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Chapter 15: Chapter 15

Arriving at this point where everything seemed so irrelevant, humanity itself was hard to keep. Everything was defined by the oaths taken and the principals that defined your very being because without them there was no reason to do all this.

Naruto understood that interacting with people and having fun was needed or else he would lose himself because life in his eyes was now different.

He could only remember it through others because he didn't remember it anymore.

People could be brought back if he wanted, time could be turned backward so life seem to have lost the consequences most of the time.

The cost of bringing people back to life was heavy but something that Naruto could take on a small scale.

But he kept it under control as life without the danger of death is incomplete.

He didn't want to forget the threat of death and become careless like the Otsutsuki that didn't even realize what they were getting into when they fought him.

It was the reason Kurama was being so hyperactive because a boring life would lead to losing all colors and he would go back to sleeping.

"This is the life" Kurama roared as he hit Sentry with his claw sending him crashing through the moon while turning to Juggernaught and unleashing a beam even bigger than before

Around the beam floated a magical circle with unique words that changed the property of the attack itself.

Kurama had decided to become serious and gave his attack the property of anti regen and destruction.

Anti-regen stopped any kind of regeneration of the target while destruction was a conceptual attack that destroyed anything it touched.

Obviously it depended on how far you went into this concept itself and both Naruto and Kurama were just touching the elementary level.

The beam was fast and large that it was impossible to dodge. It erased everything that came in the way, air, light, land.

Carving a huge rift on the planet it crashed into Cain as he rushed towards Kurama, the beam clashed with the invincibility.

Kurama growled and focused on Cain unleashing more power and he could see it now, "More more"

His focus on Cain and Sentry flew towards him and his tails clashed with the man.

Sentry was surprised at how good this monster was as a fighter.

He was literally focused on another person while the tails kept him busy.

He had never thought a monster could fight so skillfully.

But the unstoppable force was still beyond his level and Kurama felt him crash against his body, making a hole in his leg.

"How do you like that?" Cain roared as he went past Kurama and kept on running as his speed increased

Kurama was impressed by the power of the immortal monster behind the human and turned to Sentry.

"Sorry, I kept you waiting. Let's have a fun battle." Kurama said with a smile as he was done with Cain, there was nothing fun about hitting something that wasn't going to feel it

'You can end him now.' Kurama heard and aimed a beam towards Cain

Naruto had cancelled the connection for a moment and in that moment Kurama's attack erased him from existence.

Naruto had judged him unworthy as he held no regrets for all his evil acts. He was someone filled with arrogance and looked down on others.

He intended to run through the city towards Charles without any hesitation while knowing million would lose their lives.

Such despicable beings could never be allowed to roam the world.

Cain was just lucky that Naruto believed in swift and painless death or he would have experienced something worse than death as it was within his capabilities.

Darkness was one of the domains he had entered and it was all about mind breaking.

Sentry was shocked at what happened as even he couldn't break Juggernaught but the monster had just erased him.

'What kind of monster is this? Such magical powers to even cancel out Cyttorak's powers.'

Sentry quickly reacted moving aside as beams appeared around him and chased after him, he was worried that they might affect his body as well.

'I can't keep on running like this.' Sentry decided to risk it and let one hit his left while unleashing a beam attack at Kurama

Fortunately it wasn't the eraser type so he was only sent crashing back and hit by all of them beams while Kurama was sent crashing into the planet's core.

All of his clothes were burnt from the damage dealt but he was sill fine.

Clearing his head, Sentry was about to get into the fight when he a claw hit from the back.

'What kind of match is this?' Sentry realized that his foe could appear anywhere without a sound or clue

The foe was nowhere to be seen but he had been attacked from the back.

'Is he still down there?' Sentry thought as he rushed towards the core of the planet at full speed as he didn't have to worry about this destruction

But when he got there, Sentry didn't see any sign of the enemy but heard his voice.

