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If the Deep Sea Forgets You

If the Deep Sea Forgets You

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Author: Su FulingTranslator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios


4.53 (1,158 ratings)

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When Xia Qingyi wakes up and finds herself in a hospital without any memories of her past, what else can she do other than to approach the person who had saved her?

Enter Mo Han, a renowned barrister in the legal world famous for his coldness, arrogance, and competence. With no one to take care of Xia Qingyi, Mo Han finds himself with no other choice but to act as her elder brother for the time being.

However, it does not take long for him to realize that there was something wrong with the girl.

What’s up with her ability to read others at a drop of a hat?
How is she so adept in fighting?
Just… who in the world is this girl?

With his world being turned upside down with the appearance of this mysterious girl whose new world has nothing else but him, Mo Han’s search for her lost memories begins…

Keywords: Memory loss, "Siblings"-turned-lovers, Unknown identity, Law


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    thanks translator for picking up and translate this novel. hope can update frequently as this novel only have 205 chapters. we want to see how this story develop..thanks for your hard work. keep it up and good luck :) chinese title: 如果深海忘记了

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    the prologue catch my interest.. then when i start reading the first chapter.. i cant stop reading more.. i like the plot.. the story flows ... i want to know what exactly happen to the fl ... ahhh my curiosity makes me read more ... btw thanks for sharing this wonderful story😊

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    The story us good till now (ch15). The characters are well written. I just hope it doesn't turn into some depressing shits like Ye Fei Fei's novels ie btnhh 😂😂 that's all

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    bit.ly/3LyRF1N 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

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    Ok. I just finished the novel. I was SUPER excited about this novel when I first came across it. First and foremost, the translations was nice, clean and easy to read. Thank you translators and team. Now for the novel itself. I was DISAPPOINTED. I believe it was due to the synopsis and the beginning chapters… I was expecting a cool, analytical and fighting type of MC. I felt it fell short and nowhere near that. She was AMAZING in the beginning of the chapters where she used her analytical abilities but somewhere along the way it felt like she lost that? I thought she would be a stronger and more self-aware type of MC. What do I mean by that? Not only was she unable to analyze her own situation, she didn’t try to improve herself as a precaution. I can slightly grant it that she may have unconsciously been running away from her past but WHY in all the danger and glimpses of her past shown that things were dangerous and SHE DID NOT PREPARE AT ALL? It didn’t seem to fit the character she portrayed when introduced and certainly not in the synopsis. She acted very unorganized and impulsive. Have you ever watched one of those films where you “yell” at the character that goes towards some place “suspicious” out of curiosity without any self-protection? That’s how the MC started to be seen in my opinion in later chapters! She acted like two different people. The following is the basic on why I felt disappointed but this may contain some spoilers. So read at your own risk: 1. The synopsis stated she knows how to fight so you expect there would be some exciting moments, right? There was NO such type of fighting until a VERY SHORT bash the bad guy and escape moment at the end of the of the novel. I understand that she has amnesia and if she only had “light” training in fighting I could accept her being unable to fight. BUT! Her past indicated that she had “hell” training! Even if her mind forgot, her BODY should have a memory of it. It is similar to when you are distracted while driving (not a good thing, I know. LOL) and you automatically take a road only because you have done it so many times! I have always understood that when fighting, your body may very well “remember” on how to do it instinctively if it is “harshly” ingrained onto it and considering she was beaten to hell and back when she was young, her body should have remembered! But did that ever come out throughout the story? NO! 2. When she got into some dangerous situation (serial killer moment, almost raped and kidnapped), she NEVER initiated to carry something for self-protection or even learn self-defense! This still didn’t change even when the ML suggested that she should learn the self-defense after being almost raped! Hello! The MC was in a COMA due to all the injuries she had. After encountering more dangerous situation, you would think like, “yeah, I need to be more cautious cause my luck seems to SUCK”!! Nothing like that happened. It was made worse when she heard she was taken away as a child by the MAFIA! It was a HUGE HINT here on why she was so messed up and in a coma right!?!? Where is her “analytical” mind on this?!?!? But nothing was done! She just continued on with no real planning!!! 3. The ML seemed to fit his character a lot better than the MC. He was emotionally scarred when he was a child by his parents so it made sense why he is so closed up and cold. Only when he met the MC did he start opening up and even when he started to “explode” and seem “unreasonable”, it still made sense since he has NEVER come out of his self-isolation and this was his very “first real” relationship that he was being completely open with his inner self. Other relationship was all cold. 4. The MC is somewhat in a similar situation “emotionally” with the ML. So I guess I can’t pick too much on it but I can’t agree with the way she handles it. An example is at the end where she just takes off to give each other some space and THERE WAS NO PREPARATON FROM HER? As someone with her past history, she should know how dangerous it is and preparation should be key! But nope. There she goes, almost dying at the end so that they can finally have some forced happy ending….and it was certainly a bit abrupt of an ending. No I love you, no glimpse on how they plan their life together or how others will react. *sigh* If this novel didn’t ask for SS and I didn’t have any expectations after reading the synopsis, maybe I wouldn’t have taken it so hard. Well, this was only my opinion. Hope others would have enjoyed more than I was able to. I just felt it was a real pity since I felt there was so much more potential then it was shown.

