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4.87% Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate / Chapter 6: Peak Master Bixiao, Qian Yi!

Peak Master Bixiao, Qian Yi! - Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate - Chapter 6 by Langya Shu full book limited free

Chapter 6: Peak Master Bixiao, Qian Yi!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

The plaza was now filled with the sound of small discussions.

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At this moment, several powerful auras instantly enveloped the plaza.

In just an instant.

A few figures appeared on the plaza.

They were shockingly the strongest existences in the Jiuxiao sect!

The leaders were the peak masters of the eight divine peaks and the various inner sect elders!

Even the sect master of the Jiuxiao sect, Dugu Xin, had personally arrived at this moment!

These strongest experts of the Jiuxiao sect swept their eyes across the stage as if they were searching for something?

Dugu Xin frowned when he saw Xiao Muran.

However, Dugu Xin's eyes did not stop on Xiao Muran for even a second.

Immediately after, he turned his head to look at the other disciples. Disappointment began to appear in his eyes.

This year's batch of disciples weren't very talented, and none of them surprised Dugu Xin!

In fact, even the so-called number one genius didn't dare to look at the sect leader in the eye!

The other disciples were like chickens, all in a state of nervousness.

In the arena, only Lin an looked at Dugu Xin indifferently. He didn't even blink or show any expression.

A trace of surprise flashed through Dugu Xin's heart, but he then shook his head and shifted his gaze away.

The current Lin an had gone through the purification of the foundation establishment of the non-beginnings Sutra and had become an absolute genius.

However, only Lin an himself could observe the phenomenon in his body.

Therefore, in Dugu Xin's eyes, Lin an was still just an outer sect disciple with average talent.

After seeing all the disciples, Dugu Xin sighed slightly.

The glimmer of hope that originally existed instantly vanished.

The person who caused the heaven and earth phenomenon wasn't among this group of disciples!

Seeing this scene.

The entire square instantly fell silent.

It was also the first time the disciples below the stage had seen such a situation, and they didn't know what would happen.

In the past, at this time, only the inner sect elders would personally come.

Now, almost all the experts of the sect had come. The pressure brought by the experts was not just for show.

What on Earth was going on?

Even the sect master had come personally?

This was the question in the hearts of every disciple.


Within the Jiuxiao sect.

The sect master was the person in charge.

Dugu Xin was in charge of the affairs of the Nine Peaks. He possessed the most unfathomable strength and had already reached the advanced stage of the Soul Formation realm!

At the same time, Dugu Xin controlled the golden firmament peak, which was also the most powerful main peak of the nine firmament sect!

It was the first choice for all the disciples to enter the inner sect.

After that, it was the peak masters of the other eight peaks, which was equivalent to the person in charge of the main peak.

After that, it was the inner sect elders of each divine peak who did the work to assist the peak masters.

After the outer disciples and inner disciples passed the assessment, the inner elders would be in charge of teaching and the outer disciples would complete the transfer to the inner sect.

Only those true geniuses would become the personal disciples of the peak masters.

The identity of a personal disciple was the noblest among all the disciples!

At this moment.

Seeing that all the peak masters had arrived, the discussions below the stage started again.

"What's going on? Doesn't our Jiuxiao sect have nine main peaks? Why are there only eight peak masters?"

"Haven't you heard? The peak master of Bixiao Peak is a woman, but she hasn't appeared for a hundred years. Her mind isn't on cultivation at all, and she has never taken in a disciple!"

"I've heard the elders mention that this peak master is a drunkard! That bad temper isn't to be trifled with!"

"In that case, I won't choose Green Cloud Peak!"

The peak master of Green Cloud Peak that this group of disciples spoke of.

She was the woman in the thatched cottage in Green Cloud Peak.

She had come to the nine cloud sect a thousand years ago, and since then, she had dominated Green Cloud Peak.

In these thousand years, she had never taken in a single disciple!

After she came to Green Cloud Peak, she was the only one left!

Because she rarely appeared in front of everyone, only a few people had heard of her name.

-- Qian Yi!

This was a completely legendary figure!

Without a doubt, those who had seen her by chance would be amazed by her perfect appearance!

Qian Yi was absolutely a peerless beauty in the world, and no one could deny it!

At first glance, one would even feel that she was a saintess from some great Holy Land!

At the same time.

What made her famous was that she was famous for being lazy. She never wore shoes when she went out, and she never let go of her wine gourd.

No matter how outstanding her appearance was, no one would dare to disturb such an immortal cultivator!

There was no time for gossip.

But Lin an at this moment.

After successfully building his foundation, the current Lin an already had the qualifications to join the inner sect.

At this moment, he was thinking about which sect to join.

At this moment.

An outer sect elder standing at the side said loudly, "Disciples who haven't reached the foundation establishment stage, step down from the stage now! Cultivate well in the future and strive to obtain the qualifications to enter the inner sect next year!"

"At the same time, those disciples who remain on the stage, report their age, cultivation level, and cultivation techniques!"

In the Jiuxiao sect, it was said that they would join the inner sect, but in fact, they would also choose each other.

The disciples would choose instructors to teach.

And the instructors would also choose disciples with outstanding talent.

Each sect had its own characteristics, and the resources they would allocate were also different.

There was no perfect sect, nor was there a perfect disciple. It was a situation where one could not have it both ways.

Just like the Golden Cloud Peak where Dugu Xin was located, it mainly focused on fire-type cultivation techniques.

If a disciple chose to use a water-type cultivation technique as a foundation establishment, their chances of joining would be very slim.

Standing beside Dugu Xin was the Golden Cloud Peak's inner sect head elder.

The two of them had a gold and a silver symbol on their lapels.

The difference in status was very easy to see.

It was also at this moment.

The system's success rate symbol appeared once again!

[ host's chance of becoming a personal disciple of Dugu Xin of golden firmament peak is 0% ! ]

[ host's chance of becoming an inner disciple of a managing elder of golden firmament peak is 0% ! ]

Seeing this, Lin an frowned.

A wave of Aura came from afar. Before long, the smell of alcohol came first. Then, a peerlessly beautiful woman appeared in the square.

This was the peak master of Bixiao Peak, Qian Yi!

At this point, all nine peak masters of Jiuxiao sect had arrived.

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