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Chapter 14: Tasting the Unconscious Villainess– Shi MeiYan [R18]

CiYan Hotel—

In a certain room, a man and a woman could be seen inside.

Su Changge drop Shi MeiYan to the bed, as she was still sleeping peacefully.

Looking at this Villainess's peaceful display, he couldn't help himself from caressing her cheeks, removing the hair on her face.

"Such a pity." He shook his head, as his purple eyes glinted, then he stood up and removed his clothes one by one.

Doing Villainous acts isn't it system?

Then, Su Changge will do one more now.

It didn't take that long, as he was fully naked, his physique was not the type of a swimmer's body, but rather it was a little toned and much more having compact muscles.

Hard chiseled chest, eight-pack abs, and the line on the side of it, was like of a letter 'V'.

His ancestral dragon was already up, pointing to the sky, ready to defy heaven itself.

He did not say anything, as he walk to the bed and slowly, he goes atop of the villainess, and he fastly removed her upper working clothes.

He saw her mounds under the black fabric that was enveloping it, Shi MeiYan was not waking up.

He smirked as he proceed to remove her skirt and immediately what welcomed his eyes was her black pantyhose connected to the black silk on her thighs, and legs.

Viewing such a scene, as he throw the skirt to the floor, immediately Su Changge didn't waste a time.

He goes in the middle of Shi MeiYan's legs, spreading her white thick legs apart, as he leans and immediately captures the woman's lips.



Shi MeiYan unconsciously moaned feeling a bit suffocated.

Su Changge ravaged her little mouth, as he bit her red lips, his tongue invaded her mouth as it explored it, and he poured his saliva as she swallowed it.


Shi MeiYan gulped the saliva mixed with hers, as her defenseless body was not moving at all.

The ancestral cock was pressed on her stomach and the fabric of her panty.


Su Changge after a minute of ravaging her mouth, Shi MeiYan's lips were already smeared by saliva.

He then proceed and groped her C-cup mounds, as he squished the top tenderness of it.

"Mmmh!~ ahh!~"

Shi MeiYan moaned as he started to roughly grope her mutton jade skewers.

Su Changge then removed her black bra and, as he saw the glory of her breasts.

It was pure white and smoothen to touch, atop of it was a hard slightly sharp areolas. It was pinkish and untainted.

But, it was destined to be bitten tonight.

'Her body is good, it almost has the same points with some of the Heroines.' Su Changge thought, but Yu Meilan was way more better in his opinion.

He leaned, as he blew Shi MeiYan's nipples, it tremble at the sudden wind, and quickly Su Changge grab her left breast and lick her areolas.

"Mmmh!~ Ngahh!~ ahh!~"

Shi MeiYan moans and has a frown on her face.

Su Changge lick her left hardened little pointy nipple, as his other hand was molding her other breasts, pinching her right nipple roughly.

Su Changge was like milking her tits, as he was now sucking on her breast, her tongue was moving up and down on her nipples, while he was biting her areolas roughly.

Shi MeiYan continue to moan, as her helpless body couldn't even fight back.

Su Changge after sucking on her left breast, he goes to the right one, and abruptly bit her nipples, making her even groan in pain.

He violated her breasts that no one has even touched.

He roughly bit and sucked, as his saliva wetted both of her breasts and cherries.

After tasting her breasts, Su Changge move back and slowly goes to her private pussy.

He remove the black panty that was covering it, and he saw her vagina.

Her panties were thrown, as he tore them apart, while her silky black stockings remained.

Su Changge saw a slit in the middle of the 'V' as it was a little chubby, there was no hair and was purely clean.

Without wasting time, he open the slit apart, only to see her pink pearl inside, a hardened one.

Seeing her twitching, as her vaginal folds were watering already, he lean his head and then stuck his tongue out, and then lick the outer layer of her cave.



"Maghhh!~ nghhhh~"

Shi MeiYan moan aloud in her sleep, he tainted her cave, smearing it with his saliva.

