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96.62% Immortal Ice Empress: Path to Vengeance / Chapter 143: The Devil Heroine

The Devil Heroine - Immortal Ice Empress: Path to Vengeance - Chapter 143 by Dreyerboys full book limited free

Chapter 143: The Devil Heroine

While Mira was enjoying the scenery, the Sect Elders had just finished cleaning up the rest of the Soul Devouring Sect.

"What are we going to do about your disciple, Sect Master Jane? I'm grateful that she was able to contribute so much, but don't you think she's a bit too dangerous? What if she does exactly what those people from the Soul Devouring Sect did and wage war? Wouldn't it just be a massacre?" The Sect Master of the Immortal Sword Sect asked.

"Sect Master Axton, I know where you're coming from, but from what I've gathered about Mira, she isn't like that. She usually just likes to be alone and unless there is a reason for her to interact with people, she won't do it. The only thing she cares about is training." Sect Master Jane tried to explain, but this didn't make the other people feel much better.

"It's not that we don't appreciate her help in this endeavor, I just think this topic needs to be talked about. I mean, how many teenagers have you met who have the amount of bloodlust that she does? None, right? How many has she killed? Hundreds of thousands? Millions? Tens of millions? We can also add on hundreds of thousands more after this battle today. There's absolutely no way she's just a little girl." The Sect Master from the 8 Profound Elements Sect said.

"It's also highly probable that she's not even from around here. If there was someone who went around the continent slaughtering millions of people, there would be news about it and they would surely be hunted down even to the ends of the earth. She might be from another continent who snuck over here." The Sect Master from the Divine Beast Sect said, but internally he was thinking about a way to snatch Rhydian from Mira. He's never seen such an amazing Magical Beast before and it would be such a waste for it to lay in Mira's hands. Right now he just wanted to muddle the waters a bit.

"That's enough! You can speculate all you want, but at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. She not only saved us but millions of people living in the city. She also single-handedly brought an end to the Soul Devouring Sect, a Sect that killed tens of millions of people and even reared villages like cattle, back in their prime. You lot should know how to be grateful rather than trying to bite the hand that fed you. You might not know, but her pet even made me tremble a bit. I bet many of you won't even last 5 minutes with such a creature before you explode into a million pieces." The City Lord said in an authoritative voice.

Everyone shut up when they heard what the City Lord said.

"You're right City Lord. Right now, we have should be grateful for her saving the city and our disciples along with it. I think we should certainly be nice knowing her character as we might just end up dead if she senses any MALICE or ILL-INTENT from us." One of the Elven Sect Masters tried to emphasize those two words as it wouldn't exactly be good of them to try anything funny towards someone who can slaughter an army all by herself.

Everyone nodded at his suggestion and put any ulterior motives to the back of their head. These ulterior motives aren't founded by greed, anger, or lust but rather fear. A person like Mira, once she reaches the Core Formation Realm, will be an utterly terrifying existence! There wouldn't be a single person amongst them who could stop her! Even if all of them were to gather together, all Mira would need to do is call her wolf over and at that point, all they could do is die. They wouldn't even have the chance to run away.

This is why these Sect Masters were so afraid. If the current Mira gave them the chills, then a future Mira would leave them in constant fright.


Maria, the Devil Empress Army, the disciples, and even warriors of the city have now finished cleaning up the battlefield and started making their way towards the city.

Even though they only fought a fraction of the army and the enemy's morale had plummeted, it was still a hard fight for them.

Many of them were injured and some of them were severely injured, to the point that they were currently on death's door. But the fighters all banded together and decided to help each other out. This teamwork and selflessness allowed for very minimal deaths on their side which made everyone extremely happy.

But they could only be this happy because of the person who single-handedly took out 90% of the army, even if she did get some help from her little wolf.

If Mira wasn't here then at best, the death toll would be in the hundreds of thousands, and at worst, the city would've fallen and the residents were eradicated.

As they walked back, they all saw Mira looking at the battlefield with cold and indifferent eyes which made them shiver a bit.

