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Chapter 15: Afraid of Death Itself

Morning sun, a peaceful sight,

Some people's hearts are filled with pure delight. A gentle warmth, so heavenly bright, This moment is such a pleasurable sight for someone.

The sky was ablaze with hues of gold,

Amidst the quiet, someone's soul is going to be sold.

Birds chirping, a story is about to unfold, with a moment to cherish, a beauty to hold like a doll in his arms.

The breeze was so fresh, a kiss of not what you called love.

Nature's symphony, full of grace above.

A moment of calm, a gift from above, in awe of the peace, a certain someone's heart does not nod.

This tranquil moment is what he should always embrace, a priceless treasure, full of heavenly grace.

In the morning sun, a soul finds its place, this pleasurable experience, her heart doth chase.

An existence that she could never escape, the owner who would bring doom and delight.

CiYan Hotel— inside one of its rooms a messy bed with a body of two people naked atop, showing their glorious appearance.


Su Changge took a breath, as he was sitting down at the edge of the bed, naked as his ancestral dragon was still standing.

Though, it was tainted with white blood after it slayed, stabbing the nemesis at the cave, that only it has entered.

Su Changge without caring a bit about the woman, as she lay with her legs spread apart, white liquid flows out of her vaginal folds.

Breasts marks, red swollen areolas, and licked nipples, her white neck was full of his dried saliva, and there was a smeared dried cum on her face.

Looking at such a sight, he almost recites a poem, then Su Changge said to the system internally, 'Show me those notifications system. After, I deflowered this Villainess.'

He remembered, after fucking Shi MeiYan the system's ringing sound notification was heard, but he ignored it, too busy making her moan, as she beg for him to stop.

Though, she cried in agony. He never stop until it was 3 in the morning.

The tenderness of her pussy meat was like a high quality, as he chewed it non-stop.

[Ding!~ Showing the notification the host ignored... ]

[Ding!~ Doing Villainous acts such as forced-sexual intercourse towards the Villainess 'Shi MeiYan', you will receive +300 Fate points, Additional +100 Villain Luck value!]

[Ding!~ You have affected the plot (a little) by changing the course of the event of the character named; 'Lou Ning' & 'Shi MeiYan', you will receive +400 Fate points and additional +100 Villain luck value!]

[Ding!~ Because of the host's action, you have affected Shi MeiYan's emotion, you will receive all in all +200 Fate points!]

[Ding!~ Because of the host's action, the Son of Luck, Su Chen received a humiliation yesterday night, the Protagonist Luck value will be deducted by -100 points, and you will receive +100 Villain Luck value!]

[Ding!~ Su Chen's emotion is affected, you will receive overall +250 Fate points!]


Seeing this Su Changge's purple eyes beamed with a light, feeling a bit delighted.

'Hmm, So this is the reward for doing vile acts.' He was amused to the core a little bit, well, at least it can add more points faster than pleasing heroines.

He prefers to do it like this way.

Su Changge after all has read a novel, just like him transmigrated as a villain, yet he declared and shouted that he is the villain, but why does he chase after a heroine favorablility?

While some have a villain system, etc. Yet, all he saw was a man transmigrated brainwashing himself as a villain, stealing heroines, and licking them too much.

Wtf is that!?

Flowety flattery villains, who chased after skirts have become quite famous in the past, though the novel in WN 'The Psychopath's Harem' not minding killing such woman in the story.


'I remember them fighting and debating in comments, a dog keeps on barking, such a waste to kill the women, he rated the book 1 star just because his wants were not followed.' A simp, a dog who was lonely in life, the type of guy who will simp for every female character in a story.

Well, Su Changge was not bothered by such people like that, even though he, himself did not even behave such a dogly behavior in the past after his mother let him walk on the wrong wrong path...

Remembering the woman who stole his virginity, when he was still on Earth before crossing over, he sighed but smile with longing...

Fortunately— that woman was dead... the reason he become free.

He killed her, haha~

Su Changge shook his head, that was old times, he was now in another parallel world, and he strive to become a better person.

Much more better than the 'him' in the past, simply killing his mother where she everyday ravage him, and sold him to others was satisfying.

Though, he admitted it, 'That time was gold and bold.'

Su Changge's expression however was not a kind one, it was like a psychopathic smile, as his purple eyes were beaming.

If it's possible to kill that woman again, he wouldn't hesitate to do that again, she's the beginning of the end for him.

Countless bad luck, experiences, and especially the death of someone he...

He laughed it only, waking up the villainess sleeping on the bed.

"Agh~" Shi MeiYan's eyebrows furrowed, a painful memories flooded back, as she remember what happened yesterday night.

"N...No! it's a dream!"

"It wasn't."

Su Changge answered her with a normal tone.

Shi MeiYan saw him naked her face paled, as she covered her body with a white quilt.

She pressed her legs together, and she frown as she felt her cave sore, it trembles, as she could not move anymore.

"Y–You monster!... you put me to sleep and did that nasty thing to my body! Ahhh" Shi MeiYan has tears in her eyes, she sobbed looking at Su Changge with grievance and hatred.

She yelled again, "... You rapist!"

There was a disgust in her eyes, and Su Changge received the notification that Shi MeiYan m's favorability drops to -10 points.

However, he did not care.

Who said that he needed her favorability points?

Shi MeiYan saw him smiling after flowering her cave, she grits her teeth and exerts the remaining strength, as she goes near him, and then—



She slapped him, but it did not even hurt his left cheek.

"Die! Die! You need to Die! I–I will never forget this–ah! Criminal pig... Worthless scum... I will kill you and your wife–Aghk!" Shi MeiYan her sharp tongue was switched 'on' she kept on bubbling and insulting him.

But, nevertheless, he did not care about such words, he has heard much more than this.

With his right hand, he grabbed her by the neck, as he stood up and lift her completely.


"Ughkk! Khaghhk!~"

Shi MeiYan's saliva was dripping from her lips, her eyes were shaking with fear.

Su Changge was one-handedly lifting her, as her feet were dangling, swinging back and forth, kicking him, but it was futile.

She was naked, her defenseless tainted body was in sight.

"Ughk! S...Stophk!"


She held onto his right hand with both hands, her eyes almost rolling up, what makes her more afraid is that Su Changge was looking at her with a nothing-like expression.

A slight grin, an endless swirling void-like purple beaming eyes, illuminating a vicious yet cruel light.

"Let's see, a woman not afraid to kill, but is completely afraid of death itself? Amusing indeed," he said eyeing her with crazed expression.

"Ughkk! Kahh... helpk!"

Su Changge only laugh mockingly at her, as he lifted and choked her, "Hey... do you want to live?"

He asked playfully, as Shi MeiYan's eyes were about to roll up, her breathing was slowly diminishing, and he choked her in the neck tight.



"Just kidding." he laughed.

Tears falls out of her eyesockets, as she pleaded, her arms were about to lose it's strength, and were about to go limp, but then—








(A/N: Hey what do ya'll think.... is Shi MeiYan dead? Choose her ending here.)

– Kill

– Death

– Do not kill

– Already dead

—: Nah, just messing with ya'll she safe frr....

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