"Never walk into the darkness without light" Kurama's voice teased as Sentry found himself in the middle of mine field

The planet exploded along with many compressed balls of energy that were waiting for him. They had been invisible and he only saw them when they exploded.

If that wasn't enough, he was hit by a beam from four directions that kept him within the explosive field.

"ENOUGH" Sentry roared as his anger had reached a boiling point at being manhandled and the darkness within his mind started leaking

'Kill it, kill it, how dare it do this to us.'

Those sweat whispers mixed with this anger and Sentry broke through the attacks with damage all across his body.

His bones were broken and he was bleeding from the inside, the attacks had been too much and if he hadn't pushed through it would have taken him out.

The body healed instantly and he focused his Psionic powers that were barely needed most of the time. The enemy was making him work unlike others where his physical prowess was enough.

"There" Sentry grinded his teeth as he controlled light and launched it towards Kurama who had been hiding in the darkness

"You found me" Kurama said in an amused tone as the attack passed through him as he became intangible

"But can you really defeat me" Kurama grinned as this foe was what he needed

"Ah, I am feeling so good." With those words, Sentry saw his foe transform into a human shape and size


Seeing the form, he now knew his enemy.

"No, I am his brother. Come on Sentry, enjoy this fight. Holding back is bad for health. You are mentally messed up already because of this and you haven't tried fixing it.

Everyone needs a release once in a while so let it go and enjoy. There are no consequences, just fun." Kurama invited him

Sentry glared at him but he understood what he was talking about as he had been having trouble these days.

His mental health was unstable and his powers were a danger to everyone.

There was evil within him and he was afraid that he would end up killing everyone.

He didn't know the source of this problem but it just happened and the only way to solve the problem had been to erase everyone's memory of Sentry.

Sentry to start anew as he was forced to act again, he had even forgotten himself and lived a normal life for some time.

Now that his name was well known again the problem was rising again and this solution wasn't enough anymore.

It was the source of his daily stress but this person is saying that it was because he held back it formed. It was his fault that it happened.

How could that be?

That monster inside of him had killed millions and would kill more if released.

"You know nothing of my suffering so keep out of it and let me out of here."

"No" Kurama grinned challengingly


The battle was raging between the two titans that could shake the solar system with their battle. It wasn't a very good battle in terms of skill as the foe was an amateur fighter but he seemed to be adapting throughout the battle.

His powers were shining throughout this fight and showing how much he could handle but the gap couldn't be closed so fast.

Sentry was superior in power but he was manhandled throughout because of his lack of fighting skills and the power over space as Kurama would always become intangible to mess with him.

Naruto watched the fight with interest while the Avengers also joined in the show as he allowed them to watch what was happening to their friend.

Rogue had arrived back home so he brought her to the platform to join them as she might end up feeling lonely, and he was very intimate with that problem.

Arriving in the air, Rogue was surprised but she didn't get scared of the height as she the platform wasn't see through and Naruto's presence calmed her heart.

Even though her new powers allowed her to survive such a fall without any problem, she wasn't used to it yet and would need experience with flight and such.

Moving on from her observations, Rogue found Mystique huddled in a corner not giving her glance and Naruto with his head on Hinata's thighs.

He was sleeping with a comfortable expression. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"How have you been Rogue?" Hinata asked as she looked at the new arrival

"It has been very good but what is going on?"

"We are on a date watching a movie, want to join?" Naruto asked as he turned his head

Rogue looked at the screen and saw Kurama fighting Sentry, "Are we in trouble?"

"Nah, it's a friendly spar."

"Doesn't look very friendly to me. He looks about done with this and wants to tear Kurama to pieces."

"That's the beauty to battle so anything fun happen."

"Naruto, I fought some villains and won." Rogue muttered with pride and bumped her chest

He turned around and smiled, "Wonderful, I hope you didn't get hurt."