None of them even got a chance to appreciate her beauty as her face and hair was died red. This accompanied by her wine-red eyes really made her look like the Devil.

Mira didn't even spare them a glance as she stared at the scene before her. War is something that she is all too familiar with, but now she can truly appreciate the beauty of it.

Maria and the Devil Empress Army all approached her, but when they saw that Mira didn't even look at them either, they decided to sit next to her and rest.

They were also covered in blood and wounds. As soon as they hit the ground, their eyes started becoming heavy as a wave of drowsiness hit them.

Their mental states were churning right now as this was their first war, an especially brutal war. They saw bodies cut into tiny pieces, bodies that exploded, headless bodies and bodiless heads, people that were bisected in half but were still alive left to suffer and blood, endless amounts of blood.

The bodies of the enemy littered the ground and they looked like small hills as blood and limbs fell down them.

The women began to treat their wounds with rejuvenation pills and wrapped them in bandages. The only thing on their minds right now was to go to sleep.

Maria looked at the scene before her and many thoughts ran through her head, but at the end of it all, she could only sigh. She knew Mira wasn't a good person and had already steeled her mind to it. She's come to terms with killing, but this kind of killing really left a bitter taste in her mouth. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

They barely even fought back towards the end but were still ruthlessly killed. There was only one thought playing through her head at that time and it was something that Mira often says to her. 'If you kill then you should be ready to be killed.'

'Mira's right. If she wasn't here then these people would've ended up destroying the city and everyone else along with it. I can't pity them just because we were on the winning side.' Maria thought and let out another sigh.

After half an hour, Mira finally let out a light sigh and turned to look at the women around her. She nodded internally and was satisfied with the results of the battle.

Mira then reached out and grabbed Maria's shoulder. Maria looked at her with a confused face and Mira just patted her shoulder and nodded before looking at the rest of the women.

"It seems you lot haven't slacked off in your training since you came to the city. If it weren't for all of the hard work you put into your training and teamwork, the results of today's battle might've been much different... Well, unless I didn't intervene. Even with me taking part in this war, you lot should hold your heads up high since you were able to survive your first war. But remember, more eyes will be on you now as you also made large contributions to the war. Only with hard work, strength, and wits will you then be allowed to survive in this world. Congratulations." Mira said flatly, but this speech sobered everyone up real quick. They all almost had tears in their eyes when they heard Mira's words. Mira's finally proud of us!

After taking a while to calm down, Alicia was the first to speak up.

"Thank you, Miss Mira, but if it weren't for your teachings we would've already died many times over. We owe you our lives several times over for all that you've done for us and I speak for everyone here when I say that you have our utmost loyalty and respect! You only need to say the word and we will be at your beck and call!" Alicia announced as she kneeled while letting out tears.

The rest of them did the same as they truly felt like making a deal with the devil back then was the best choice they've ever made!

Mira just nodded then let them get back to recovering from their wounds.

Not long after that, Sect Master Jane, the City Lord, and a few other Sect Masters all walked up to Mira.

"Hello, Mira. You really surprised me during the war earlier! I never would've thought you'd be so fierce and personally wipe-out almost the entire army and even have your beast companion tear through their upper ranks as well. Your contributions to the war are so big that it wouldn't be a lie to say that we won because of you. Therefore, we'd like you to follow us so we can present you with a reward and a title of Hero for your contributions!" Sect Master Jane spoke up first so the others wouldn't say anything stupid.

"Hero, huh. Heh." Mira let out a dry chuckle as she got up, put Dominique on her back, and carried Rhydian and followed them.

The others also thought it was funny. The Devil getting the title of Hero? What a joke!

They watched as a blood-soaked Mira walked towards the various Elders and couldn't help but snicker. Even if she did save everyone, there is no way she did it out of the kindness of her heart. The most likely reason is to train the people following her. Another reason would be to gather food for Rhydian and Vulcan and the last reason would be because she's bored. Mira is the farthest a person can get from being a hero!

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