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21.95% Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate / Chapter 27: Lin An Doesn’t Care About Martial Virtue!

Lin An Doesn’t Care About Martial Virtue! - Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate - Chapter 27 by Langya Shu full book limited free

Chapter 27: Lin An Doesn’t Care About Martial Virtue!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

Qiao Zifeng had appeared out of nowhere and defeated his opponent with one move. He had released the aura of a peak foundation establishment realm cultivator and caused everyone to fall into shock.

He had proved to be a peerless genius, and the other disciples expected him to secure the first-place position. 

After Qiao Zifeng left the stage, the remaining inner sect disciples who had extremely high talent no longer had high hopes of winning the tournament.

Xiao Muran was one of them.

At that moment, his eyes were filled with anger. It was as if Qiao Zifeng had snatched something that belonged, and he felt helpless!

The feeling made him clench his teeth, and a look of resentment formed on his face. 

However, Xiao Muran was now determined to face his opponent. He wanted to be the first to eliminate Lin An. This way, even if he couldn't win the inner sect grand competition, he would still be admired by his master for eliminating Lin An in the first round.

Xiao Muran planned to humiliate Lin An before eliminating him. He leaped onto the stage, and his gaze turned towards Lin An.

The other inner sect disciples stared at Lin An in unison.

Was he Xiao Muran's opponent in the seventeenth round?

"Lin An is too miserable! He will have to face a genius like Xiao Muran in the first round. It's going to be a close call!"

"I didn't expect Lin An to be so mediocre. Even his luck doesn't seem to be that good!"

The whispers from below the stage reached Lin An's ears.

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He scoffed at the other cultivators as he made his way to the arena.

Among the crowd, Qian Yi was too lazy to even open her eyes. Soon after, Lin An had already jumped onto the stage, and he stood opposite his challenger. 

Xiao Muran did not hide the disdainful expression on his face as he looked at Lin An with interest. It was as if he was waiting for him to greet him.

Under normal circumstances, when disciples of the Jiuxiao Sect competed on the stage, they would first make a polite gesture to show their courtesy.

However, Lin An was unmoved. Instead, he keenly stared at the string of characters that were flashing across his eyes.

"The success rate of the host defeating Xiao Muran with ten levels of cultivation is 100%!"

"The success rate of the host defeating Xiao Muran with six levels of cultivation is 100%!"

"The success rate of the host defeating Xiao Muran with three levels of cultivation is 100%!"


When he saw the different success rates, Lin An's contempt was written all over his face.

'Is this the genius of the year?'

He only had to use a three-level cultivation technique to defeat Xiao Muran.

Lin An was no longer interested in facing such a weak opponent.

On the opposite side of the arena, Xiao Muran was instantly displeased.

He did not understand the reason for Lin An's disdain towards him. 

Was it because he was a disciple with average talent and had the identity of a good-for-nothing senior brother?

"Lin An, I see nothing that you should be proud of. You actually didn't even greet me when you entered the arena!"

Immediately after Xiao Muran finished speaking, the inner sect disciples from the Golden Firmament Peak below the stage jeered.

Wasn't it natural for the weak to greet the strong?

"Greet you? How can an inner sect disciple like you have the courage to ask a personal disciple to greet you? Are you worthy?"

Lin An's words were simple. Xiao Muran was an ordinary inner sect disciple. Compared to a personal disciple who served the peak master from Bixiao Peak, their statuses were far apart.

Cultivators had always valued the different rankings amongst themselves.

Simply put, Xiao Muran didn't have the right to ask a personal disciple to greet him.

When they heard Lin An's words, the inner sect disciples below the stage trembled.

They couldn't refute Lin An's words.

The statement instantly stung Xiao Muran, and he defiantly responded, "When you lose miserably, you won't be so proud anymore!"

"What nonsense! Please, hurry up! I still have important things to do!" Lin An said calmly.

The inner sect disciples below the stage thought that Lin An had gone crazy. They never thought that his personality would be so strong that he couldn't even consider the consequences of irritating Xiao Muran. 


Xiao Muran's aura suddenly soared. In an instant, a wave of air swept the stage, and his hair fluttered in the wind. Meanwhile, several spiritual arms promptly grew out of his body, and the spiritual energy that emerged was in the form of a dragon and a white tiger.

The dragon and the tiger seemed to have a spirit as they stared at Lin An!

It was a Dragon and Tiger Fist technique from the late-stage foundation establishment-level!

The inner sect disciples below the stage looked at Xiao Muran in admiration. 

As expected of a genius, even though he wasn't as talented as Qiao Zifeng, he should have received the attention of the inner sect elders and received a great opportunity. The Dragon Tiger Fist was a high-level cultivation technique!

The power of the Dragon Tiger Fist was boundless. Combined with Xiao Muran's late-stage foundation establishment strength, he could definitely unleash a powerful aura.

For an ordinary cultivator, performing the Dragon Tiger Fist technique would instantly make one lose the desire to battle.

Such formless terror usually scared people out of their wits, but now, everyone understood that Xiao Muran had mastered the powerful technique. However, they wondered whether it was a form of respect towards his opponent, or was it a form of humiliation!

Did Xiao Muran intend to use his powerful strength to crush Lin An!

The inner sect disciples turned their attention towards Lin An and became sympathetic.

They could already envision Lin An's miserable fate once his opponent used the power of the Dragon Tiger Fist.

In his field of vision, Xiao Muran was already preparing to attack.

He took a deep breath, and in an instant, a loud thud echoed in the arena.

Xiao Muran had stomped his legs and a powerful explosive force had immediately caused cracks to appear on the stage.

Soon after, Xiao Muran closed in on Lin An. The spiritual power of the White Tiger covered his right arm, and he bared his fangs and brandished his claws as he threw a punch at Lin An. The aura that erupted in that instant was like that of a true divine beast. The disciples could even hear the roar of the White Tiger.

Lin An swiftly dodged the attack and performed a leg sweep kick on Xiao Muran. 


In the blink of an eye, Xiao Muran was sent flying across the stage like a kite with a broken string. He plopped onto the ground and started coughing loudly. As he coughed, blood spurted from his mouth.

"How... How did this happen? Why does he have such powerful strength!"

Xiao Muran felt as if his ribs had been broken by Lin An's kick!

Theoretically, Xiao Muran had the protection of spiritual power, but it seemed that Lin An's ability as an early stage golden core cultivator, had enabled him to break his ribs with just a normal kick.

Everyone in the arena was astonished. 

The inner sect disciples below the stage furrowed their brows, and a storm brewed in their hearts.

No one was willing to believe that Lin An had the strength to defeat Xiao Muran!

"Impossible! Xiao Muran must have been careless!"

"Lin An doesn't care about martial virtue. He must have ambushed Xiao Muran!"

"Fortunately, Xiao Muran wasn't thrown out of the arena. Otherwise, he would have suffered a greater loss!"

On the stage, Xiao Muran used all the strength in his body to slowly get up from the ground. Suddenly, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Lin An, you've forced me to do this. I hadn't planned on using this pill!"

Xiao Muran stared fiercely at Lin An and continued muttering some incoherent words to himself. 

At the same time, he took out a blood-red pill and put it in his mouth.

A burst of aura emanated from Xiao Muran's body, when he raised his head, a terrifying spirit completely erupted.

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