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Chapter 89: Cold popsicle juice!

When Yayoi went to the living room, he caught sight of Kong Daiyu, his stepmom, in flared black pants and a white blouse, sitting alone on the long couch. The classy woman was calmly enjoying her glass of red wine, watching some TV drama, appearing fitting and fashionable, as always.

'Ho~~~Mommy, she doesn't seem too concerned about Xuan Hao's condition. But this... Were their relationship that cold? Drinking so early in the morning... Should I lend you my shoulder? Keke!'

Yayoi grinned and casually walked over, withdrawing his hands from his shorts pocket and gently resting them on Kong Daiyu's shoulders.

"Mother, how are you?"


The instant Yayoi touched Kong Daiyu's shoulders. He could feel the latter's body shaking. It was so brief that it was barely noticeable. If Yayoi hadn't been paying attention to her reaction, he might not have noticed it at all.

That little detail makes Yayoi intrigued.


Kong Daiyu put down the teacup, pretended like she didn't care, and calmly looked at the two huge hands massaging her shoulders.

"*Chuckles*Hm~Little Yu, I see you have become more daring."

"Hehe, am I?"

"Isn't it?" She playfully said: "Behaving so casually around me... it appears you aren't afraid of me anymore. The previous you wouldn't even dare to look me in the eyes. So, what do you want? Shouldn't you be at school?"

From Kong Daiyu's tone, she doesn't seem to have any issue with Yayoi calling her 'mother'...

"No, no, no. Mother, you are charming and beautiful. Why would I be afraid of you? Haha, how should I put it... When a boy becomes a man, he will understand more things. Isn't that right?" Yayoi replied, exerting more pressure through his skillful fingers, acting like a total molester.

Although he only uses about 1% of his secret technique—Women-subduing Hands, the milf looks like she is about to start moaning any second now.

'Ugh... what is this? His rough hands feel so good... Impossible!'

Kong Daiyu's face started blushing while trying hard not to lose her composure. Her imagination goes haywire after remembering the obscene spectacle she saw last night. It was already formidable that she hadn't begun wiggling already.

After masturbating by herself for countless nights, Kong Daiyu has become quite formidable, but that was all. Unfortunately, having never experienced 'true' pleasure due to her husband's incompetence, she was doomed to lose this fight from the beginning.

Yayoi is just too skilled.

"Stop! Get your hands off me right now." Feeling the dampness start taking over her panties, Kong Daiyu felt embarrassed together with a sense of urgency. "Take my warning and stop. Don't make me angry!"

She attempted to push away Yayoi's hand, but it wouldn't budge.

The way those godly fingers just kept melting the stiffness of her shoulder. The was amazing. However, if she were to orgasm like this, Kong Daiyu felt she would lose all face and dignity.

How would she even look at her stepson in the future?

It's unacceptable.

"Hahaha, don't mind me, mother. This is just me being filial. Just say the word whenever you feel stiff somewhere. I will massage it for you." Yayoi laughed, eventually giving his stepmom a way out.

After a while, he stopped teasing her just in time when Kong Daiyu's temper was about to exceed the threshold and explode. He leaned down and whispered, "Though, I'm curious. Did you have fun watching me exercising last night?"

'What... don't tell me he knows!? Secretly having fun with the housemaid. Did he...deliberately leave the door open?'

Shocked, Kong Daiyu turned and looked at Yayoi with the face (Are you toying with me?) and immediately feigned ignorance.

"...What are you talking about?" She stated.

"What am I talking about? Isn't it obvious? You are my mother, so don't be shy. It's unlike you. Next time, you can enjoy it up close. I don't mind." Yayoi let go of Kong Daiyu's shoulders and left for the door. "Anyway, I have plans for today. See you later, mother. Keke!"


Somehow, the embarrassed milf has a hunch that this boring and peaceful life will soon come to an end.

Shortly after Yayoi's departure, Kong Daiyu calmed down and crossed her arms before her chest, looking dissatisfied with his unruly behavior—though she had already expected it.

Why has it become like this?

'Well, I did indeed witness everything... He's untamable.' Kong Daiyu pondered and quickly came to a conclusion. Then, she scrutinized housemaid Jiao briefly and asked: "So, you sly bitch. Tell me, when did it happen? When did you start doing it?"

"I'm sorry?" Housemaid Jiao smiled.

"Tsk! Don't play dumb with me. You heard him. He didn't even try to hide it. Between the two of you..." She snorted. "Never mind—take a seat. I believe we have a lot to talk about."

"*Giggles~* Yes, madam."



Meanwhile, Yayoi was having a feast for breakfast.

After devouring several hundred large pizzas and buckets of good fried chicken to replenish his depleted energy, Yayoi went to Xingyang Hotel to take care of Qing Xue's needs while intending to harvest some SPts.

"You are finally here! What took you so long!"

Qing Xue teared up.

The receptionist was swift with their work. Yayoi, having become a regular of the hotel due to her generous spending after a few consecutive days, quickly got the best room.

When they get inside, Qing Xue immediately plunges into Yayoi's arm and begs for the plug in her ass to be removed quickly.

"Hurry...Help me..." She pleaded.

Seeing the pitiful looks on Qing Xue's face, Yayoi was pleased. "Keke. You want me to take out the buttplug? Not a chance!"

Qing Xue continued to protest and begged.

"Keke. There is no rush, baby. Just bear with it. I'll help you soon."

Yayoi sat on the bed with a bag full of snacks. He chewed the popsicle he was eating, finished it, and unpacked another. Holding a long, thick fruity popsicle, he makes Qing Xue sit in his lap with a perverted smile.

"Baby, we have a lot of time." Yayoi comforted her with a deep wet kiss and started groping her crotch, teasing her clit.

"Hey! I can't..."



"You... ugh! What do you want now? Hey, no, don't put it inside!"

"Why not? I don't see a problem. I can see that your love for me is already flooding." Holding the popsicle, Yayoi was adamant and persistently grinding it against the entrance of her pussy.

It's torture.

"Please, don't Kyaaaa~!!!"

Once the popsicle smoothly made its way inside, Qing Xue raised her legs—her body shook fiercely, and she squirted.

'No, stop! It's cold, too cold. My inside's so cold, you idiot! Bastard! Pervert!' (Qing Xue)

"Haha, I knew you'd like it. Do you see? An instant cold drink to quench my thirst on this sunny day. Baby, you are way too lewd, too considerate.







"Wow~ your pussy is squeezing onto the popsicle and melting it like butter on toast. How lovely. Does this feel good? Now, you look no different from the naughty slut I have at my place, Keke kekeke~."

ChibiSage ChibiSage

From here, Yayoi will be preferred as "He" permanently.

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