He was still opening it apart via his fingers, and then finally his tongue pushed inside of her pussy flesh.

It was already watering a little when he was defiling her breasts.

Su Changge's eyes brighten, as he held both Shi MeiYan's thighs and spread them apart.

His tongue was inside of her pussy, and as it moves like a snake inside of her, he bit gently and lick the clitoris, making her release a white liquid, it was her cum as it was like a dam squirting it inside of his mouth.

"Ahhhh!~ Ngahhh!?"

Shi MeiYan has her body twisting, but she couldn't, as she felt the pleasure even though she was unconscious.

His tongue was still inside of her pussy, receiving her cum.

"Ugghhh~ uhh~"

Shi MeiYan moaned at this sensation.

After that, Su Changge crawl up as he faced her sleeping face, then he stole her lips and poured her own cum in her mouth.

He forced her to swallow the bitter taste of her own cum juice, as the sound of her swallowing resounded.

Seeing that she was still not waking up, that's not Su Changge's problem.

He move atop of her head, and his cock was pointing in her face.

He then pressed the cock's head on Shi MeiYan's tiny mouth and slowly, slowly push the tip inside.




Shi MeiYan gagged, as Su Changge push it all inside of her mouth, it reaches the back of her throat, and as the tip was explored by it.

He, without mercy, slams his hips forward and backward, deep-throating the sleeping villainess.

Her mouth was tiny that it completely enveloped his cock's length, her teeth sometimes brushing against it, it wasn't affecting him a bit.

"Gahhhhk!~ Gahh!~ Kahk~"

Shi MeiYan continue to gag, as Su Changge piston his hips, feeling the tight flesh of her throat, as her tongue unconsciously swirls around his length. His balls slap her chin, as saliva flows down on her lips.

Su Changge was facing the bed, with both hands supported in it, his hips meeting Shi MeiYan's lips, as he thrust with vigor.

The sound of her gagging, as if she was suffocated resounded, and her breasts giggles at the impact of it.

Her eyes frown, and her facial expression becomes strange.

Her nose was twitching, as she was forced to breathe in it.



It didn't take that long, as Su Changge pushed all of his cock's length inside of her mouth and immediately the tip burst his cum directly inside her throat.


His expression tingled, as her throat tightened around his cock, he poured all of his cum juice, and Shi MeiYan gagged and swallowed it all.

In her nose, some of his juice was smeared.

Shi MeiYan's mouth was also tainted by his juice, he push his cock more, as he emptied his juice into her throat.

Her throat seems to be twitching around his cock for some reason.


Su Changge removed his cock inside of Shi MeiYan's mouth, and immediately she coughed.

He look at his cock which was wetted by shiny sticky liquid, it was her saliva.

Surprisingly yet unfortunately she didn't wake up, her body was still laying atop of the bed.

He crawl back and reposition himself in the middle of her legs, he saw her pussy already drenched with some of her juice. It seems that he was not the only one who was pleasured.

"Mghh~ Ngahh!~"

He put his two fingers inside of her wet sticky pussy, it was slimy as he slowly started to finger fuck her.

"Nnngh~! Ahh!"

Shi MeiYan's body was spasming under his assault.


"Ahhh!~ ahh!~"

His other free hand forcibly slap her breasts, as it jiggles at the impact.

Shi MeiYan's eyes twitched fluttering a little, He knows that she was about to wake up. Seeing this Su Changge cruelly grinned, as he positioned his cockhead in the slit of her cunt.

He rubbed it up and down, pushing it a little inside and pulling it out.


This time, Shi MeiYan's eyes slowly started to open.

She felt something hot in her pussy, it made her frown and when she fully open her eyes, she saw Su Changge's grim expression atop of her!

She look down only to see his manly cock positioned in her flowery virgin cave.

Shi MeiYan panicked as she was about to shout, but–


Her eyes widen, as she felt something indulging inside of her pussy, her mouth open agape, at the hot sensation–

She look down and saw his crotch touching the base of her vagina.

