-made, dark cosmic-threaded suit, sat on the throne, composed completely of mythical beast bones, extremely rare gems, and divine artifacts.

His eyes were closed but his crown which emitted thousands of divine rays made one unable to see his holy visor.

Seated beneath his throne, by his legs were thousands of insanely and astonishingly beautiful women, all of whom had charms of their own, making them more attractive the more one looks.

The divine being's eyes suddenly burst open, filling the entire 100,000-meter square Palace with a piercing gaze that shone coldly like the luminous sun, revealing his aged eyes that had seen multiple ages and worlds. His voice rumbled like thunder as he spoke to a random lady.

"Serve me, Keisha!"

"Shit, we are late! Wake up!"

The extraordinary world suddenly started shaking and distorting and his face changed as his palace started collapsing. 

"No! Not again!"

A loud thump echoed as his entire body landed on the floor. He had actually been shoved out of his bunk bed by his roommate!

Tyrion opened his eyes and was absolutely livid. He had been awaiting this dream for months! For an entire month!!!

"It's 9:30!" Harry said hurriedly as he struggled to wear the cheap combat boot he and Tyrion had bought at the market for a third hand. 

The fuming Tyrion was so livid he remained speechless for a second before angrily getting to his feet pointing at Harry as he spoke. "Y-y- you woke me up to tell me the time!?"

Harry froze and he stared at Tyrian in disbelief. "Uhm, today's the entrance examination!"

Tyrion's face turned blank but then his expression changed drastically. "Shit!"

He hurriedly went to the bathroom which was just a half meter away from the tiny room.

Roughly washing his face, hands, and legs with water. He angrily turned to Harry and glowered.

"Why are you just telling this to me now!?"

He hurriedly grabbed at a random shirt, putting it on, and his only dirty blue trouser. 

Harry snorted, coldly retorting. "Apologies your highness but fuck you!"

Combing his smoothly gelled hair, Harry opened the door and smirked Tyrion. "Bye."

Tyrion's face changed. "Wait! Just a second!"

Harry chuckled and left him! 

"That bastard!"

Not bothering to comb his hair, he only cleaned his dirty trousers with a little bit of soap and water before he also left the dorm, taking with him the official student coat of identification. 

* * *


It had been 40 years since the exposure of DUST. The world underwent earth-shattering changes as people, beasts and beings consumed and absorbed dust to activate their cells and birth different powers called Traits. 

Animals, transforming to evo-beasts, man gaining incredible ability to control their cells and generate intense heat and coldness that takes form and shape along with other variables. 

At first, humanity was excited at the prospect of gaining near superpowers, but then came the revival of the ancient, the emergence of dimensional realms colliding and overlapping with the planet.

Ancient races, temples, and organizations both good and bad started popping out from various dangerous locations. Creating dimensional zones, warped worlds, and alternate mini-verses. Chaos ensued. 

 * * *

Within a massive coliseum, thousands of recruits gathered in the seats around the coliseum. Their expressions were grave as they zeroed their eyes on the ten stages below. 

The ten stages were demarcated into ten equal parts by large and thick iron cages, made of specially tempered steel. 

With each stage about 400 meters wide, enough space for a decent battle. 

At this moment, intense life-and-death battles could be seen in each of the ten stages.

The ten students on each stages with their lives on the line, each combating different meta beasts of different species maniacally. The meta-beast had one thing in common, which is, that they are huge. 

The shortest reaching a height of two meters while the biggest within the colosseum was at least six meters tall, radiating monstrous waves of ferocity. 

Within this academy, each examination was a fight to the death. At this point of their training, each student has stimulated and activated at least 60 percent of their cells, granting them speed, and strength, and coupled with enhanced, superior intelligence, facing ordinary meta-beasts shouldn't be hard. At least that was what the Instructors said. 

Some of the students watched with ashen faces, their hearts thumping with fear. Even though they'd had three entire months of training, they'd never experienced a fight to the death before, not to mention fighting off a ferocious meta beast.

Meta-beasts are mutated life forms. The three-meter-tall tall dwarven-lion is only an ordinary meta beast and yet it has such frightening destructive powers. What of the stronger meta-beasts then?

Before the absence of dust, human cells generated very little strength. Even during Olympic competition, when athletes managed to break records time and again, the human cells' potential had never been fully tapped into, reaching a limit that one could never hope to surpass. 

Just like the human brain, where we only use a small part of it all at once. Without dust, it was impossible to unleash the full potential of the brain cells, reaching 100% at will, all at once.

Altered beings were ranked from levels one to seven, and the difference in strength between each level was huge. Above the Altered beings were the Super soldiers and above that was Demonic warrior and then FiendGod! 

They can also be considered supernatural beings and were scary strong, unafraid of atomic bombs, and could reach speeds multiple times faster than the speed of sound. 

They were considered walking atomic bombs, and were the pillars of organizations, keeping each other in check. The more FiendGods powerhouse an organization or country has, the stronger they are. 

They were split into three main states, and they were the strongest state among humankind.

The battle quickly ended with the death of three students, four grievously injured with another three killing their beasts with slight injuries or heavy ones.

The stages were rearranged by numerous servants as they prepared the stage for the next upcoming battle. 

Soon, a robotic voice boomed within the entire stadium as it called the next ten examinees. 

"No. 132480!"

"No. 132481!"

"No. 132482!"... 

"No. 132490!"

Immediately, nine students fell out. Both male and female all rushed out nervously from their seat to the stages glowing their ID number overhead.

While some of them were panicking, two individuals had calm expressions on their faces, revealing their confidence as well as a hint of arrogance. 

Recognizing that the tenth person wasn't here yet, the robotic voice boomed once more. 

"No. 132490!"

Instantly, the entire stadium fell silent. 

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