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    The translation is good and the story is a little bit different (amnesia and lawyer *usually it's a CEO or celebrity*😱) , but the uniqueness is just "a little", there is some cliche arc like cold rich man that being so warm to a girl he just met, and they end up living together in his house, kind of cinderella story😶, and the man already has a girlfriend so i guess they'll broke up and the man end up with mc (i think it's unfair for the girlfriend despite of whatever circumtances😡), so maybe this is not my cup of tea, thank you for the translation tho 😄

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    Alright first time reading this novel so I’m not biased against it or anything. I mean it’s slightly different in the fact that the female lead is completely blank and stuff but still OP a little. The Male lead is more of a “ what are these emotions “ kind of guy. So I’m a little interested . The story has short chapters and quite a few fillers sadly but hey it’s only 205 chapters. I hope this won’t turn into a diss appointment I’ve only read up to chapter 15 sooooo.

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    It kinda intrigue me so a full star for that! Also I think the translation is quite good, perfectly stable and understandable standard English... though I’ve kinda read this before and I’d say it was indeed a bit slow-paced. But overall I really love this book so much love for the translator who picked it up and of course to our dear Author.💕

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    I was looking around Qidian then saw this new novel. I wasn’t really expecting much so I can pretty much say unbiased reviews. 1. There are short and filler chapters that can be put into 1 whole chapter 2. The novel is a bit slow paced 3. For now, I there’s not much affection from the female protagonist.

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    I just hope that this novel don't have many misunderstanding coz I'm tired of crying. I don't have any tears left. Pls. Give some spoilers about ML and MC's sweet interactions if there is any. Thank you!

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    Now that the story is fully translated, I can write a complete review. The story started out really promising however the way the plot progresses really left me wanting more... I felt like I was reading a summarised version of what could have potentially been an interesting story. Halfway through I already felt disengaged w the story. I was frustrated at the way the author wrote about the MCs, they deviated and behaved increasingly out of character. Many things could have been more fleshed out. With FL’s colourful past, the author could have build on that but she didn’t. (Pls read Ding Mo’s Memory Lost for a better amnesia crime story.) It is first and foremost a romance story however the fluff is barely passable. Their chemistry is so so. The ending is cliche and abrupt...

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    For the first time I have experienced new way of starting a story.its true that am happy for not have wasted my time voting and that the story sparks interest right from the start.if you are trying to get yourself to something new and appetizing to continue with,then you have no choice but try this out and if you think am exaggerating things,try the 1st 3 charpartz and see if you will able to avoid yourself from typing"MORE CHARPARTZ please!!!!!

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    I kept voting for this one using my energy stones. I hope the translations is good. The sypnosis is intriguing, I really a female lead who is badass in martial arts!

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    Honestly, a very intriguing and highly intelligent way of writing, I love this. Absolutely one of my new favs. The heroine isn't a stereotypical strong female lead. She has weaknesses and pain but rather than it holding her back, it fuels her forward. The Male lead knows her weakness and doesn't condemn her for it, he accepts it and though he doesn't have the highest EQ, he tries to be there for her. This novel is one of the best out there right now. Definitely read it if you love a romance without toxic behavior.

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    The story line is really good. I’m so hooked! Who’s the mysterious girl? Why’d she know about the mysterious liquid? Is she an assassin?! I just wish the chapters weren’t locked 💔💔💔

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    I have almost finished the novel and I must say I love it. I am not very fond of romance genre I usually get bored and drop the novel, but this one is interesting... it has a mistery plot and a good one enough for me to keep on reading it until the end, and on plus the releases are quite stable. Thanks so much

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    Completed. The story is good. Idk how to write reviews. It's really really good. I'm not good with words. It's done. Completed. It's all gone

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    Beautiful novel and story, many ups and down, dear author thank u you for such a beautiful story🤗, but it ended very soon, I never expected it 😕, it was just like a shock,

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    The best Chinese novel that I ever read. Compact but nicely written.you'll cry.trust me..the characters are logic where's everyone has flaws. Our leads are included. However, the author wrote them beautifully. They accepted each other's flaw and complement each other.mo han, qing Yi... Oh my goodness,im still crying while typing this. Knowing that I'm not going to have another chapter of both of you.

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    I will recommend everyone you must read this novel..... I really appreciate the writer of this novel.. keep up your good work...,👍👍,👍👍👍👍👌👌👌🤩

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    Author Su Fuling

    Translator Atlas Studios

    Editor Atlas Studios