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60% I Want To Turn Back Time! / Chapter 3: Escaping from Trouble

I Want To Turn Back Time! Chapter 3 - Escaping from Trouble

Chapter 3: Escaping from Trouble

A barbaric man clenched his fists, cracking them as he got ready to fight while a woman stood lazily across him, holding a stick of candied apples. From afar this scene would look comical, but the atmosphere they resided in was very tense. Fervent discussions could be heard in the crowd, and some people even placed bets on who was going to win. Already sober from the provocation before, Han Langxi roared out as he pounded his fists on his chest,"Gu Qingye! You shall pay for what you said to this Young Master today!"

"Young Master Han, if we are competing about acting like animals, I'm sure you would have already won. I mean, you look like a gorilla right now! Oh right, the Han Family only has gorillas as contracted beasts, so I guess you learned from the gorillas that have been passed down from generations to you!" Gu Qingye remarked, nodding her head as if she had made a great discovery. The people around them laughed as they heard this.

The embarrassment from Gu Qingye's words added more fuel to the fire, as blood rushed to his head. Han Langxi felt that he could almost vomit blood out from the many times Gu Qingye insulted him. The Han Family took pride in their contracted beasts as they were ranked the number one most ferocious beast among the other families aside from the Royal Family. Although they looked like gorillas, and was called 'The Big Chested Apes', they actually belong to the family of tigers. They had the head of a tiger, stripes on their back, could stand on two feets, their front chest had muscles from fighting, and lastly a striped tail. Veins could be seen on his forehead, and with a grotesque face and bloodshot eyes, he looked as if he just came out of a horror film.

"Shut up! All of you!" Han Langxi shouted in fury. The surrounding onlookers immediately stopped laughing and kept their mouths shut. They could feel the thick killing intent radiating off him.

Leaning forward, Han Langxi let out a battle cry,"Gu Qingye! You better be prepared to eat this Young Master's fist!" After saying that, he charged forward. His fats jiggled, as he aimed his fists at the face of Gu Qingye, his intention clear on wrecking it. Looking at the Young Master of the Han Family coming at her, Gu Qingye figured she should now make her escape, and of course, leave a little gift.

Gu Qingye took a leap instead of a step forward in the direction of Han Langxi, and disappeared into thin air. Han Langxi looked around furiously, hell-bent on finding Gu Qingye. After a while, he started to think that Gu Qingye was playing a joke on him, making him let his guard down then sneak an attack on him.

"Eh? Where did the Miss of the Gu Family go? She was here just a moment ago..." the spectators wondered. Their eyes traced back to the spot where Gu Qingye vanished. They were hyped up about the fight, so they stayed on, looking around for any sign of the girl who had the guts to make the Young Master of the Han Family this vexed. Han Langxi was shooting his mouth off with insults that Gu Qingye was a coward and the lowest of the low for resorting to sneak attacks. Little did they know, that when Gu Qingye disappeared, she had already turned a full hundred and eighty degrees and ran into the crowd. At that time, the crowd was too focused on finding her that when she pushed through them, they thought it was someone shoving against them trying to get a better view of the fight. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_14116398806462005/escaping-from-trouble_37934269024230446">!_14116398806462005/escaping-from-trouble_37934269024230446</a> for visiting.

Gu Qingye reappeared in a deserted alleyway, already heading off in the direction of the Gu residence. What happened then, was a special kind of footwork which she uses to divert the attention of the attacker somewhere else, before running away. She threw away the empty stick that was once filled with candied apples, and let out the laughter that she was holding in back there as she walked along the streets with her hands held behind her head.

"I hope young master Han likes my gift," Gu Qingye grinned.

People around her stared at her as if she had gone crazy, but she did not mind it at all. Today, she was in a very good mood.

'I wonder how long will it take this time for that bastard of a father to find out about this incident. He's absolutely going to complain about this to Grandfather,' At the thought of it, Gu Qingye smiled wider and it was etched there the whole entire way back home.

Back in Nine Clouds Palace, on the top floor, a man dressed in red clads stood by the window. With his head resting against the hand that was propped up by his elbow, he looked down at the commotion below. Han Langxi had rashes all over his face and body and the people laughed out loud. The man let out a chuckle, clearly amused by the display that had transpired till now. Then he turned around and walked further into the room..

SleepingMist24 SleepingMist24

Haizz I'm having writers block so early in the chapters and I have to go back to school soon. But I'll still try to update frequently!

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