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28.45% Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate / Chapter 35: Extreme Fire Fragments!

Extreme Fire Fragments! - Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate - Chapter 35 by Langya Shu full book limited free

Chapter 35: Extreme Fire Fragments!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

On the Cang Yun Continent, alchemists had a high status. Through the integration of various ancient books, they had put together a list of the best cauldrons on the continent. 

Other than having various enhancements to alchemy, the divine cauldrons on the list also had one thing in common, they had not been forged by humans.

Instead, they were naturally formed cauldrons that used the heaven and earth as a furnace, and the Qi of all living things as their essence!

The Purple Abyss Cauldron was ranked thirteenth on the list. 

It had originally existed as a strange purple stone. After absorbing the essence of the sun and moon for thousands of years, it had turned into a cauldron. After hundreds of thousands of years of circulation, the Purple Abyss Cauldron had gained an illustrious reputation.

According to the ancient records, the body of the cauldron emitted a purple light, and it had three leg stands that looked like a retractable claw. Once it was placed on the ground, it could pierce into the earth and absorb its essence. 

However, the Purple Abyss Cauldron before Lin An looked like it was in tatters, and a doubtful expression formed on his face as he examined it. 

Right on cue, a string of characters flashed in front of Lin An's eyes.

"A hundred thousand years ago, all the cauldrons in the world joined forces to refine a divine herb, but the herb couldn't be tamed, and there was a change in the process. From then on, the cauldrons slowly disappeared into the long river of history. To repair them, they needed to be tempered again with extreme fire to reverse the damage! Currently, the host's success rate of using the Black and White Ashen Flames to repair the Purple Abyss Cauldron is 41%!"

Seeing this, Lin An immediately understood.

It wasn't that the divine cauldrons had changed their appearance, but that they had been damaged after undergoing a botched refining process. Now, they needed the extreme fire to repair them.

It seemed that the Black and White Ashen Flames that Lin An possessed were a type of extreme fire.

What surprised him the most was that there was a kind of divine herb that had actually caused the nineteen divine cauldrons to explode because they couldn't withstand it. 

When he saw Lin An's excited expression, the elder in charge crossed out the divine cauldron from the record book.

The Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron would now belong to Lin An.

According to the success rate system, his probability of repairing the cauldron was 41%!

Lin An felt that he had to give it a try first.

Abruptly, the Black and White Ashen Flames in Lin An's hand lit up and enveloped the entire purple abyss divine cauldron.

At the same time, the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron absorbed the flames released by Lin An.

The dark green copper rust started to slowly recede, and the cauldron emitted traces of noble purple aura. It was like a raging wave that rose and fell, instantly filling the entire Treasure Pavilion.

The aura gave everyone a refreshing feeling. It was as if their spiritual sense had been enlightened.

However, in the next moment, the feeling disappeared.

The aura immediately shocked everyone, and they were dumbstruck.

What kind of treasure could emit such power?

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The presiding elder's eyes were wide open, and his forehead was covered with beads of sweat. As an alchemist, he understood that the essence of the cauldron had been dormant for ten thousand years.

It had existed in the treasure trove ever since the establishment of the Jiuxiao Sect. However, he had no clue about its origin. He only knew that the medicinal cauldron was very mysterious, but he had not opened it. 

With his identity as the elder in charge, he naturally possessed the right to obtain a medicinal cauldron from the treasure trove. However, he had assumed that the purple cauldron would explode as soon as it encountered the Soul Force Fire. Hence, the elder in charge had dispelled the idea of possessing the cauldron. 

Over the years, many alchemists in the Jiuxiao Sect had stood in front of the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron for countless days and nights as they thought about possessing it, but in the end, they gave up because there was nothing they could do.

But now, a disciple from Bixiao Peak had chosen the medicinal cauldron as a reward after winning the inner sect competition.

Thus, the medicinal cauldron had been activated. 

The elder in charge had not expected this.

He did not understand the origin of the cauldron, and he thought about approaching Lin An to  ask him why he had picked the divine medicinal treasure.

However, the elder in charge had a respected status. If the other elders learned that he had sought knowledge from a newly promoted disciple, they would despise him. 

Therefore, he could only pretend that he had no interest in the medicinal treasure. 

However, if he had understood its origin, then he definitely wouldn't have allowed Lin An to obtain the cauldron!

Lin An took the cauldron and placed it into the system's space.

The inner sect disciples behind him were green with envy.

They didn't know the origins of the divine cauldron, so they viewed it as a strange treasure. Therefore, they weren't envious of Lin An's divine cauldron. Instead, they felt jealous after seeing that he had a storage ring!

Although storage rings weren't rare items on the Cang Yun Continent, the medicinal cauldron was huge. The disciples all guessed that Lin An had a storage ring with a large space. That was a rare item.

Lin An's storage ring was at least five cubic meters long!

All the disciples knew that storage rings with large spaces had the highest value!

In the eyes of the disciples, Lin An's storage ring was a hundred times more valuable than theirs!

The disciples were further puzzled by the Bixiao Peak master's actions. Why was Qian Yi willing to spend so much effort on a disciple by giving him such a large storage ring? 

Possession of an interspatial ring was extremely rare even among the elders.

  Lin An was just a newly promoted disciple, but he had obtained the ring. 

All the disciples present were envious.

However, they were wrong to assume that Lin An had received the storage ring from his master. Throughout her life, Qian Yi had never cared about such worldly possessions. In fact, she hadn't even stepped into the Treasure Pavilion for a thousand years.

What the disciples didn't know was that Lin An's system space was infinitely huge.

After he activated the system, he could feel the hissing of the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron.

Without a doubt, Lin An had already formed a connection with the medicinal treasure. In order to prevent it from erupting with even greater power, Lin An had put the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron into the system space. Once he brought the treasure back to Bixiao Peak, he would definitely let his master teach him how to use it to refine medicinal pills. 

In the meantime, there were more important things to do.

Lin An still had to choose one last reward from the Treasure Pavilion. 

He paced back and forth the Treasure Pavilion, shaking his head as he walked past the unique treasures. It was as if he wasn't interested in any of the treasures at all.

The scene naturally made the disciples who were following him grit their teeth!

What the hell!

There were so many treasures along the way, but none of them seemed to impress Lin An.

If it were any other disciple, taking any of them would have been akin to having smoke rise from an ancestral grave!

But now, Lin An had already missed out on thousands of treasures!

However, the inner sect disciples didn't have any complaints or displeasure.

This was because they had been motivated to broaden their horizons after seeing the unique treasures. If they had not entered the Treasure Pavilion, they would not have learned about the different rewards available in the Jiuxiao Sect. 

Everyone hoped that Lin An would continue wandering around the Treasure Pavilion for three days and three nights!

However, Lin An abruptly stopped after an iron piece caught his eye. 

"Hmm? Is this the extreme fire fragment?"

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