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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up After Booktransmigrating I Woke My Vegetative Husband up After Booktransmigrating

I Woke My Vegetative Husband up After Booktransmigrating

Author: minmin

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I Actually Transmigrated Into A Book

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


In the wake of the sound of thunder, Ming Liuyi suddenly opened her eyes. However, before her eyes could focus, she felt a wave of dizziness. Her whole body was sore and weak, and she did not even have the strength to raise her little finger.

Before Ming Liuyi could wonder where she was and what had happened to her, a memory that did not belong to her poured into her mind like a spring.

After taking a long time to calm down, Ming Liuyi's mind finally stopped spinning, and she could sort out her thoughts. Ming Liuyi understood that she had actually transmigrated into a novel that she had read in her free time.

This book was called "The Salvation of the Disabled Boss". One could guess what kind of novel it was just by looking at the name. It could be said to be very boring… yet appealing.

Ming Liuyi was also drawn by the name. The content was roughly about how the male protagonist, Yao Zizhou, was once a decisive and overbearing CEO, but unexpectedly, he got injured by someone close to him. When he went out for an inspection, he was caught in a man-made landslide, resulting in him losing his vision, and becoming paralyzed in both legs. The Blessed One who had fallen from grace. Yao Zizhou was in denial for a time. He even gave up on himself and became a shut-in, giving up on all treatment, and hoping that the life would be less torturous. He did not expect that his father would arrange a marriage for him on the advice of others, saying that it would bring him good fortune, and that he might get better.

However, the injuries on his body were real. How could it all be offset by a wife?

Mr. Yao was not concerned about this. He thought that even if his son was injured, the Yao family still had their reputation. The new wife could not come from a low family background. Yet in the end, it was Original Ming Liuyi who married into the Yao family.

Original Ming Liuyi already had a lover, but then she was suddenly forced to marry a disabled person. She immediately turned evil and became a vicious female supporting character who persecuted the male protagonist first thing in the morning! Abuse and torture came one after another. The worst was when he was pushed down the stairs, which was the direct cause of Yao Zizhou's vegetative state.

In the original story, the vegetative male protagonist, whom everyone thought would never wake again, miraculously woke up three months later. The first thing he did when he woke up was to take revenge, and the first person he targeted was his wife!

One could imagine the tragic end, but at this moment, they had not reached the worst part of the story yet. So, there was still hope to turn the tides and mend the whole situation.

By now, Ming Liuyi had managed to sort out her memories, which made her shiver uncontrollably. Her eyes slowly adapted to the light, and she felt as though someone had flipped a switch in her ears as sound began to pour in.

Outside, the rainstorm continued with flashes of lightning and booming thunder, but the atmosphere in the room was even more worrying.

"Mr. Yao's body is normal, but… he has not regained consciousness yet." The one who said this should be Yao Zizhou's attending doctor.

"I just want to know when will he wake up!" An older man asked anxiously.

Ming Liuyi guessed that this person must be the father of Yao Zizhou, Yao Gui.

"This… we can't be sure. Recovery depends on the individual. If Mister Yao's will to live is not very strong, then he will probably remain in this state… I hope that all of you prepare yourselves in advance."

"What do you mean?" Yao Gui suddenly shouted angrily. "You're saying that my son is going to become a vegetable?"

What followed was a wave of chaotic noises: the advice of the doctors, the consoling of the nurses, and the family members being comforted repeatedly, along with their inquiries, sighing, and faint crying…

Ming Liuyi closed her eyes in understanding. This was a hospital! Of course, she also realized that at this point in the storyline, Original Ming Liuyi had already done all those bad things. How was she going to turn the situation around? In the original story, Original Ming Liuyi had pushed Yao Zizhou down the stairs, but Yao Zizhou would not go down easy. The moment he fell, he grabbed her arm, and the two of them fell together.

Then, one went into a coma, and the other… Suffered light injuries.

What Ming Liuyi was about to face next was the crazy revenge that would take place three months later.

Ming Liuyi sighed helplessly. In actuality, she was not an ordinary person before she transmigrated into the book. After all, ordinary people would not have the protection of a spiritual spring. Moreover, she was the youngest child in her family and had been doted on since she was young. No one could bear to be harsh to her. Therefore, she was disobedient and often went out to play alone.

Maybe the heavens could not stand it anymore and transmigrated her into the book, and even went as far as to put her in the body of a vicious female supporting character with the same name as her. Was this to let her feel the malice of this world?

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