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30.89% Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate / Chapter 38: The Joyous Qian Yi!

The Joyous Qian Yi! - Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate - Chapter 38 by Langya Shu full book limited free

Chapter 38: The Joyous Qian Yi!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

A huge three-legged cauldron immediately appeared in front of Qian Yi after Lin An summoned it from the system's storage. 

A purplish-red stream of light flowed out of the dark green cauldron.

If it wasn't for the purplish-red stream of light, Qian Yi wouldn't have confirmed that it was the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron.

Abruptly, her breathing quickened. However, it wasn't because she was in disbelief. 

It was because she was an alchemist. 

She had yearned to possess a divine cauldron in the past, and now, the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron had truly appeared before her eyes. How could she not be shocked?

It was something that she had dreamed about for a long time.

At that moment, the appearance of the divine cauldron in front of her felt like a dream.

It was ranked as the thirteenth best cauldron in the divine cauldron rankings!

"It really is the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron! Disciple, I am envious of your luck!"

Qian Yi couldn't hide her surprise. No one would have thought that Lin An would obtain a divine cauldron after entering the Jiuxiao Sect's treasury!

Although the Jiuxiao Sect had been established for ten thousand years, it could only be considered a sect in the pugilistic world to the various major factions on the Cangyun Continent!

What good things could survive in the sect?

It was an ugly existence. 

However, Lin An had entered the Treasure Pavilion and found a four-thousand-year-old black Wood-Dragon stem!

And now, he had actually produced a divine cauldron.

Even though the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron's body was covered in cracks, and it looked as if it would shatter with a touch, its origin was clear to Qian Yi. She also knew that it could be repaired!

The divine cauldron was capable of being a spiritual object between heaven and earth!

Therefore, as long as heaven and earth could repair it, the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron could return to its original state. 

Qian Yi knew the secret. If one possessed extreme fire, the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron could return to its former glory!

The extreme fire was the strongest fire that existed in the heaven and earth realms. However, its existence was as rare as the divine cauldron.

From Qian Yi's point of view, the Black-and-White Ashen Flames that Lin An had cultivated possessed a trace of the extreme fire's characteristics. If he improved on his technique, he could turn the Black and White Ashen Flames into a pseudo extreme fire.

Although it couldn't compare to the true extreme fire that existed in the heaven and earth realms, it would still possess a trace of the extreme fire's power!

However, there was one stumbling block. The Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron's nature was defined as feminine. Just like men and women, the divine cauldrons were also divided into genders.

Qian Yi feared that the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron wouldn't be compatible with Lin An. 

But even so, he was still much stronger than the other ordinary disciples.

Even though she was Lin An's master, Qian Yi couldn't help him repair the cauldron!

After she told him about the origins of the divine cauldron, Lin An was in awe of his master's vast knowledge. Suddenly, a string of characters appeared before his eyes.

"The Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron is a maternal divine cauldron, and it is not compatible with men. If you maintain it in your possession, your success rate of repairing it will be 20%! However, if you gift it to Qian Yi, the rate will increase to 100%!"

After he learned about the success rate, Lin An was shocked. 

Of course, he didn't have any qualms about gifting the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron to Qian Yi.

However, he didn't know whether she would accept it. 

In Lin An's view, if the divine cauldron remained in his hands, it would be a pure waste!

He immediately looked at Qian Yi and said, "Master, during my trip to the Treasure Pavilion, I wanted to choose a gift for you! Please accept this Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron and treat it as a sign of my respect..."

When she heard this, Qian Yi frowned and gestured for Lin An to stop speaking. 

The divine cauldron was a  secret treasure that hadn't appeared for tens of thousands of years!

It would attract the attention of all the alchemists in the world, and she knew they were even willing to fight to get their hands on it. 

How could Lin An give it away?

Didn't he understand the importance of the divine cauldron?

Qian Yi had no reason to take away his reward!

Even though the reward didn't suit Lin An.

Despite Lin An's intention of gifting him the treasure, Qian Yi wouldn't be willing to accept it unless they got another divine cauldron!

But, was it possible?

Qian Yi quickly changed the topic.

"Disciple, place the black Wood-Dragon stem into the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron. Since the cauldron gets its powers from the heaven and earth realms, it can increase the efficiency of refining medicine and strengthen the ingredients in the cauldron. The divine cauldron is a good place to nurture the Wood Dragon stem!

Before long, the Wood Dragon spirit will emerge from the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron with the help of the medicine and become an actual living body!"

When he realized that Qian Yi had no intention of accepting the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron, Lin An was disappointed. 

Without a doubt, his master had set her mind on maintaining the status quo in their relationship. She would not accept her disciple's treasure, even if it was a divine cauldron that many alchemists coveted. 

Secondly, if Lin An could not give away the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron, his chances of repairing it were low. 

How would he convince Qian Yi?

After weighing his options, Lin An threw the gray rhizome into the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron. He would wait for another opportunity to convince Qian Yi. 

The black Wood-Dragon stem floated in the divine cauldron. After a few ripples, it fell into silence.

Lin An stored the Purple Abyss Divine Cauldron in the system's storage space and took out his third treasure. 

"Master, I have another reward from my trip!"


Qian Yi looked at Lin An as a complicated feeling overwhelmed her heart.

Could it be that her disciple was the Son of Fate?

The first two items had already amazed Qian Yi. 

Now, what would the third item be?

Could it be another treasure from the heaven and earth realms?

However, Qian Yi was also prepared. Even if Lin An took out a piece of worthless treasure, she wouldn't blame him. On the contrary, she would feel more at ease.

However, with a flip of Lin An's hand, a piece of black metal appeared. 

There didn't seem to be anything special about it.

However, Qian Yi hesitated as she examined it.

Lin An seemed to be on a collision course with the ordinary-looking piece of metal.

He had already obtained a four-thousand-year-old herb, as well as a divine medicinal cauldron. 

Therefore, there  had to be something fishy about the metal plate in Lin An's hand.

Suddenly, Qian Yi saw the words on the black metal plate, and her heart turned into a state of turmoil.

'These aren't the words of this world!'

Instead, the words belonged to the upper realm from which Qian Yi had originated from!

At that moment, her spiritual sense completely erupted and gathered towards the metal sheet!

Lin An felt as if the entire sky had collapsed!

He had never experienced such kind of power. 

It was the first time that Qian Yi had used her full strength. Even though it was only in a spiritual sense, to Lin An, her power was enough to kill ten thousand men!

He hadn't expected his master to be so powerful.

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Qian Yi's spiritual sense swept across the metal sheet, and her mind kept reading the foreign words, not wanting to finish them.

After some time, Qian Yi withdrew her spiritual sense, and her eyes were completely filled with elation.

She couldn't help but hug Lin An as she said excitedly, "Disciple! I have news about another divine cauldron and the extreme fire! We can find them all in the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm!"

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