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12.19% Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate / Chapter 15: Supreme-Grade Elixir, Qian Yi is Shocked!

Supreme-Grade Elixir, Qian Yi is Shocked! - Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate - Chapter 15 by Langya Shu full book limited free

Chapter 15: Supreme-Grade Elixir, Qian Yi is Shocked!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

Looking at the latest characters, Lin an was shocked.

This success rate system could not only see the success rate of what he wanted to do, but it could also indicate how to increase the success rate!

It was as if he had already pointed out the most correct path for himself, and at the same time, it also gave him the opportunity to correct it!

This was all for the sake of success!

Then what else in this world could possibly be difficult for me?

The cultivation of the [ beginning scripture ] would definitely be overcome by me in the end!

Seeing this, Lin an instantly had a doubt. His master was undoubtedly an alchemy grandmaster, and there couldn't be any mistakes in refining such pills!

One had to know that the 98% success rate was already ridiculously high, not much different from 100% . This was enough to prove that his master was an alchemy grandmaster!

Such a low-level mistake could never happen!


There was only one explanation left.

That was that the alchemy skills given by the system surpassed master's alchemy skills!

To be more precise, it surpassed the restrictions of this xianxia world!

Lin an could hide the existence of the system from his master, but he could say anything about alchemy skills.

Thinking of this, Lin an immediately said it out loud.

"Master, if you add an ice machine medicine at this moment and reduce the heat of the spiritual fire by 30% , will the quality of the finished medicinal pill be improved a little?"

After Lin an said it out loud.

Qian Yi was also stunned. She had previously thought that there was a slight imperfection in this pill formula, and she had even changed the direction. It was exactly the same as what Lin an had said!

After hearing Lin an's explanation, Qian Yi seemed to have understood!

According to the theory of the qi-gathering pill, the qi-gathering pill was a strong pill. In terms of attributes, it leaned towards fire. If the ice machine grass was added, it would create a medicinal collision!

If the spiritual fire reduced the heat by 30% , the pill furnace would instantly form a small area surrounded by cold air. Then, in this area, there was a very high chance of increasing the quality of the finished pill!

What was the probability?

Qian Yi wasn't sure.

It was just that when she specialized in alchemy in the past, Qian Yi felt that it was theoretically feasible. It was just that the energy gathering pill was too low-level, so Qian Yi didn't have the desire to experiment.

At this moment, Lin An's thoughts were exactly the same as hers!

Qian Yi wasn't sure if her disciple was just saying it casually or had alchemy skills.

However, Lin An's performance piqued Qian Yi's interest. She immediately asked, "You know alchemy skills?"

Lin an smiled. "I once read about the qi-gathering pill in an ancient alchemy book. That's why I only know a little about alchemy skills. I Can't be compared to You!"

"You dare to teach me alchemy skills even if you only know a little? Do you know that the qi-gathering pill is a strong pill? If you add ice machine grass into it, it will cause a medicinal collision! The pill furnace might even explode!"Qian Yi teased, in her heart, she had already thought highly of this disciple, so she was in the mood to joke around.

Hearing her master's teasing words.

Lin An was also slightly stunned.

However, he quickly realized that the system would not make a mistake, and his master was willing to state her theory at this time. Furthermore, the way she looked at him also became a little brighter.

In other words, his words were more or less effective in his master's eyes.


Lin an paused for a moment and said firmly.

"Master, you can try it!"

Before Lin an could finish his words, Qian Yi had already thrown an ice machine grass into the pill furnace.

Seeing this, Lin an smiled. His master was also an extraordinary person. Without any hesitation, she poured her heart into the herb.

She probably had confidence in her heart!

At this moment.

After the ice-thorn grass was thrown into the pill furnace, the pill furnace instantly started to tremble, and the ripples that formed were transmitted through the bamboo forest. Even the bamboo started to vibrate at this moment.

At the same time.

The Flames under the pill furnace instantly dimmed by a third, and the surrounding temperature instantly dropped by a little.

Qian Yi had already cultivated her alchemy skills to the point of perfection. With regards to the control of the spiritual flame, the temperature was not the slightest bit off!

As expected.

After the pill furnace trembled, everything below became calm!

Until it steadily floated in the air!

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Seeing this scene, Qian Yi was also shocked in her heart. So there was nothing wrong with refining pills like this.

Before this, Qian Yi had also thought about refining qi-gathering pills like this.

However, because low-level pills like qi-gathering pills no longer had the value of her refining them, they were put aside.

And after accepting Lin an as her disciple...

Only then would Qian Yi have the opportunity to find all the herbs to refine the pills.

But after all, qi-gathering pills were too far away. Thus, until now, after Qian Yi heard what Lin an said, she only remembered that there was such a thing that needed to be tried.

After Lin an reminded her, the confusion in Qian Yi's heart was instantly solved and her vision became clear.

It was like Qian Yi was in a fog and her eyes were filled with an unfathomable enlightenment. Lin An's appearance was in the same direction as her. She just lacked a chance to confirm and she would be able to clear the fog!

And Lin an was the gust of wind that blew away the fog!

Very soon.

At this moment, the pill furnace was completely still.

A wave of medicinal fragrance instantly filled the entire bamboo forest. In an instant, the bamboo leaves within a radius of ten miles became a little greener because of the medicinal smell.

This situation.

It accurately entered Qian Yi's eyes.

Supreme-grade pill?

This was a phenomenon that only appeared in supreme-grade medicinal pills!

Qian Yi was shocked. She looked at Lin An with a hint of surprise in her eyes and unconsciously looked up to him.

In terms of medicinal pills, there were three major realms: Heaven, Earth, and man.

And every level of medicinal pill was divided into nine levels.

As long as one surpassed the current level and let the medicinal pill get rid of the restriction of their own level, they would be considered supreme-grade medicinal pills.

No top-grade pill could be found by chance, and every time a top-grade pill appeared, it would trigger a heaven and earth phenomenon.

Just like the current qi-gathering pill, it was only a first-grade earth-grade pill.

And now, this qi-gathering pill had completely surpassed the first-grade earth-grade, and had even reached the sixth-grade earth-grade!

Even more so.

Qian Yi felt that this qi-gathering pill had completely surpassed the sixth-grade category. Although it was only a sixth-grade pill, it could no longer be defined by rank!

At that moment, Qian Yi became curious about this energy gathering pill. She really wanted to know how powerful this energy gathering pill was!

Just as Qian Yi was about to reach out her hand, she seemed to hesitate for a moment.

She suddenly turned to look at Lin an and asked softly, "Lin an, do you want to learn alchemy from me?"

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