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Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Author: Gu Jiaqi

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Chapter 1: Have Her Go to Jail for You!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Standing inside the elevator, Yun Xi looked at her reflection in the mirror and gingerly pulled away the scarf wrapped around her face.

Her burning, scorched face was still seeping blood, while her biological mother, Liang Xiuqin's, harsh voice echoed in her ears.

"I asked you to give up your marriage for your second sister, and you caused her to have a heart attack, instead? How could I have ever given birth to a cursed child like you?!"

"No wonder the fortune teller said you would bring bad luck to your entire family! Not only did you kill my unborn son, but you also caused your dad to be unable to get a promotion or make a fortune, even until now!"

"By destroying your face, this marriage will now belong to your second sister. She's the only one who deserves to marry into the Jiang family!"

"Mom, no… Ah! My face…"

Inside the elevator, Yin Xi stared blankly at her horrific face, and her eyes were gloomy.

The moment the sulfuric acid was splashed onto her face, the intense burning had destroyed the last bit of affection remaining between her and Liang Xiuqin.

This marriage was absurd, to begin with.

Grandfather Yun had taken a bullet for Grandfather Jiang many years ago. In order to repay the debt, the two grandfathers decided on this arranged marriage even before Yun Xi was even born.

But afterward, she only had her bright moonlight in her heart and thus disregarded this marriage arrangement.

She had only delayed canceling this marriage for so long because her so-called "fiancé" still needed her to protect him and make it easy for him to fool around with other women and enjoy worldly pleasures.

As for Yun Xi, she used her status of "fiancée of the Jiang family" to smoothly navigate the world of business. She supported the bright moonlight in her heart the entire way to confidently claim the prized position of the CEO of the Han Corporation.

But now her face was ruined, so the rest of her life was probably ruined too…

The elevator chimed as it stopped on the 56th floor.

She jerked her mind back to reality and tightened the scarf around her face before exiting the elevator.

On her way there, she was already thinking that she would exert all efforts to repair her face as long as Han Yaotian didn't shun her!

It was already lunchtime, so there were barely any other people on the entire office floor.

Yun Xi squeezed the bento box in her hand as she reached out to knock on the door.

As soon as she touched the door handle, the low speaking voices of a man and woman suddenly sounded from inside the office. The quiet creaking noises didn't sound right at all.

Yun Xi's hand suddenly froze mid-knock.

"Yun Xi's greedy mother is fairly easy to manipulate after all. I had just randomly provoked her with a few words, and she actually threw sulfuric acid on her own daughter. She's disfigured now, so you only need to tell her a few nice things to trick her. As for the South District construction project, have her go to jail for you!"

"I wanted her to take the blame for the South District construction project for a long time now. But I still need to get the MR Virus formula from her first, since Huicheng Pharmaceuticals actually offered 300 million yuan to buy it from me. This huge sum of money would be enough to fill in the deficit from the gulf project."

There was a mix of pain and pleasure in the woman's voice, along with hints of smugness.

"How do you plan on rewarding me for sending Yun Xi, the idiot, to jail?"

The man laughed lewdly, his deep voice tinged with concealment, "Little fairy, what's the hurry? Once we get the formula from that b*tch, I'll be able to satisfy you with anything you want!"

With a loud bang, the ajar office door was pushed open.

Yun Xi stood at the doorway, her tearful eyes glaring fiercely at the man and woman pressed against the French windows.

One was the bright moonlight she exerted all efforts to support, and the other was her best friend.

Beware of fire, thieves, and best friends—this saying was truly right after all!

She didn't expect to end up in such a situation, all thanks to the plotting by the hands of her best friend and the man she loved.

Han Yaotian suddenly let go when he saw her. A hint of anxiety flashed across his smug face.

"Yun, Yun Xi… You, you have to let me explain…"

"What else do you need to explain? You already know she must have heard everything, from the look on her face. Yun Xi, hand over the MR Virus formula if you know what's good for you. With your hideous appearance, you probably shouldn't come out and scare people again. I'll help you take care of Yaotian from now on!"

Leaning against the window, Qiao Ximin smiled coyly as she wiggled her waist and pressed against Han Yaotian's body. She looked at Yun Xi smugly as a lethal glint appeared in her sharp eyes.

The atmosphere suddenly stiffened, and Yun Xi tightened her grip on the bento box before lifting her leaden legs to walk toward the two people.

In order to help Han Yaotian claim the CEO position of the Han corporation, she gave up on her career as a doctor and joined the laboratory.

In order to make up for the corporation's deficit, she even used her own body to experiment and test drug reactions. She nearly perished on the operating table!

She never expected that she was merely a chess piece that he could play to suit whatever needs were desired.

Snorting derisively, she began to laugh freely and with despair.

"Qiao Ximin, even if I die, don't you even dream of getting anything from me! I don't have a problem dragging you two to hell, or dragging the Han Corporation along either."

With a flourish of her hand, she threw the bento box down hard against Qiao Ximin's head.

Ripping off the scarf on her face, she directly lunged over and began to fight with her.

Qiao Ximin was so terrified, she screamed shrilly at the first glance of Yun Xi's horrific face.

In one moment, Qiao Ximin grabbed Yun Xi by the hair and pressed her face against the glass window before viciously slamming her on it!

Her face was ruined!

The man she loved was stolen away!

She had no future career prospects!

Everything was ruined by the hands of this woman here!

How could she have been so blind and not seen Qiao Ximin's true face in all these years?

But it was already too late now. Even if she had to go to jail, she wouldn't let this b*tch off!

The two women fought each other all the way to the balcony, and Yun Xi squeezed Qiao Ximin's neck with all her might. She was furious and insane!

Her back faced the man, so she didn't feel any danger directly approaching her!

Her legs were suddenly in the air as Han Yaotian grabbed them to find an opportunity to shove her outwards. Before she knew it, she had already been pushed off the railing.

The world spun, gravity pulling her down.

On the balcony, Han Yaotian and Qiao Ximin laughed maniacally as they watched her quickly fall to the ground like a bird with broken wings.

It was snowing. The first snow in the Jingdu brushed past her bloodied face as she closed her eyes unwillingly.

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