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40% I Want To Turn Back Time! / Chapter 2: Young Master of the Han Family

I Want To Turn Back Time! Chapter 2 - Young Master of the Han Family

Chapter 2: Young Master of the Han Family

Taking a bite out of an apple from the stick of candied apples, Gu Qingye continued walking along the bustling streets. Sounds of someone yelling could be heard over the bustle and she could not help but notice there was a big commotion coming from the direction of a brothel. Curious, Gu Qingye walked over. Squeezing through the crowd, she peeked at what was happening.

At the entrance of a brothel, a stout middle aged man dressed in disorganised clothes stood there, cheeks flushed red, shouting in a slurred speech, "Do you even know who this Young Master is? I am the Young Master of the Han Family! Does the Nine Clouds Palace wants to go against the Han Family?"

A woman no younger than 17 lay on the floor, dressed in revealing clothes where her flushed skin could be seen, her face stained with tears. She portrayed the exact embodiment of a pitiful woman. Many men from the crowd could be seen eyeing her up and down, or even salivating. Disgust welled up in Gu Qingye at the sight.

"Young Master Han, please forgive this lowly one for her behaviour. Our Nine Clouds Palace brothel is always greatful for your patronage. I'm sorry to say that this brothel does not allow customers to bring home our workers. Please come again another time for her service," a person who seemed like a servant of Nine Clouds Palace pleaded.

"Nine Clouds Palace! The famous brothel with many branches known for their beauties with exquisite faces!" a discussion broke out among the spectators,"I heard that this brothel has a strong backing, does the Han Family intend to go against it?"

The servant could only bow down to the young master of the Han family as sweat trickled down from his temple. After all, the Han Family was a force not to be reckoned with. Moreover, they have good ties with the Gu family. No one would want to offend the infamous and tyrannical Young Master of the Han Family, Han Langxi, so they did not step up to help.

"Come again another time? Do you take this Young Master's words for granted! I am above the law! If I do not take this woman back home, your Nine Clouds Palace shall suffer the consequences! Don't say this Young Master didn't warn you..." Han Langxi threatened, as his aura stretched out into the surrounding area. He threw the bottle of wine he was holding onto the ground, shattering it into pieces. Wine splashed onto the woman, drenching her head in the pungent smell of alcohol. A shard from the wine bottle missed her beautiful face by an inch.

"Han Langxi's cultivation has already reached the Blue stage! He was just at green stage a few months ago," people were whispering in the crowd,"Damn, to think his cultivation stage would be so high at the age of 18!" Realisation of what happened slowly settled in, and the woman on the ground paled. Fear struck at her core, as she stumbled to get on her knees and lowered her head. Eyes tightly closed and biting her luscious red lips. The same went for the servant boy. Both of them were pressured into prostrating on the floor. Everyone held their breaths. Looking at this scene, the spectators were too fearful to even make a sound.

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Everyone turned their heads to where the sound came from. "I say, Young Master Han, how could you start such a ruckus during the lantern festival eh? Everyone here is happy and contented, yet here you are causing a fuss," Gu Qingye spoke up with a tone of sarcasm.

"Who dares to speak back to this young master!" Han Langxi called out.

The crowd of spectators moved away, revealing Gu Qingye standing there with a smirk on her face, "How is it that Young Master Han, a person of such high caliber would stoop so low as to bully the weak."

"To think that it is the waste from the Gu Family! Haha! This Young Master shall refrain from speaking to you. Speaking to a waste is not worth my time! You can't even cultivate! For the good relations between our families, get lost before this Young Master beats you up so badly until your mother can't even recognise you," Han Langxi hollered and punched the ground. Cracks formed as the ground dipped in.

"Ah, Young master Han, is that supposed to intimidate me? How do you even call that a punch? If you don't even know how to perform such a simple action, I say you're much more of a waste than me!" Gu Qingye giggled. She was sure to make this Young Master of the Han family infuriated. She wondered what face her father would make when he finds out about this matter. Even better, the Han Family and her family would break off their ties with each other. She was no saint that would help damsels in distress. It was just because the person involved in this was Han Langxi.

"Insolent! This Young Master has already reached the cultivation state of Blue stage. Today this Young Master shall let you taste the power of me, if not my surname is not Han!" Han Langxi's face turned sour from anger as he lashed out. Gu Qingye laughed in return at his face. The crowd of spectators moved back so as to not get hurt in the crossfire. The woman and the servant boy from the Heavenly Brothel had long disappeared into the crowd.

Anticipating the fight between the overbearing young master of the Han Family and the waste of the Gu Family, the spectators could not help but whisper endlessly among themselves,"Aiyah, the trash from the Gu Family is messing around again! This time it will definitely get her killed!" It was very obvious that the waste of the Gu Family, Gu Qingye was going to get a beating today. But some could not help but have their hopes up that Gu Qingye would give Han Langxi a good beating. Han Langxi had offended many people in the past, and now they were feeling indignant about the way he treated the common. But as their cultivation stages were lower than his and because of the Han family, they could not afford to do anything..

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Gu Qingye's mischievous nature and her intent on getting on people's nerves were caused by the endless torture and bad treatment towards her from the family. Will it get her killed or saved?

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