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94.59% I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel! / Chapter 69: Summoning more demons

Summoning more demons - I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel! - Chapter 69 by Take_the_Moon full book limited free

Chapter 69: Summoning more demons

Emery didn't have to look, as the small body of the Tibetan Mastiff cub was cowering near the door, there was even a barrier of a dark red tone around the puppy.

Fortunately, Bao was an intelligent demon and upon seeing his owner acting as a profiteer bandit, he placed a soundproof barrier around himself and proceeded to watch the door.

The imps every few minutes sent him information about how they were having fun making the people of the clergy become confused because of the mess they caused at the abbey.

"Bao, how long can imps last with exorcists?" asked Emery for mental communication, awakening Bao from his lost thoughts.

Emery didn't know how long he and the MC spent in bed focused on just the two of them. The window was too narrow to catch a glimpse of the temple outside.

"Not much more. The master spent so much time 'playing', the exorcists have already had time to gather to fight the lesser demons. But I made a call to the Ale. As the rain will begin in a few minutes, this Ale can use this as a cover-up to cause chaos in the Abbey," Bao said to Emery, who was already properly dressed, but without the clergyman's long clothes, only using a long cloak to cover his body and part of his face.

The Ale or the Ala demons are mid-level demons within the hierarchy of Hell, they bring thunder and storm, in the colder places they rain hail and increase the blizzards. They feed on sunlight and the light of the moon. They also devour young children for fun. Usually, the Ale isn't seen in naked eyes, but on eclipse days it is possible to see part of the bodies of these demons.

When they come into the mortal world, they can disguise themselves as some animals like crows and snakes, some may even disguise themselves as clouds.

The Ale isn't strong demons, but they invoke fear and bring despair to humans when it incites storms causing destruction of crops, houses, floods, bursting dams and dams, and causing rivers to overflow. In icy climates, increasing blizzards can end up killing directly frozen people.

Of course, the Ale can't summon a storm out of nowhere, they're treacherous demons who wait a long time until the weather condition is correct to then use their demonic energies to intensify the weather condition.

It should be noted that the scope area of these demons is also not so wide, being the size of only a small village.

Emery knew about the Ale because of the memories of bishop Darcy original, who had studied demonology in his novice days a long time ago.

"Well done!!" Emery mentally praised the small Tibetan mastiff dog.

"I want rewards later!" asked Bao with his fluffy ass swinging.

"Okay, later I'll give you some demonic energy," said Emery agreeing with the demand of his cute demon.

Emery's mind was very flexible and he had already accepted many things that normal people would have difficulty accepting throughout their lives, the first thing was to accept a demon as his mascot when he was a Bishop, and the second thing was to accept that he was cut sleeve when he all his life thought he would be asexual or heterosexual.

Well, he had transmigrated into the world of a dark BL novel... What else could he not accept, right?

Emery then covered Giovanni's naked body with a wide cloak that he took from his space item, enveloping the novice's soft, youthful body so he wouldn't feel cold, he hugged the young man who looked too weak.

So, Emery used the "Weightlessness" spell on Giovanni's body. This is a short-lived spell that makes everything lighter, about 10 times lighter than the original weight. It was also a spell that lasted between 10 and 15 minutes.

The question of the length of time of each spell is not related to the amount of Mana of each Wizard, but rather to the number of spells memorized. The charms or arcane words are what make the spell stronger, the more memorized words, the stronger the spell.

It is not necessary to sing the spell aloud, but it is necessary to know the charms or arcane words of each spell. Thinking is faster than the speed of light, so when a Wizard can think of a spell and pulls the arcane words out of his memory, spells can be performed in a few seconds, the longest being in a few minutes.

"Now we can go," said Emery to the little dog Bao, soon they opened the door and left. The sky was already darkening, the heavy black clouds hovered over the abbey.

As always, the autumn days were treacherous, for it had made a beautiful sunny day, but at dusk, the weather suddenly changed becoming timely.

Giovanni who was conscious but was so exhausted that he could not move properly, just clung to Emery's clothes when the bishop used the spell "Acceleration" to go faster. Thanks to Bao, Emery didn't trip over his own feet. Because it was difficult to handle the magic alone, much less carrying someone in his arms, even using magic to help carry the person in question.

"Where are we going?" asked Bao for the mental connection when they arrived in the main square of that wing of the abbey.

"We're going to the third floor in this wing when things calm down, we'll go back to my room later," Emery said a little thoughtful. After all, it would be a disaster if he was found carrying a novice in his arms or if because of the acceleration spell he hit someone on the way.

Emery had used the "Invisible" and "Silence" spell once again to make escape easier, but the spell lasted ten to fifteen minutes each, with a reuse time of at least 10 minutes.

This spell reuse time is as if the words that form the spell have been worn out and need to re-energize with the Mana. Anyway, this was something studied in the Theory of Magic by the Wizards, Emery Darcy previously studied it superficially, only accepting that it would be so the rules, not delving deeper into the subject.

"All right, " said Bao guiding his master to the third floor. Of course, he was being guided by an imp who had already snooped on this whole wing of the Abbey.

Very quickly they reached the third floor. Emery as a good transmigrate of the modern era simply used magic to open the door. Yes, Emery was using magic as if it were water, no matter if there would be consequences for his body or not.

Emery didn't even think there would be consequences meant there might be something wrong with himself. Well, he had no parameters to compare what was considered a normal Mana user, so he only accepted the fact that he could use magic as water and no side effect.

The room was luxurious, as it was to receive more illustrious visitors as the nobles of high titles, but it was a little dusty by the lack of use and with a smell of moisture as well.

Nothing a good old Clean couldn't handle. As Louis had left many things in the space item, it was not very difficult for Emery to find luxurious bed linen there and put it on the bed, having put Giovanni unconscious in the armchair. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_16201814205167505/summoning-more-demons_52564530714169549">!_16201814205167505/summoning-more-demons_52564530714169549</a> for visiting.

The little dog Bao had already lit the magical items of lighting and threw firewood in the fireplace.

"Let me open the window a little bit," said Emery by wiping the curtain with "Clean" and opening one of the big windows.

The moment he opened the window a great thunder of shaking the earth sounded in the sky, scaring Emery for a moment and the glow of lightning lit up the dark sky. Did Emery saw a strange cloud formed from a bird, is that Ale?

Anyway, the rain hadn't yet begun and Emery wanted to leave the room ventilating for a while before the storm hit the earth.

Emery then picks up Giovanni and puts him on the comfortable bed, so he finally sits on the bed, with little Bao in his lap.

Now it was time to think about the consequences of his daring behavior with the MC and how it changed the beginning of the original storyline.

Take_the_Moon Take_the_Moon

Hello readers!

How are you all doing?

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. I pray that vaccination will reach everyone.

Thanks for the comments!

A little plot and a little more demons ... Of course, a Bishop summoning more demons, why not?

The description of Ale or Ala is "real", in other words, in the books of demonology and ancient legends there is this type of description for Ale. I only made minor modifications to fit the category of lower demons.

By the polls ... Does everyone want to see Emery as shou / uke?

Hehehe, me too. Although you cannot reach full smut with Azarphy. *sad face*


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