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100% I Want To Turn Back Time! / Chapter 5: Blood is not that much Thicker than Water

I Want To Turn Back Time! Chapter 5 - Blood is not that much Thicker than Water

Chapter 5: Blood is not that much Thicker than Water

A girl in a green dress was currently walking towards the direction of the main hall. She had an almond-shaped face and long midnight hair that fell to her waist. Her doe-like eyes remained focus on the path in front of her, while her cherry lips were in a frown. No one was around as they have all gathered at the main hall already, leaving only Gu Qingye to walk on an empty pathway. The sound of trees swaying, the soft chirping of birds in the background, and looking at the calm waters of the pond, it was one of the moments when being alone was relaxing. Gu Qingye lifted her head as she stared up into the vast blue sky. A sense of longing filled her eyes, as she remembered a memory of her younger self.

"Mother! One day, I'll be able to fly up into the sky and take you away with me! Then, you don't have to suffer here anymore and we can live happily ever after, just like in the stories!" A young girl shouted while pointing at the sky. Sitting beside her was a woman clad in blue robes. The woman smiled faintly as she patted the girl's head.

The woman's face was a blur in her mind, and no matter how hard Gu Qingye tried to remember her mother's face, the result was disappointing. She cursed herself for not being able to recall someone's face that she held dearly. Maybe it was because a long time has passed, or rather she had intentionally tried to erase it from her mind in the past, Gu Qingye didn't know. She let out a mocking laugh. Her mother was long gone. Look at her now, diagnosed with the inability to cultivate because of her own body filled with blocked meridians, and never ever will she be able to reach the cultivation level of Saint stage, when she could actually fly. Once she reached Saint stage, no one could bully her, and the family would not treat her so badly like the present currently. If it were not for her grandfather, she might have died.

Upon reaching the doors to the main hall, Gu Qingye could hear shouting from within.

'Looks like they already started without me,' Gu Qingye shook her head.

She pushed open the doors, and the voices immediately stopped. Gu Qingye could see her Grandfather sitting on the family head seat, and beside him stood her father, Gu Yunfeng. All the residents of the Gu residence, including the servants, were gathered together in the hall.

"Father! I propose to throw this wretch out of the house! Today the Master of the Han Family came by demanding to give him an explanation as to why his son was insulted repeatedly by this trash who can't even cultivate! This bastard child has also used some trickery to make rashes form on him! This incident has caused our Gu family to suffer great embarrassment. It would only make sense to kick her out. She would no longer be related to us and all problems caused by her would not be linked back to us in any way," Gu Yunfeng self-righteously demanded.

"I agree with the Young Master. Throwing her out would help us maintain a good relationship with the Han Family," the head servant bowed deeply as he said this. He had found Gu Qingye a hassle as she had caused the family's reputation to be destroyed. She was always messing things up in the residence, and he had to clean up after her.

"Hmph! She is such a useless wretch!" Gu Feiyang added in.

A good for nothing in the Gu Family, and one that only causes disasters, it was definitely the right decision to throw her out! Several elders in the family agreed on this matter. One less mouth to feed and no more troubles!

"That's right! Kick her out!"

"Family head, I know you care a lot for your precious granddaughter, but this is simply too much!"

"She will be the downfall of the Gu Family someday!"


The person who was the cause of all this ruckus, Gu Qingye, stayed silent while standing in the middle. No one knows what was going through her mind.

Grandfather Gu, the family head who sat at the top, felt a headache coming his way. He had wrinkles all over his face, despite having already reached the cultivation level of Great Grand Master, three stars. Looking at the scene in front of him, his most cherished granddaughter was being accused from all directions.

"Silence!" Grandfather Gu bellowed.

"But..." An elder tried to speak but was silenced with a glare from Grandfather Gu.

"Did you forget that I, am the one who gets to make the final decision? Hmph! If I were in my younger days, you people would not even be here right now!"

It was true. Grandfather Gu in his younger days was a very hot-blooded person and had a bad temper. Having fought many battles, and got out of them alive, there was a certain overbearing presence that he had. It was just that because of old age, he was not qualified to fight on the battlefields anymore, and he been quiet these past few years in the house. No one expected that he was displaying the aura of an experienced veteran right now.

The silence continued, and no one dared to speak a word, awaiting the final decision. Gu Qingye stood there with an expression that she could care less about this situation right now.

'Ha! Look at them. Not one would hesitate to throw me out, even my own father. Is this what you call blood is thicker than water?'

Finally getting tired of this silence, Gu Qingye spoke out,"I will be in my residence if you need me."

Waving a hand, she began to walk back. The outcome was very obvious from the beginning, just that there were no cracks formed between their family and the Han family is a little disappointing.

"This...this...look at her go, father! She has such an attitude and does not care about the family at all! I-"

"Dismissed! Get out of my sight!" Grandfather Gu ordered. He couldn't take it anymore. He had been trying to accommodate to these people for so many years that they think they could take advantage of his kindness? It was the turning point when they said to abandon Gu Qingye. He had enough of their complaints.

Biting on his words, Gu Yunfeng left the hall, followed by several elders and servants.

Landing on her bed, Gu Qingye could finally sleep in peace. She doubts anyone would disturb her after how Grandfather Gu had taken her side after what everyone said. Her mind wandered to where she would go if she was really kicked out.

The world is divided into four continents, Feng continent, Gui continent, Hu continent, Long continent. The Feng continent is a place near a massive volcano and was the one Gu Qingye resided in. The Jinxu country that Gu Qingye is in, is the second strongest. The strongest country is the Nan country. They had strong military strength with many hundred thousands of soldiers, compared to Jinxu country which only had about 200,000 soldiers.

The people in Gui continent is a place near the sea, were known for their inventions, and Gu Qingye heard that place was quite advanced.

The Hu continent is a place with many mountains, and the people there powerful because there were many spirit beasts in the mountains which were often hunted. Although the people there did not have very high cultivations, they are not to be underestimated as their battle prowess and techniques were powerful.

The Long continent, was the most powerful, and richest continent out of all. They had many resources because of being in the centre of all the other continents. Many people go to and fro from the Long continent because it was a great trading place. The people living there were rich with many treasures and had high cultivations. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_14116398806462005/blood-is-not-that-much-thicker-than-water_38399781990619861">!_14116398806462005/blood-is-not-that-much-thicker-than-water_38399781990619861</a> for visiting.

If you were to ask Gu Qingye which continent she would go to, well, it looks like she's already sound asleep..

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