"No, they were so slow that I could never get hit." Rogue was happy that Naruto said something positive as she had seen he was not someone that gave complements

'Maybe he is in a good mood or…no, let's not go there.'

"I see you must be itching to get into action after having gotten your powers. How would you like it if I designed missions for you, like I did for my other students?" Naruto asked as he indicated for her to sit beside him

Rogue looked at his expressions; she was filled with joy as he was treating her very well and followed his command

"I would love to; of course if it doesn't disturb you." Rogue replied and held back as she looked down, she wasn't used to feeling such emotions or showing them to others so it was very embarrassing and it made her feel awkward

'Maybe he thinks I am a weirdo? I hope I don't look like a mess.'

"Heh, I would never find it a burden. It is one of the things that I find enjoyment with." Naruto said as he patted her head, he was acting like he used to with Moegi his first female student

'Are you intending to play with her dear? You should be careful if you don't want to take her in.' Hinata asked him and reminded him how it had gone with many other girls

He had slept with many girls even though he had Hinata, not because he liked cheating or anything. Hinata already knew about it since it started from there.

Naruto was someone very pure, he had never even masturbated. He was perverted according to others but he only did those acts because he found them funny.

His first time was with Hinata at the age of 19, they had dated for two years before he even did the deed because he wasn't someone that cared about sexual acts.

Love was a pure emotion to him and sex wasn't needed.

The moment he slept with Hinata, a dam was broken inside and his lust was ignited. He couldn't control himself at all, the desire burnt him from the inside and he was drunk on it.

Hinata was almost broken on that day if Sasuke hadn't tried to stop him as he had noticed that Naruto hadn't come out in the morning for his routine.

A battle had taken place to calm him down and Naruto ended up sleeping with other girls to finally cool down completely.

Of course he learnt from this and has more control now but he ended up sleeping up with Moegi, Hanabi, Ino, Tsunade and many other girls for different reasons.

Love wasn't involved from his side as he thought of them as family or friends but it just happened in the heat of the moment for him.

Some of them just straight up blackmailed him into it, saying they will move on if they had their first time with him. It was the case of Moegi and Hanabi.

But Naruto wouldn't blame others for it because he enjoyed it, he enjoyed the attention of beautiful girls and he enjoyed sex.

Just because of could control, didn't meant that he didn't feel the raging desire when he unlocked it for when he was with Hinata.

For the sake of saving Hinata from a very bad end and enjoying life properly, Naruto slept with other girls on a daily basis to relieve his stress.

It was just a sexual relationship with the other girls in the start but ended up becoming something more and now he was stuck with more girls than he had ever thought about.

He just couldn't allow such an impure relationship as it was a travesty of his beliefs.

Naruto accepted them and the world knew about it. It wasn't a big problem since all rulers had a harem and such.

This gave Hinata more female friends to bond with in a true sense and made their sexual life balanced as Naruto wouldn't break her by mistake.

Now that they were in another world, she was the only one available to him and it got dangerous if they wanted to liven up their night life.

'You know I would never think of those things.'

'I know that's why I am reminding you of the affect your words and actions have on others. Just because I am by your side, doesn't mean some courageous girls won't make a move because of your vague actions.'

'But I am acting naturally and you know how I hate acting against my nature.'

'She will fall for you if you go on like this.'

'Meh, I don't mind. Everyone has a crush once or twice and has to move on. That's just life.'

With a single touch, Naruto could bring pleasure to a person beyond their limits so imagine a whole day with such a being that keep on providing you with energy.

"I will not disappoint!" Rogue said as she enjoyed his touch, it was just the environment that made her feel so positive

It was the result of Naruto feeling happy and affecting things around him in a good way.

'Did you have female students before?' Rogue wanted to ask but kept it inside her heart as she knew he most likely had and slept around before since he was so old and he looked very good looking

Naruto didn't answer those things as he knew she would feel awkward with a direct answer from his mouth, something were better left unsaid.


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