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29.26% Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate / Chapter 36: The Fragment of the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm!

The Fragment of the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm! - Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate - Chapter 36 by Langya Shu full book limited free

Chapter 36: The Fragment of the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

The extreme fire fragment in front of Lin An looked like a black iron plate.

In terms of shape, it seemed to be the tip of a wholly activated fragment.

Several letters were still vaguely visible under the black rust. However, no one knew what they meant.

The letters made the disciples present feel a trace of Dao rhythm.

Over the past few years, the elders in the Jiuxiao Sect had placed many unfathomable objects in the Treasure Pavilion. As for when and how they were obtained, it didn't matter. At that moment, there was no record of the treasure in front of Lin An. 

Perhaps, it was something that an elder had collected by chance during his training.

Or perhaps, it had been a disciple who had obtained the treasure by accident.

As he looked at the fragment, Lin An focused on the system's analysis. 

"This extreme fire fragment is corroded. It is the key to the Zhu Room of the Sacred Dragon Mystical Realm. The current probability of the host repairing it is 1%. However, if you use the Xiuyu grass and the Lily of the Valley roots, you can wash away the corroded part. The repair rate will be 100%!"

At first glance, the piece of metal seemed to contain some information. However, it needed to be repaired. 

Lin An didn't know what kind of existence the Sacred Dragon Mystical Realm was.

Once he returned to Bixiao Peak, he would consult his master.

As for the metal itself, Lin An had no information about its true value. 

He would have to wash away the corroded parts in order to learn some additional details. 

Naturally, the metal plate was Lin An's final reward.

When they saw that Lin An had chosen the ordinary piece of metal, all the inner sect disciples present were overjoyed.

They felt that Lin An's taste was terrible!

Up until that moment, none of the disciples had criticized Lin An's strength and talent since he had already defeated two geniuses and reached the peak of the inner sect competition!

As for his taste, the disciples felt that Lin An simply wasn't sophisticated. 

If it had been any other disciple from the other main peaks, wouldn't they have performed better than Lin An? 

The other main peaks were all well taken care of by the respective elders and their disciples.

As for Bixiao Peak, the entire mountain was overgrown with weeds. There weren't any buildings at all, and no child was assigned to sweep the compound.

That was enough to prove that Qian Yi was unqualified to be the Bixiao Peak master. 

And now, Lin An had arrived at the Treasure Pavilion by himself to pick his rewards. 

Of his three choices, one treasure was a gray grass root. It was no different from the tree roots that were casually dug out from the wild mountains!

The second treasure that Lin An had chosen was a tattered cauldron. Compared to the Golden Treasure Cauldron, it was a thousand miles away!

The last treasure that he had chosen was the black metal plate in front of him.

The disciples felt that Lin An had chosen the three treasures because Qian Yi hadn't accompanied him to the Treasure Pavilion. In the end, they concluded that Lin An's poor taste was the principal reason he had picked the unimpressive treasures. 

There was a look of sympathy in their eyes as they stared at Lin An. However, there was also a feeling of heartache.

If it were any other person, would the glorious rewards in the Treasure Pavilion have escaped their eyes?

Some inner sect disciples could not help but sigh. 

The elder in charge was also a little dumbfounded.

Even though he was an important manager in the Jiuxiao Sect, he only knew a few details about the mystery of the piece of metal.

It had been linked to a legendary mystic realm called the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm!

It was said that the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm was the place where the Holy Dragon Lord had died. It was about eight hundred miles south of the Jiuxiao Sect. The mystic realm would open once every one hundred  years.

For thousands of years, no faction within the Jiuaxiao Sect had entered it.

The elder in charge had once visited the mystic realm a few hundred years ago. However, since he had not entered the second level of cultivation, he was forcefully excluded from the mystic realm.

Since then, the elder in charge had become obsessed with the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm. 

After seeing the black piece of metal, the elder in charge had gnashed his teeth in anger!

He had abandoned his dream of entering the sacred realm. Instead, he had become an alchemist, and his status had been immediately elevated.

However, during his journey to the mystic realm, the elder in charge had seen some foreign words written at the entrance of the realm. The letters were exactly the same as those on the piece of metal!

The elder in charge had therefore guessed that the piece of metal was closely related to the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm!

Unfortunately, he had lost the right to enter the secret realm because of his elevated status within the Jiuxiao Sect.

But now, Lin An had chosen that piece of metal. This had made the elder in charge recall his past!

Could it be that Lin An knew the secret of the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm?

Or had he chosen the piece of metal by accident?

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However, there had been so many treasures shining in front of Lin An. Why had he picked an ordinary-looking piece of metal? It simply didn't make any sense!

When he thought about it, the elder in charge concluded that Lin An must have had information about the sacred realm. 

He had also chosen the mysterious medicinal cauldron. 

How many mighty figures of the Jiuxiao Sect had stopped in front of the medicinal cauldron in the past? Now, Lin An seemed to have outsmarted them all. 

He had secured all the mysterious secret treasures that others had found useless. 

'Who exactly is Lin An?' The elder in charge wondered. 

Could it be that Lin An had received orders from Qian Yi to pick the treasures because she wouldn't have been allowed to make such a bold move?

It was very likely!

There were only two months left before the legendary Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm opened.

The elder in charge resolved that he would observe Lin An and Qian Yi's every move carefully!

With a flip of his hand, Lin An stored the extreme fire fragment into the system's space.

The elder in charge had an unsatisfied expression as he crossed out the information of the metal fragment from his record book. The treasure would henceforth belong to Lin An. 

He packed up everything and looked at the elder in charge as he asked, "Senior Elder, where can I collect the cultivation resources entitled to the winner of the Jiuxiao Sect's competition?"

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