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Chapter 2: Dragon Python Spirit Fist and One Year’s Cultivation

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chu Xuan spent most of the day lying on the recliner, reading. He changed several positions but did not receive any system rewards.

It seemed that changing a few comfortable positions would not be enough to trigger the system's random rewards.

In the evening, the person who came to deliver the food was not a servant.

Instead, it was a beautiful woman wearing a green dress.

It was her cousin, Chu Yun.

Chu Yun was the favored daughter of the direct line of descent. Her talent was outstanding. At such a young age, she had already reached the peak of Mortal Realm. Moreover, she had already touched the barrier of the Mortal Gate and was about to break through it and enter the Profound Realm.

"Why are you here?"

Chu Xuan asked in surprise.

Chu Yun put down the lunch box and placed the dishes on the table. She looked up at Chu Xuan and felt that he seemed to have changed.

As she had not yet stepped into the Profound Realm, and since Chu Xuan did not reveal his strength, she could not see Chu Xuan's actual strength.

"Thirteenth Brother, you have to bear with it for a while. When Grandpa's anger subsides, I'll go and beg Grandpa to let you return to the ancestral residence."

Among the brothers and sisters of this generation, Chu Yun and Chu Xuan were the closest.

"There's no need. I'm living very well here. It'll be annoying if I go back. There's no need."

Chu Xuan waved his hand and refused.

Not only did he not plan to go back to the ancestral residence, he did not even plan to step out of the courtyard door.

He liked to stay at home!

"Thirteenth Brother, I'll go and beg Grandfather. He'll definitely agree. He won't be angry with me. Don't worry."

Chu Yun thought that Chu Xuan was afraid that she would implicate him if she begged and that was why he refused.

"There's really no need."

Chu Xuan looked at Chu Yun's determined gaze and was touched. In this world, other than his parents, there were still people who cared about him.

Of course, he knew that after a few days, his cheap Grandfather Chu Tianming's anger would subside. If Chu Yun went to plead for mercy, there was a high chance that he would let him go back.

After all, Chu Yun was the chosen one among the grandchildren. She was deeply loved by Chu Tianming and would not be angry with her over such a small matter.

However, he really did not want to leave.

This place was remote and quiet. It was so comfortable to stay at home.

When he returned to the ancestral residence, others would be annoyed by his presence. They would definitely harass him from time to time.

Chu Yun sat down and ate with Chu Xuan. After chatting for a while, she went back.

Before leaving the courtyard, Chu Yun promised repeatedly that she would plead with Chu Tianming to let him go back to the ancestral residence.

However, it was impossible for him to go back right now, so just stayed here and did not leave.

Chu Xuan lay on the recliner, his posture relaxed.

"You've been staying here for two days. Reward: Dragon Python Spirit Fist!"

The system's voice sounded, and Chu Xuan immediately received the reward. A stream of information simultaneously also surged into his mind.

In his mind, the Dragon Python appeared. Its aura was like a rainbow, and its fist seemed to have a spirit.

In a short period of time, he had already grasped the Dragon Python Spirit Fist. This was an attack technique that stood at the top of the Spirit Realm.

Unfortunately, Chu Xuan was limited by his realm and was unable to unleash its power.

The Dragon Python Spirit Fist was divided into the python form and the dragon form. Once one had cultivated to the point of turning a python and into a dragon, one would be able to grasp its essence.

Chu Xuan performed the Dragon Python Spirit Fist in the courtyard. His fist was like a giant python. It was agile, swift, and violent.

At this moment, Chu Xuan felt that with the defense of the Vajra Indestructible Divine technique and the swift and violent attack of the Dragon Python Spirit Fist, it would be easy for one to fight against ten martial artists who were also at the peak of the Mortal Realm.

Chu Xuan immediately mastered the cultivation technique that the system rewarded him with. If his realm was high enough, he could use the dragon form.

However, if he wanted to use the dragon form, he would need to be at least at the seventh level of the Profound Realm.

