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70.58% Immortality in MHA / Chapter 11: Chapter 11 - The Girls

Chapter 11 - The Girls - Immortality in MHA - Chapter 11 by The_Big_B0ne_Daddy full book limited free

Chapter 11: Chapter 11 - The Girls

It took them 15 minutes for them to calm down, Styxx wondered how they hadn't dried out yet with all the tears they shed.

"Have you calmed down?" Styxx asked putting on a new pair of sunglasses,


Styxx got three nods of confirmation, looking up at him, he felt their faces were very ugly at this moment, snot running down their face and streaks of tears that cut through the grime and dirt on their face.

"What are your names?"

"Cat!" announced the cat girl who continued to wipe her face, snot getting all over her hands.

"Dog!" said the dog girl,

"Bun-" started to say the bunny girl,

"Stop! I get it, you don't have any names…" said Styxx interrupting the bunny girl.

Styxx for the first time really looked at the girls in front of him. The girls were covered in dirt from head to toe, their hair looking like bird nests for a long time without being upkept.

He looked at the dog girl first. The dirt-covered what appeared to be a dark blue colored hair that reached her hips, though the ears were of the same color and from a canine, it looked more like wolf ears than a dog's, they were longer and pointier. The little girl also had two different color eyes; one was icy blue while the other was a darker blue color. Her canines, along with the rest of her teeth, were on the sharper side.

Styxx then pointed his finger at the wolf girl.

"Fenrir," Styxx stated,

Fenrir was shocked before she started to cry again. She was not expecting Styxx to give them new names at all.

Styxx then turned to the other little girl, who now had tears in her eyes again looking at him hopefully.

The catgirl had black hair along with black cat ears, her hair reached her mid-back and looked uneven, it showed signs that it was cut haphazardly. Her irises were a golden girl while her pupils were vertical slits like a feline.

"Bastet," Styxx said,

Bastet whispered her name, trying to engrave it into her mind. Her smile widened the more her name escaped her lips.

Last but not least, the older of three looked at Styxx when he turned to look at her.

He scanned her from head to toe, causing a small blush on the bunny girl's cheeks. Her hair was currently brown but Styxx could tell that her hair was originally a snow-white color, the same color as her bunny ears.

She was different than the other two animal girls though, her hands and feet were covered in fur, even though she kept her human physiology. Her eyes were a light pink and while her pupils were also in vertical slits like Bastet but not to the same extent, just slightly oval-shaped.

Her height was something that separated her from getting compared to Mirko, the Rabbit Hero. The girl in front of her stood at 182 cm, almost the same height as Eraserhead and half a foot shorter than him, that's if you didn't count the long ears on top of her head.

"Tara," Styxx said,

"From now on, those are your names, you can use my surname if needed but you can give yourselves one if you so wish,"

Styxx then proceeded to cut the air, creating a black vortex and reaching inside. He wanted to get the girls out of those potato sacks they called clothes. The girls sat wide-eyed as he pulled three dresses that matched the color of their hair and eyes.

Seeing the look they had that wondered why he had dresses in the first, he answered, Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"This isn't my first rodeo, I have saved naked people before," Styxx said as he reached out with the dresses.

The girls didn't reach their hands out, instead look like they were hesitating.

"What? Not your style? I have other kinds if you want other options…" Styxx said,

They shook their heads hearing Styxx's words.

"Is not that, nya…" Said Bastet nervously,

"We've never wore real clothes before, and we are so dirty…" Said Tara depressingly.

"Oh, right," Styxx said,

"Here you go,"

Styxx then raised his hand, the humidity in the air then started to gather above his hand until it was the size of a giant boulder. It slowly then moved, and it positioned itself above the girls.

"Wow~" Exclaimed the trio,


A small black fireball the size of a marble flew out of Styxx's mouth and penetrated the giant water ball, positioning itself right in the middle. In seconds the water began to steam from the heat of the black fire.

"There you go," Styxx said,

"You can take a shower now,"

Styxx then pulled out a shampoo bottle and some soap for the girls then handed it to Tara.

"Yayyy~! Shower!" squealed Fenrir happily,

Then Styxx sat down again and waited for the girls to finish. But, the girls didn't move.

"… Is there something else?" Asked Styxx,

Tara was blushing furiously while the girls hid behind her,

"Are you going to watch us?..." Tara asked a little disgruntled,


"Oh, right!" Styxx said,

Styxx smacked the ground and four rock walls rose from the ground behind the three girls. It stopped rising just a little higher than the bunny ears on top of Tara. It had a small doorway for them to enter. He then moved the water ball over the small room he made.

The girls then turned around to enter the makeshift bathroom but Styxx stopped them.

"Wait!" Styxx exclaimed, his eyes narrowed when he noticed something.

"Your tails…"

Styxx noticed that the tails of the three girls were cut short almost to the base, there were nothing but nubs. He only noticed it now since he never seen them from the back.

"They cut them, nya… they said it got in the way and that they were ugly, nya…" said Bastet tearfully,

The girls looked down; they were worried that Styxx wouldn't want them anymore since their tails were crippled. Styxx stood up and walked before them.

But instead of words of disgust and driving them off, he said something completely unexpected to them.

"I guess I should've healed you first… this might sting a bit, so don't worry too much and just hold on," Styxx said,

The girls looked up at the same time, only to be met with Styxx's finger that was glowing green tapping them on the forehead. The green glow enveloped them before yelps of pain echoed through the forest.

"Awwoooo!" howled Fenrir,

"Hisss!" hissed Bastet,

"Ahhhh!" exclaimed Tara,

Slowly the bodies of the three girls were being healed, years of abuse and unhealed injuries were being undone. The three girls felt their tails regenerating in front of their eyes.

Fenrir had a long bushy tail that matched the color of her hair. Bastet's long sleek tail matched a black cat. While Tara, her tail was small and bushy like a ball of fur, out of the three she felt less pain from her tail regrowing than the other two.

"Now you're good as new," Said Styxx,

"Now go take showers, we still have to walk some ways before getting home,"

The girls nodded absentmindedly as they watched Styxx walk back and take a seat on the ground. The word 'Home' plucking at their heartstrings as they walked into the showers, the wall closing behind them for privacy.

"Just tap the bubble and water will be released," Said Styxx to the girls from behind the wall.

Just as he said that, Fenrir jumped up smiling and smacked the bubble. Water burst out like a firehose quickly filling the small room with water, at this rate it will turn in to a pool rather than a shower,

"Hiss~" Bastet hissed at Fenrir,

"Fenrir!" Berated Tara,

"Sorry!" Apologized Fenrir as water kept smacking them in the face,

Styxx rolled his eyes before stopping the water flow and making small holes at the bottom of the walls draining the water away towards the forest.

"Only Tara touches the water bubble," said Styxx,

"Yes!" Responded the girls from inside the walls.


I've been getting a lot of 'No Harem' and 'Yes Harem' comments lately, I wanted to ask you guys what does a 'Harem' mean to you guys... Like does it mean multiple relationships? multiple lovers? a lot of love interests? several women and girls in love with the MC? one night stands?

I'm asking because I want to do some lemon scenes but I dunno if I want a 600-year-old teenager to fall in love with someone I haven't joined either the No Harem Sect or the Harem sect, I just want your opinions, that's all.

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