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0.31% I, the All-Class Magus, All My Awakening Skills are LvMax / Chapter 1: Chapter1-THE AWAKENING DAY
I, the All-Class Magus, All My Awakening Skills are LvMax I, the All-Class Magus, All My Awakening Skills are LvMax original

I, the All-Class Magus, All My Awakening Skills are LvMax

Author: Cancer_Reo

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Chapter 1: Chapter1-THE AWAKENING DAY

Human Federal Alliance, Security Area 301.

Stellarburg City.

StellarSea Academy.

"Good brother...faster...faster!"

On the rooftop of the school building, a girl in a school uniform bent over the railing, her black pleated skirt lifted up to her waist as she let the man behind her charge wildly.

The girl's blonde hair kept flying in the breeze, and her moans kept fluttering in the wind.

Vaguely, the duo could still hear the instructor's impassioned pre-war mobilization downstairs: "Today is the annual AWAKENING DAY, the day that will determine your lives! In this day and age, only awakeners have a future, while ordinary people can only spend their lives nestled in Stellarburg ..."

John paused for a moment.

Then he lifted the girl's long black silk legs and changed position to continue thrusting.

But his eyes were looking into the distance.

Beneath the blue sky, at the edge of the city, a huge wall rose up, so that even from the top of a tall building, there was no way to see the outside world.

This wall is called "Wallfort", which was built by awakener with extraordinary ability, and its only function is to create a clean land for human beings in this post-apocalyptic world.

One hundred and twenty years ago, the virtual world descended into reality, and countless monsters came to the human world across the dimensions.

Dark god descended, the end times came, order collapsed, and civilization began to die.

If not for the appearance of awakener, perhaps humanity would have long ceased to exist.

"Awakener?..." John muttered.

"Awakener" is a kind of transcendent class that appeared after the virtual descent, different awakener holds different transcendent power.

They were roughly categorized into the battle class, support class, and life class categories, such as warriors, priests, and forgers.

According to different powers, awakener are further divided into iron-tier, bronze-tier, silver-tier and several other classes.

It is said that the top awakener in THE FEDERAL can even burn mountains and boil the sea with a wave of his hand, destroying cities and destroying the world, and this level of awakener is already called a god on earth!

In this world, if an ordinary person wants to become an awakener, the only way is to be awakened at the age of eighteen during the official awakening day organized by the Federal.

The awakening of an awakener is categorized into seven grades according to talent: E-level, D-level, C-level, B-level, A-level, S-level, and SSS-level.

As long as an ordinary person can awaken a D-level talent, even the worst life class can ensure that they can live in this world without worrying about food and clothing.

If you can awaken C-level and B-level talent, plutocrats and companies will extend the olive branch, and the future will be bright and promising.

As for the A-level and S-level talent awakener, they were the geniuses that the officials and the major plutocrats would snatch up, and they wouldn't even need to do anything before someone would throw resources at them to cultivate them.

As for the SSS-level talent awakener, it belongs to the existence of legends.

For more than a hundred years since the emergence of the awakener, there were no more than a handful of SSS-level talents, and each of them was a well-known top-level powerhouse in the Federal.

John didn't know what class he would awaken today, and what talent he would be.

But he was self-conscious and had done his best.

In the four years since he crossed over, he had grown from a helpless orphan in the slums to the brightest genius of StellarSea Academy.

In an era where it was as hard as heaven for ordinary people to climb upwards, this kind of achievement was absolutely appalling.

But even so, it was still uncertain whether he would fall from the aura of Stellarburg's first genius into the abyss, or whether he would soar into the heavens and ask for transcendence.

"What a fucked up world!" John cursed in a low voice, he didn't like the feeling of having no control over things, especially his own life.

Feeling John stop moving.

The girl underneath turned her head, revealing a delicate face, and laughed: "You won't be able to do it, is that all we have in Stellarburg's first genius?"

John slapped the girl's ass with a crunching sound and snickered, "You were just fucked and begging for mercy, and now you're being tough?"

The girl let out a cry of pain and hurriedly covered her red lips again, afraid of being heard by the people downstairs.

She glanced at John angrily and said in a delicate voice, "Be gentle, it hurts~"

"Who told you to say I can't?" John spread his hands and said, "I'm angry now, next you move yourself."

The girl gave him a blank look and said, "Move by yourself, I'll let you see what I can do today too!"

