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17.88% Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate / Chapter 22: Daily Life With Master Peerless Beauty!

Daily Life With Master Peerless Beauty! - Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate - Chapter 22 by Langya Shu full book limited free

Chapter 22: Daily Life With Master Peerless Beauty!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

Lin An had successfully cultivated the morality and demon sealing technique!

Three incense sticks had passed since Lin An had entered the pool, but in such a short time, he had actually successfully cultivated the technique. 

Qian Yi was full of astonishment at her disciple's talent. 'Is this still the disciple who has always had average talent? Or has he already reached the level of a peerless genius just because he cultivated the no beginning scripture?' Qian Yi had a puzzled look on her face as the thought ran through her mind.

Lin An stood by the shore and examined his now well-proportioned and bald body. It was as if he was examining the power he had just obtained.

His male charm was fully displayed, and  Qian Yi couldn't help but blush as she approached him. "Disciple, quickly put on your clothes!"

Lin An hurriedly covered his private parts and came back to his senses. He put on his clothes and returned to the residence with Qian Yi.


Green Cloud Peak, inside the Bamboo House.

The two of them looked at each other and sat down.

After learning about Lin An's specific gains, Qian Yi's heart was filled with joy.

A top-grade medicinal pill had actually appeared twice in two days under Lin An's reminder, and he was just an ordinary disciple. Even a mighty figure like Qian Yi had to admit that she was a little envious.

Additionally, Lin An had already mastered the first stage of the vital energy devil seal technique, and he already had the ability to protect himself. The technique had completely fused with the two wisps of flames from the black flame pill.

The thick black flames were like a liquid, and they could burn anything. On the other hand, the white jade-like ice-cold flames had the effect of frost!

The vital energy devil seal technique was undoubtedly a killer move!

As long as Lin An used it properly, it would be a powerful weapon in future battles!

Even cultivators above the golden core stage didn't have the ability to easily deal with Lin An. He had originally estimated that he would need a few days to cultivate the technique, but he now had no choice but to learn something new in advance.

Qian Yi entered the bamboo house to prepare for Lin An's next lesson. On the southern slope of the first five Bixiao peaks, she had found some medicinal herbs for Lin An to practice alchemy. 


On the other side of the main peaks, the Jiuxiao Sect disciples who had joined the inner sect had already received guidance from their teacher. At that moment, they were making good use of their time to cultivate, and they were hopeful that they would get good results in the inner sect competition.

This contest would have a significant impact on the future allocation of resources. If a disciple from that main peak achieved first place in the inner sect competition, he would bring glory to the entire main peak!

Therefore, the importance of the competition was self-evident.

On the Golden Cloud Peak, a silver-robed elder was teaching Xiao Muran some battle techniques.

There was anticipation in his eyes as he instructed, "Xiao Muran, this Dragon Tiger Fist is a low-grade earth-rank technique. After learning it, one's strength will increase explosively, and the wind from your fist will be invincible. With your talent, you should complete the first level within seven days! I'm looking forward to seeing how you'll perform in the competition, especially against Lin An from the Green Cloud Peak. You must suppress him!"

For many years, the peak master from Green Cloud Peak, Qian Yi, had failed to play by the rules and she had offended many people. Among them was the silver-robed elder!

"Your disciple will remember this! I will definitely break through the first stage of the Dragon Tiger Fist within seven days!" Xiao Muran replied as he knelt down before the silver-robed elder.

In the past, Xiao Muran had desired to become Dugu Xin's personal disciple. However, after arriving at the Golden Cloud Peak, he realized that the task was as difficult as ascending to the heavens. Hence, he settled for the second-best alternative, which was joining the inner sect.

Unfortunately, the decision had made him lose the qualifications required to become a personal disciple.

However, even within the inner sect, a genius like Xiao Muran was still highly valued.

Hence, he was quickly assigned an important task which was to secure an outstanding result in the inner sect grand competition.

Everybody in the sect expected him to cultivate the low-level earth cultivation technique.

Xiao Muran bowed his head three times and said firmly, "Thank you, master, I'll remember it!"

Similar events happened between the disciples and their masters on the other main peaks. 

The requirements expected from all the disciples in the competition were surprisingly consistent. Obtaining an excellent result in the inner sect contest was the most important goal, but at the same time, they were instructed to ruthlessly suppress Lin An!

The other masters were bitter because of Qian Yi's antics in previous inner assessment tournaments, and they wanted to punish her disciple in the upcoming contest. 


During the days before the inner sect tournament, Qian Yi would accompany Lin An on a daily basis to watch him refine the medicinal pills. 

She started by teaching Lin An about the medicinal herbs before she educated him about the alchemy furnace.

After that, Lin An was expected to control the fire of spiritual power.

Under Qian Yi's guidance, Lin An improved his skills every day as he learned the foundations of the cultivation technique. 

However, after teaching her disciple, Qian Yi would return to being a lazy drunkard. Occasionally, she would disappear for the night, and every time she returned, she would return drunk. Lin An was already used to this.

One night, as she returned from her drinking spree, Qian Yi bumped into Lin An at the door.

Lin An didn't hesitate. He immediately used his reflexes to help Qian Yi. When he grabbed her, a wave of fragrance mixed with the smell of alcohol assailed his face.

Lin An quickly lifted Qian Yi and carried her to the long chair.

The soft parts of Qian Yi's body clamped onto Lin An's ribs, causing his heart to throb as he subconsciously looked at Qian Yi's bed.

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Ever since he had begun training with Qian Yi, a few crazy ideas had run through Lin An's head. 

He had hoped that he could train hard and use his talents to get anything from Qian Yi. Lin An had strived to become her companion as soon as possible.

However, no matter how fast Lin An improved, Qian Yi would not be moved. It was as if his genius meant nothing in her eyes.

Unfortunately, Lin An had no option but to  take things one step at a time.

Ever since Qian Yi had resumed her drunk routine, she no longer had the habit of directly going to bed to rest. Instead, lay down in the chair until she woke up.

"Disciple, bring me water!"

Lin An turned around and fetched her a cup of water from the spiritual spring.

"Master, drink slowly!" Lin An implored her as he quickly handed over the bamboo cup.

Qian Yi drank the water in one gulp as if she was drinking alcohol. "Have you consolidated your cultivation?"

"I've already memorized the Herbal Scripture that you gave me! During the holidays, I'll be able to clearly understand the uses of all kinds of herbs," Lin An replied solemnly. 

"Other than that, I've already unleashed the morality and devil sealing technique, and I've also mastered the black and white flames. I think they'll be of great use. I won't have any problems when the inner sect competition begins in a few days!"

When she heard this, Qian Yi nodded her head in satisfaction. She waved her hand and gestured at Lin An to help her settle down and rest.

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