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16.26% Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate / Chapter 20: Phenomena of Heaven and Earth, Fire of Vitality!

Phenomena of Heaven and Earth, Fire of Vitality! - Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate - Chapter 20 by Langya Shu full book limited free

Chapter 20: Phenomena of Heaven and Earth, Fire of Vitality!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

Green Flames filled the sky.

In an instant, the entire bamboo forest was set ablaze, and everything within a ten-mile radius was ablaze. It made people feel that in an instant, the bamboo forest would be burned to the ground.

The pill furnace had been calm just a moment ago, but now, this abnormal phenomenon had already appeared.

Lin an was shocked, "This flame won't cause any harm!"

Because the flame didn't make him feel hot, but a cool feeling, as if this green flame contained a vibrant life!

The green flame burned out from the pill furnace and quickly burned Lin an into a Burning Man!

Qian Yi was shocked when she saw this scene.

This was her personal disciple, and he had been turned into a burning man just like that. If anything happened to him, she, as his teacher, would be held responsible.

After spending the past two days together, Lin an was already very important to Qian Yi. When she saw that Lin an had an accident, she didn't have time to think and immediately rushed over.

She stretched out her hand and grabbed, and a large amount of spiritual energy burst out, instantly extinguishing the flames!

And the moment he came into contact with Lin an...

Qian Yi was stunned at first, but then she instantly felt relieved.

Previously, she was too nervous about Lin an and only wanted to make sure that nothing happened to her disciple. In fact, she didn't even think about it for a second time.

But now that she felt that the flame had no temperature, she immediately reacted.

"This is the flame of Life!"

The flame of life came from one of the eighteen herbs used to refine the black flame pill!

The grass of life!

The grass of life had a powerful life attribute, and its core contained the ice flame attribute, which could be refined into a flame that could be healed.

Simply put, this was a type of flame that had no offensive power.

And the so-called black flame pill was the king among the eighteen herbs of the fire attribute!

After a cultivator consumed it, they would possess a powerful flame that could be used in battle

Based on the current situation, the flame of life had won among the many herbs.

At this moment.

Qian Yi seemed to have thought of something and her brows furrowed slightly.

"That's not right! If it hasn't been consumed, we won't know which type of flame the black flame pill will produce! ! !"

"And now, before the pill has even been born, the flame of life has already erupted. Even the surrounding herbs have accelerated their growth. What exactly is the reason?"

"Could it be that this is just the heaven and earth phenomenon of the Black Flame Pill?"

The flame of life swept out and very quickly swept through the entire bamboo forest. The bamboo leaves had also become more emerald green. Even the herbs on the ground had become luxuriant and luxuriant. Even their age had increased.

The herbs that hadn't matured yet matured instantly matured after the flame of life swept over them.

Seeing this scene, Qian Yi and Lin an were completely shocked.

Since it brought about such a strange phenomenon, what kind of method would the black flame pill in the pill furnace be presented in?

Could it really be a supreme grade pill?

Very soon.

With Qian Yi's wave of her hand.

The Flames in the pill furnace slowly dissipated.

At this moment, two medicinal pills, one black and one white, appeared in the pill furnace.

These two pills were like two small spheres that were attracted to each other. They slowly rotated in the pill furnace, circle after circle. Finally, they touched and fused together, forming a black and white medicinal pill that was the size of a thumb.

Qian Yi muttered in her heart, "According to common sense, the black flame pill is a pure black medicinal pill. Second line, this medicinal pill is indeed black and white!"

This was obviously beyond her expectations.

However, the black flame pill was a heaven-tier pill. If it mutated and became a supreme-grade pill, it wouldn't be detected.

From the abnormal signs in the sky and earth, it could be seen that this pill was definitely not simple.

Qian Yi looked at Lin An, and a wave of excitement rose in her heart as she said seriously, "This is a supreme-grade black flame pill!"

Very quickly, Qian Yi handed over the black flame pill, her eyes filled with anticipation. "I can't see the exact medicinal effects of this pill anymore. I'll only understand it after I eat it."

Qian Yi was also surprised by this top-grade black flame pill, but she clearly knew that this black flame pill belonged to Lin An.

The reason couldn't be simpler.

It was enough that Lin an was her disciple!

Thus, Qian Yi didn't hesitate and asked Lin an to accept the black flame pill.

She looked to the other side and pointed there.

"Disciple, there is a thousand-year-old spiritual spring in the back mountain of Bixiao Peak. That place will make you more suitable to cultivate the morality and demon sealing technique."

"After you arrive there, you will consume the black flame. After that, cultivate properly. I will wait for Your Good News!"


At the bottom of a cliff at the back of the mountain.

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The two of them floated down.

Not long after, they arrived at a pool.

The spiritual energy here was three times that of the surrounding area. When Lin an stretched out his hand to feel the cold water in the pool, he could immediately feel that it was filled with spiritual energy. This kind of water was much heavier than normal water.

"Disciple, this pool of spiritual spring has been accumulated for over a thousand years. The spiritual energy inside has become much denser. This place is very suitable for you to cultivate the morality and demon sealing technique!"

"Now, hurry up and enter the spiritual spring! I will stand by your side to protect you!"

Hearing that Qian Yi would stand by his side to protect him, Lin an was very happy. However, now that Qian Yi was by his side, he couldn't do anything.

"I don't care anymore!"

Without any delay, Lin an quickly took off his clothes and immediately jumped into the spiritual spring.

Qian Yi, who was on the side, realized that something was wrong and immediately turned her head to the side.

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