"Kaghhhhhh!~ Y...You~ ahhhh!~"

Shi MeiYan finally felt the pain, her hymen was forcefully broken, and her vaginal flesh was stretched.

She felt too much pain, blood drips out of her cave, tainting his buried cock.

Tears flows out of her eyes, she was powerless, as she sobbed and lost the strength to fight back.

Her eyes were closed, releasing droplets of transparent pearl-like tears.

Su Changge when he saw her, he didn't care. He clearly knows that she has the thought to dispose of him, isn't it right to punish her?

He held her waist and with a deep breath, he pull out and push it all back inside again.


"Ughhh~ Ugh~"

Shi MeiYan clutch the bed tightly, she wanted to stop releasing her own moan, but she couldn't.

The cockhead was slowly pushing her uterus to open for it to invade.

It send her a chilling sensation that made her scared.


"Ahhh~ Nahhhgh~"


"Keukkh~ Hmmah~"

Shi MeiYan's body was at Su Changge's mercy, he started to fuck her cave without a care that she was newly deflowered.

He move his hips slowly, and it started to fasten in a short time.

He couldn't help but show a sadistic smile, as he saw Shi MeiYan moaning under him, trying to prevent her moans from leaking.

Her C-cup breasts were jiggling, as he move his cock in and out of her cave.

He enjoyed the sensation of her tight pussy walls, it clings to his cock's flesh, and the warm wet pussy walls were slowly widening for his cock's size.

Shi MeiYan was moaning and groaning at the same time, he fucked her using the hole that she secured for her life.

"Aghhhh~ ughhhk~ nooguhhh~"

"Haghhhgh~ s... stopghhh~ it... hurtsahhh!~"

She moaned loudly, her legs and toes straightened, as she release her first cum of her lifetime.

Feeling her coated slippery walls, Su Changge move faster and faster he fuck her to oblivion, as if there's no tomorrow.

Her chubby vaginal slit was open in an 'O' shape wrapping around his cock flesh.

His cockhead was slowly opening her womb, as he penetrate her cave.

Shi MeiYan's sensitive pussy was twitching from time to time, tightening every time his cock invade her cunt.

She was scared of the pleasure, as if not wanting his cockhead to succeed.


Su Changge's cock twitched inside of her, and immediately he lean and push all of it inside!

Finally, the cockhead broke through and it penetrated her womb! Feeling the tightness around his cockhead, immediately he released his cum.

"Ahhhhhhh!~ N... Noo~ D... Don't~ Ughhh~ Pull... it outaghhhh!~"

Shi MeiYan yelled loudly, but it was too late, she felt a warm liquid inside of her uterus, and her eyes shot wide open only to see the man's mocking face.

Her legs drop to the bed, as she lost strength...

Her eyes become watery again, as she cried continuously feeling the dam cum stretching her womb.

She tilted her head aside... as she sobbed.


"U...Ughhk~ Hnnngh~"

She moaned gritting her teeth, as Su Changge thrust a few more times before pushing the cockhead back inside of her womb.

Su Changge was finally done, he look at Shi MeiYan's eyes slowly closing, she was about to sleep.


He grinned, after all, it was not enough for him.

He pinch her two hardened areolas, as she cried and open her eyes widely, then she finally looks at him...


"Y... Youughhhh!~ stopughh!~"

She cried so loud, as her pussy was once again penetrated by his cock, what made it a little painful is that the cockhead was also penetrating her womb.

She saw Su Changge's beaming purple eyes, as he has an amused smile on his lips, as he started to thrust under her pitiful eyes.

"Ugh~ Ahh~"

Shi MeiYan cried while feeling the uncontrollable pleasure...





(A/N: Forgot to upload yesterday night... Also, it seems that someone read the story and throw a tantrum 🤣 sorry man you might not continue to read this, it's not like the villain novels that you read, having a flowery villain soft chasing heroine MC 🤣 also for those who don't like this IDC i put a warning at the auxiliary... I already hinted that MC's mentality is a little you know... psycho yet u still commented kudos to you... btw i don't want to fight;)

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