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Chapter 72: Long Awaited Evolution

Aurus took a short glance at the notification screen that popped up in front of him before having a dumbfounded look on his nonexistent face as well.

" and shop system?" Aurus tried to recall how this system worked, rummaging through each and every unsealed memory in his mind, only to come to naught.

"I'll just think about this later. If else, I could just ask Herellia about this." He hastily closed the notification screen in front of him and looked at the stupefied alliance members. He then looked at Herellia, who was looking at him.

"H-h-h-how..." Forming a somewhat unstable connection through SP, this was the only word that Herellia could blurt out.

Aurus could not help but let out a cheerful aura before responding to Herellia's statement. "My skills have reached its limit."

It took a while for Herellia to process Aurus' words since she was still dumbfounded by Aurus' showcase of power, but she was still able to respond with an 'Un' sound before removing the connection between the two.

"You've definitely improved from when I last saw you." After disconnecting from the SP connection, a voice that was familiar to Aurus resounded in his mind, startling him a bit before looking around to see who it was.

After a few seconds, Aurus could feel a slightly cheerful aura from a branch that was exuding intense waves of SP. It was none other than one of the first Pillar level members he met, Horell.

"Hehe, it's still nothing compared to your strength, Horell." Aurus could not help but humble down when looking at Horell. Although Aurus knew that he was supported by the Existence Evolution System given to him by Kurohana and allowed him to become a strong mage, he knew that Horell had more experience as a mage due to the fact that he might have experimented with multiple incantations and such before reaching his current level today.

"Don't be too humble, Aurus. It's fine to feel proud every once in a while," Horell said as a response. "Anyways, after the current situation dies down, I'll bring you to a tour around our alliance."

"Mm, got it," Aurus' aura became more cheerful before disconnecting from Horell's SP connection.

"Eh..." It was at this exact moment that the alliance members woke up from their stupor, looking at Aurus as some sort of deity. Although they were S-grades backed up by the alliance, they could only fight against a being of a grade higher than a standstill. All of them knew that defeating them was harder than that, and killing them in one shot was EXTREMELY HARDER than that.

They could not help but envy Aurus. Envy Aurus for the fact that he could do something that they didn't.

"You've got to be kidding me! That's gotta be your strongest skill or something!" With each and every alliance member's feeling of envy reaching its peak, one alliance member could not help but voice out.

"Yes! Yes! That's definitely an ultimate skill right there!" Another alliance member agreed with the other member's statement.

Not long after, the soft complaints of a few members turned into the clamor of almost every alliance member towards the strength of Aurus. With their feelings of envy clouding their judgement, the only thought they had in their head was...

'Since you're an A-grade, surely that's an ultimate skill right?!'

Aurus remained silent as he listened to the clamor of the alliance members, remembering each and every characteristic of the member's bodies in the future. Although he was kind, he was not someone who did not bear grudges. Even if the reason behind it was their disbelief as to what he said.

Looking further, he noticed that all of the Executive level and Pillar level members remained silent as they stared at Aurus. Although Aurus did not know why, Aurus decided to commit their characteristics into memory as well, along with some of the normal alliance members who did not voice out.

The reason why they kept their nonexistent mouths shut, was that...

The power shown by Aurus was extremely similar to a someone they knew all too well.


At the early days of the alliance, the Pillar level members could see Herellia, who was S-grade at the time, easily kill X-grade Inanimate beings like cutting radishes...every second.

As for the Executive level members that joined a bit later than the Pillar level ones, the overwhelming power that Herellia would always show when fighting resonated with the showcase of power Aurus did just a while ago.

Even the normal alliance members that did not voice out felt the same feeling as the Executive level members, which was the same aura as Herellia.

At this moment, Aurus could not help but let out a loud laugh, silencing the alliance members that voiced their complaints out to Aurus' weakest skill.

" doubt my claim huh?" Aurus could not help but let out a grim aura before shouting, "Then witness this!"

"[Spirit Spear: Acceptance]!"

Within a second, a floating Anima was converted into a Spirit Spear which then flew outside the hall at an extremely fast speed...well extremely fast for the normal members anyway.


The alliance members that voiced their complaints could not help but look at the Spirit Spear that was shot out, only to be stupefied by the aftermath of the Spirit Spear.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Although the trees around the alliance's base of operations was sparse, as if it had a mind of its own, the Spirit Spear pierced through each and every tree that was visible to the alliance members, even going so far as to bursting the upper half.

"..." Seeing that Aurus was able to execute an extremely strong skill, the feelings of envy the alliance members showed were replaced with feelings of fear, as if a monster joined their alliance.

At this moment, Herellia spoke out. "To all of the alliance members that had doubts as to Aurus' true power, it's better if you don't think about it. His limit is far from what you imagine."

"You can all go do your own things now." After this, Herellia turned around and gestured Aurus with a blood tendril as she hovered back to the long corridor.

Aurus, who had the same plan in mind, decided to follow Herellia from behind.

"Just shout my name out if you want me to take you on a tour." As he followed Herellia, a voice resounded through his mind.

"Alright." Aurus inwardly nodded as he disconnected from the SP connection.

It took the two around ten minutes to come back to the small ecosystem that they traversed a while ago.

Whoosh. Whoosh.

The two of them landed on the end of the corridor. Herellia looked at Aurus and said, "Hey Aurus, I have something to t—"

Just as Herellia summoned up the courage to tell Aurus about her system, Aurus could not help but ask, "Do you have any secluded place in here where I can't be disturbed?"

"Eh?" Of course, Herellia was not expecting this question, taking her a few seconds to ponder for a bit before answering, "Head towards the building beside the alliance lobby. I'm sure that there are a few secluded rooms there."

"Alright, thanks!" Aurus let out a cheerful aura as a way of smiling before hovering towards the building beside the alliance lobby.

"Haah..." Herellia could not help but sigh to herself. "Just as I was about to tell him about my system, he decides to move away."

"I don't know if this is a good thing or not." In the end, Herellia put this incident in the back of her head, before going back to her usual duties.


"I finally made it." Aurus looked at the building in front of him that took him around half an hour to traverse.

The building did not look anything special at all from the outside, since it was just an extremely large stone cube. A doorway that was similar to the alliance lobby's size was carved onto the stone cube, allowing Aurus to enter an interior that was somewhat similar to a cozy wooden cabin.

It took him a few minutes of exploring the inside to find the secluded room that Herellia was talking about, entering without hesitation not long after.

"Haah..." At this moment, Aurus let out a long sigh as the aura he exuded intensified by a great amount. "I can finally stop suppressing this aura."

Ever since he became the owner of the Tempest Cliff Inheritance, the aura he exuded was intensified by multiple times, giving him an aura that could compete against peak S-grade Inanimates.

Of course, a jump like that would surprise Herellia once he came out, hence he suppressed it to a level where it was still believable.

Now that he was alone in a secluded room, Aurus felt that his nonexistent chest felt lighter as he could not help but shout, "I can finally evolve the skills I grinded!"

"System, open the notification log."


After clearing the inheritance, becoming its owner, becoming a part of the Tempest Branch Alliance, he was finally going to evolve his skills.

TrueDawn TrueDawn

Gomenasai. My stockpile ran out yesterday and I was still adjusting to my new college life, so please forgive me. Anyways, the title is extremely misleading. But he is going to evolve his skills next chapter, that's for sure.

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