Furthermore, if he wanted to fully display the power of the Dragon Python Spirit Fist, he would need to be in the spirit realm.

The Dragon Python Spirit Fist was definitely one of the top techniques in the Chu family's scripture pavilion.

Chu Xuan felt that he should be able to break through to the Profound Realm after staying indoors for another two or three days.

On the third day of staying indoors, the reward was a dagger.

"Phantom Dagger."

The dagger had the ability to confuse people's minds. If one were to look at the dagger, it would appear as if they could see layers upon layers of daggers, making it impossible to distinguish which one was the real dagger.

If it was used in an attack, it would conjure countless daggers to confuse the enemy.

It could be considered a pretty good weapon.

On the fourth day, Chu Xuan was still lying on the recliner reading. He felt that since he had decided to stay in the courtyard and not go out, he had to adjust his state of mind and not get agitated.

Reading was undoubtedly a good way to calm his mind and ensure he was not affected by external matters.

He was reading strange books.

What was recorded in the books were the strange stories of the southern region, including some historical events.

For example, it documented the changes of the nine countries of the southern region. It recorded which dynasties had perished and which dynasties had risen over the years.

The Qin Kingdom was one of the nine countries of the southern region. The Qin Kingdom had once been a strong dynasty. In the end, it had perished under the joint efforts of the Qin, Chu, He, and Zhao families. That was how the current Qin Kingdom came into being.

The Qin family was the most powerful and was the current royal family of the sQin Kingdom. The Chu, He, and Zhao families were the three major aristocratic families of the Qin Kingdom.

Among the nine countries of the southern region, only the Qin Kingdom belonged to a dynasty where the four families ruled together. The Qin family did not have the power to completely unify the other three major aristocratic families. On top of that, due to the relationship between their ancestors and the marriage between generations, it was difficult to separate them.

Besides, with a common enemy, civil strife would only lead to destruction. Thus, no matter how ambitious the royal family of Qin was, they could only accept the fact that the four families ruled together, while the Qin family was the boss.

"You stayed indoors for four days and were rewarded with a year's worth of cultivation."

The reward for the fourth day soon arrived and Chu Xuan's spirit was roused. A year's worth of cultivation?

After receiving a year's worth of cultivation, he was about to break through to the Profound Realm.

He immediately received the reward.

He only felt a surge of power emerge. His strength increased instantly as if he had broken off some kind of shackle.

However, he did not break through to the Profound Realm.

His essence, Qi, and spirit only had a feeling of sublimation.

It was as if the next step would cause him to undergo an earth-shattering transformation. This was especially true for his spiritual will, which could become corporeal.

Chu Xuan carefully perceived the changes in his body. The reward of a year of cultivation did not help him break through to the Profound Realm.

However, it truly pushed his realm to the limits of the Mortal Realm.

He had a feeling that once he broke through to the Profound Realm, his strength and foundation would far surpass that of ordinary Profound Realm martial artists.

It was because he had already reached the peak of Mortal Realm and was unable to advance any further. He had made another small breakthrough and had truly reached the peak of the Mortal Realm.

Half-step Profound Realm?

Chu Xuan didn't know if his current realm could be called the Half-step Profound Realm.

What he knew was that his current strength had already surpassed the peak of Mortal Realm by quite a bit.

Normally speaking, once one reached the peak of Mortal Realm, they would not be able to advance any further. They would have to comprehend the Mortal Gate, touch the barrier of the Mortal Gate, and finally break through the gate and step into the profound realm. Only then would they be able to continue growing stronger.

However, Chu Xuan had never heard of such a state where one could advance one step further and reach the pinnacle of Mortal Realm.

He was born in the Chu family, and even with the Chu family's background, there were no records of such a state.

Chu Xuan felt that such a state was extremely rare, which was why the Chu family did not have any records of it.

Of course, there was another possibility. There were still too few books in the Chu family's possesion, which was why he had not seen any records of such a state just yet.

At this moment, the true Profound Realm was in sight.

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