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30.08% Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate / Chapter 37: The Birth of the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron!

The Birth of the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron! - Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate - Chapter 37 by Langya Shu full book limited free

Chapter 37: The Birth of the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

The elder in charge was a little flustered as he casually said, "Lin An, the sect will arrange for the cultivation resources to be sent to Bixiao Peak in the future!"

Lin An nodded his head in satisfaction before striding out of the Treasure Pavilion.

During his time in the pavilion, Lin An had  browsed through the first and second floors.

He had scanned through all the information about the treasures in the pavilion without leaving anything out.

To Lin An, the treasure vault was now just an ordinary storage room.

There were no more valuable items for him to choose from.


On Bixiao Peak, in the bamboo forest, Qian Yi was sitting on a rocking chair, leisurely drinking her immortal tea.

In the past, Qian Yi didn't have the habit of drinking immortal tea during the day. At most, she would only take a sip.

After she had taken up Lin An to be her personal disciple, Qian Yi had taken up the practice, and she drank less alcohol during the day. 

She didn't realize that Lin An had changed some of her habits.

For cultivators, habits were formed after hundreds or even thousands of years.

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Once Qian Yi realized that she no longer drank during the day, she would definitely be shocked!

When she saw Lin An walking into the compound, Qian Yi raised her eyebrows.

"You're back? What rewards did you get?"

Qian Yi had never paid any attention to the items in the treasure vault.

To be more precise, she had never paid any attention to the entire Jiuxiao Sect.

Thus, for so many years, Qian Yi had never set foot into the Treasure Vault.

In the actual sense, Qian Yi didn't really care about what Lin An had brought back.

However, he was her only disciple, so she had a sense of duty towards him. Moreover, Lin An had always surprised Qian Yi in the past, so she thought he could do it again. 

Nevertheless, she did not have any high hopes about the rewards. 

After Lin An greeted his master, he took out a gray rhizome from his storage space.

"A black Wood-Dragon Rhizome? Isn't it four thousand years old? Does it have a wood dragon inside?"

The gray rhizome wasn't very eye-catching, but as soon as Qian Yi had seen it, she had been immediately attracted to it.

Despite her reputation among the other elders, Qian Yi was experienced and knowledgeable. No matter how ordinary an item looked, as long as it was valuable, Qian Yi would be able to distinguish it.

Just like the gray rhizome.

If it had been an ordinary cultivator, they wouldn't even be able to take a glance at it.

But after Qian Yi saw it, her expression suddenly lit up. 

"Good eyesight! Disciple, help me up!"

For immortal cultivators, standing up, especially for an almighty cultivator like Qian Yi, was a matter of will.

However, Qian Yi had already developed a reliance on Lin An. She now depended on her disciple for even the smallest of tasks.

Lin An approached Qian Yi's side and helped her up. 

"Master, I saw that there was a faint spiritual fluctuation from this root, and the Wu Shi Scripture rumbled, so I brought it back. What's so special about it?"

If it hadn't been for the success rate system, Lin An wouldn't have noticed that there was something special about the root. Therefore, he wouldn't have held onto it. 

"This is a black Wood-Dragon stem. The spirit herb has been around for 4,200 years, and it is a top-grade herb!

The reason it looks so ordinary is that there is a spirit within its stem! This leads to another situation! The black Wood Dragon's stem no longer has any usable value.

The value will all go to the Wood Dragon spirit within! So, disciple, what you need to do now is to think of a way to nurture this Wood Dragon! I will help you!"

After Qian Yi finished speaking, she turned and stared at Lin An with a meaningful look in her eyes.

Weren't there three treasures to choose from for the winner of the inner sect competition!

Qian Yi wondered what Lin An's two remaining two treasures would be. 

Would they bring her some kind of surprise?

Qian Yi was still in the dark, but after she had seen the black Wood Dragon, her interest had peaked. 

Such a level of medicinal herb with a soul was extremely rare, even for Qian Yi herself.

After putting away the stem, she looked at Lin An and asked,  "Disciple, what did you choose for the other rewards?"

"Master, I chose a divine cauldron. "

"A divine cauldron?" Qian Yi blinked as she tried to hide the look of disbelief that had involuntarily formed on her face. 

She thought that since Lin An was eager to refine pills, he had picked a medicinal cauldron!

However, Qian Yi was skeptical after she heard Lin An proclaim that he had obtained a divine cauldron!

Ten thousand years ago, a mysterious divine plant had appeared. At that time, all the alchemists had gathered the nineteen divine cauldrons in the world in an attempt to refine the divine plant.

But in the end, all the nineteen divine cauldrons had exploded. 

After that, they had gradually faded from the sight of the world. To Qian Yi's knowledge, only the Myriad Medicine Divine Tower had a Rubik's Cube Cauldron, and it was ranked ninth among the divine cauldrons!

As for the others, Qian Yi had only heard stories about their existence. 

She had heard about a legendary divine Dragon Cauldron that was apparently stored in the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm!

Unfortunately, because of the rules, even Qian Yi couldn't enter the secret realm. Even though the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm was usually opened after every one hundred years, Qian Yi had been unable to confirm the news.

When she thought about it, Qian Yi smiled slightly. Her disciple was too impatient!

Lin An actually thought that he had chosen a divine cauldron. 

However, in the next breath, Qian Yi's brows were completely relaxed, and her eyes lit up in surprise. 

"A Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron!"

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