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Chapter 29: Chapter 29: Life Stealing, Stealing Heaven

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[Name: Wang Nan]

[Race: Human]

[Realm: Mortal Level]

[Demon Sutra: Mountain Elephant Sutra (Great Perfection), Iron Ape Sutra (Perfection)]

[Bloodline: Mountain Elephant bloodline, Iron Ape bloodline]

[Ancient Scripture: Life Wheel Scripture (Unique) (First Level)]

[Technique: Boneshifting (Activatable)]

[Talent: Foreseeing the Future (Unique)]

[Demon Power: 6 Points]

"The success of Life Wheel Scripture cultivation is not shown as beginner on the panel, but as the first level, indicating that there are many levels in this ancient scripture."

"And there's a unique label, does this mean that, like the foreknowledge of the future, only I can cultivate the Life Wheel Scripture?"

"The Boneshifting has also become activatable, is this due to the Life Wheel Scripture?"

Su Nan easily spotted the changes to the panel's information, his eyes gleaming with delight.

Real-world cultivation indeed reflects in the game.

He focused on the Life Wheel Scripture, and the introduction related to the Life Wheel Scripture appeared before his eyes.

[Life Wheel Scripture (Unique): First level, mysterious ancient scripture from ancient times, can condense the Life Wheel within the body after successful cultivation.]

[Effect 1: Life Stealing]

[You have two chances to steal other's fate. When you kill a target that can have its life stolen, you will automatically steal their destiny.]

[Effect 2: Stealing Heaven]

[When you steal someone's destiny, you possess the ability to swap day and night. Actively operate the Life Wheel, and your identity will change.]

[Other effects not known, please explore by yourself.]

"Life Stealing? Stealing Heaven?"

After carefully reading the introduction of the Life Wheel Scripture, Su Nan finally understood the general functioning of the Life Wheel Scripture.

It was evident that the wheel in his body was so-called Life Wheel.

And Life Stealing and Stealing Heaven were abilities derived from this Life Wheel.

These two abilities seemed interesting from their introductions — Life Stealing was responsible for stealing the fates of others, while Stealing Heaven was responsible for using such stolen fates.

However, their specific uses were yet unknown and would require experimentation to find out.

His gaze fell on the first level after the Life Wheel Scripture. Another prompt popped up.

[To upgrade the Life Wheel Scripture to the second level requires 100 Demon Power Points, and you lack enough Demon Power.]

"100 Demon Power Points? That's a lot!"

Su Nan exhaled quietly. As expected from items of the ancient times, they simply couldn't be compared to ordinary demon sutras.

100 Demon Power Points was a large amount. He sure couldn't upgrade it in a short span of time.

"Let's leave this aside for now. There's no target to steal fate from at the moment so there's no point stressing over this while I'm here."

Su Nan abandoned his thoughts about the Life Wheel Scripture and turned his attention to the Technique column.

Technique Seeds and Life Wheel Scripture both originated from ancient times. Clearly, these two were products of the same system.

To activate the Technique Seeds, ancient scriptures from the ancient times were necessary. Earlier, as he had not been cultivating ancient scriptures, naturally, he couldn't activate the Technique Seeds.

[Technique: Boneshifting (Activatable)]


With his thoughts guiding him, the Life Wheel Scripture began to spin uncontrollably on its own. In a daze, he gained a new ability.

It was an ability independent of his bloodline, almost like a talent.

He couldn't resist trying it out. Instantly, his body began to transform. His stature grew taller, and his appearance changed.

If he had a mirror right now, Su Nan knew that he would definitely see the face of Wang Chong reflected in it.

He had taken on the appearance of Wang Chong.

"Isn't this just an advanced version of disguise?" Su Nan was surprised.

The ability of Boneshifting was simple: it changed his body, allowing him to look like anyone else.

This change was not limited to just humans; if he wished, he could even transform into other creatures, even demons. It was a mystical transformation technique.

The only restriction being, he couldn't transform into something much smaller or larger than his own size.

"This ability is pretty good."

Although this technique didn't increase his strength, it might play an unexpected role in certain situations.

For instance, taking the form of a Wolf Demon!

A bold idea rose in Su Nan's heart.

Perhaps, he could use the form of a Wolf Demon to slip out of the prison.

Then he thought about Life Wheel Scripture's Stealing Heaven ability, which could also make him take the form of someone else.

Don't these two abilities overlap?

"No, Boneshifting just changes my outward appearance. In essence, I am still me; there's no real transformation."

"Stealing Heaven is different. It can make me become another person on the level of destiny. It's on a whole other level."

"If these two abilities are combined, wouldn't I be able to perfectly impersonate anyone?"

There was a gleam in Su Nan's eyes.

If things really were as he supposed, he might be able to play the game under a different identity.

A moment later.

He quit the game.

The time was now nine o'clock, three hours from the public beta test of the game.

He was getting excited.

After this public beta test, a survival trial lasting 15 days would begin.

Most importantly, rankings would be established based on ream; he wondered where he would fall.

Climbing out from the game warehouse, Su Nan was about to open the game forum to check on the status of other players.

Suddenly, he noticed a red glow emerging in the distant night sky outside the window.

The red light illuminated the night sky and could be seen from a great distance, an effect beyond what neon lights could achieve.

"What's going on over there?" Su Nan felt curious and approached the window to look into the distance.

His apartment was on the 23rd floor with an excellent view. With the added bonus of the Demon Sutra, he could see things even five or six kilometers away.

In his line of sight, the source of the red light was a building on the ground, which, Su Nan remembered, should be a large shopping mall.

The red light flickered, and Su Nan could faintly hear the continuous sound of sirens—it was a fire truck's alarm.

"It's a fire!"

Su Nan's eyebrows shot up as he thought of the fires from the previous two nights.

With this one, it was the third in a row.

Three fires in three days, and all relatively close by—what are the odds?

"It must be a player," Su Nan concluded.

At the same time, a sense of crisis emerged in his heart. Once someone obtained power, they often couldn't resist their desires. The player causing chaos now was the first, but definitely wouldn't be the last.

As players gradually mastered the power in the game, the rules of this world were bound to be rewritten.

Chaos was about to arrive!

In such an era, to live well, one must possess power beyond that of an ordinary person.

He had no plans to meddle in other people's affairs. He had no intention of maintaining social peace.

Besides, even if he wanted to, it wouldn't come to him. After three consecutive fires, the officials, no matter how slow they were, must have understood by now.

That player was probably already being watched by the authorities.

Without giving it another thought, he turned to leave the window.

Suddenly, something caught the corner of his eye, and he let out a surprised noise.

"Huh? What's that over there?"

Immediately, he activated the Demon Sutra again, greatly enhancing his vision and looking towards the area he had just spotted from the corner of his eye.

It was a place about two kilometers away from him, a large area without any lights, shrouded in darkness.

That was a vast protective forest, with a railway line going through the middle, and a small river on one side of the forest.

Just a moment ago, he was sure he saw a fireball suddenly rising in the protective forest.

The fireball appeared abruptly, and disappeared just as quickly. It all happened in the blink of an eye.

It was only because his apartment was on a higher floor that he could see this event from a wide perspective. Otherwise, he wouldn't have seen it.

Su Nan was certain that the fireball that had just erupted was not something an ordinary person could create.

Nine out of ten times, it was that law-controlling class martial artist.

"Interesting," a hint of intrigue flashed in Su Nan's eyes.

He originally didn't plan to meddle, but now that he had discovered this player, he decided to check it out.

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