After saying that, the girl leaned into John's arms, and her white and pretty hips began to twist continuously.

Her movements were large and skillful.

John only felt that he was tightly wrapped by a mass of warmth and couldn't help but suck in a breath of cool air.

This woman was really a siren!

With the secretion of hormones, the body temperature of the two of them began to rise rapidly.

Amidst the instructor's sage advice, John's ramming became more and more violent, and the girl's moans became more and more slutty.

John wrapped one hand around the girl's slender waist and one hand on her breasts, the action was non-stop, the black silk on the girl's legs was soon drenched in liquid, a burst of pleasure hit the nerves of the two of them, and they enjoyed the stimulation brought by their bodies and minds.

On the awakening day, the two of them indulged their desires on the rooftop of the school building.

Because they both understand, if there is no accident, after today, they are the people of two worlds, this life may not have intersections again ...

"Ding bell bell!"

This time the two of them did it for two whole classes, and in the sound of the class bell and the girl's begging for mercy, John cummed all over the girl's body.

After pulling out, John looked at the girl who slowly collapsed to the ground, even her black silk was nowhere to be found, and went down to the rooftop with satisfaction.

After a long time, the girl regained some strength, she looked at her red and swollen lower body, and while putting on her bra, she said angrily, "What an asshole, how could you cum inside again and make me take pills!"


After descending from the rooftop, John headed straight back to Class 1, Senior Year 3. 

At that moment, the instructor, Benjamin, was still at the lectern, diligently reminding the students about matters to be mindful of in the upcoming session. 

Despite having repeated these instructions some eight hundred times, he remained tirelessly devoted. 

Upon seeing John enter, Benjamin furrowed his brows but said nothing, choosing to ignore his presence.

In StellarSea Academy, John was a notable figure for two main reasons. 

Firstly, his academic achievements were unrivaled; over three years, no one had even come close to catching up with him. 

Secondly, it was his unconventional approach to life. 

Common perception held that high achievers like John were either extremely diligent or rigid in character. 

However, John was the antithesis of this stereotype. 

He exuded a carefree and nonchalant attitude, hardly fitting the mold of a model student and seeming more like a troubled youth. 

Such a demeanor naturally did not endear him to many.

In the class, a student clad in designer brands, seated in the front row, visibly darkened upon noticing John. 

His name was Alex Foster, the class educational officer and a wealthy second-generation heir. 

His family's business in waste collection was well-known in Stellarburg, and he had a known beef with John. 

The source of their discord? 

It seemed to stem from Alex's unrequited love for Emma, the class belle of Class 2.

Scoffing coldly, Alex made a snide remark, "Relying on his academic prowess to do whatever he pleases, how can someone like that possibly awaken? Even if he does, he's likely to be a menace. Why should the Federal waste resources on him?"

John glanced sideways at Alex, a faint look of disdain in his eyes. \

Alex Foster – the class officer, a rich kid, and his longstanding rival. As for why they clashed? 

Well, it seemed to be rooted in Alex's long-standing crush on Emma from Class 2.

A sly smile curled at the corner of John's mouth. 

Emma, the girl who had just been entangled with him beneath him on the rooftop. 

A hint of mockery flickered in John's eyes as he approached Alex, then abruptly halted. 

Amidst Alex's wary expression, John leaned in and whispered with a chuckle, "I'm not sure about my awakening later, but I do know one thing – Emma is really... exquisite."

Alex's complexion turned an ashen hue of fury. 

He abruptly stood up, bellowing, "John, you bastard, what have you done?!" 

Emma was the goddess he had silently adored for three years, a figure he dared not defile. 

And now, John had the audacity to suggest something so scandalous about her? 

If it weren't for his inability to best John physically, Alex's fists would be itching for a fight.

"Alex, I get that you've always had issues with me, but that doesn't mean you can call me a bastard for no reason!" John shrugged nonchalantly, feigning innocence. 

StellarSea Academy did offer combat training, and John's skills in that area were unrivaled in the entire school. 

He secretly longed for Alex to make a move, giving him a legitimate reason to put this fool in his place.

The surrounding classmates cast curious glances their way. 

John's voice had been deliberately low earlier, so most hadn't heard his provocation. 

Now, with his clever reversal, it appeared to the others as though Alex was the one causing unwarranted trouble.

Cancer_Reo Cancer_Reo

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