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Chapter 131: William Connor (end)

Will would spend the next few days creating a wonderful wedding venue outside of the kingdom. Will thought that others who find love would want to marry each other, so in the future that wedding venue could also be used for others and not just him and Sandra.

Weddings were also a thing in this world and they worked like how they would in any other wedding.

The idea of building a church did cross his mind before he decided not to. The memories of the Great Sage were still fresh in his mind, and he did his best to make sure religion did not make its way into the beliefs of people, otherwise there would be another unnecessary power that this world did not need, especially after what he had gone through with Samue using religion, and his mother being chased after being accused of witchcraft by her religious sister.

Will even asked Jack to make special made rings. 

The rings were in the shape of a minecraft diamond with each ring having half of the diamond. If they were joined together it would make a complete minecraft diamond.

Sandra was also there to oversee the diamonds and she absolutely loved the idea.

A few weeks later it happened. 

The wedding was grand. Everyone in the kingdom attended the wedding. Will wore a traditional black suit. Some of the villagers were experts in tailoring clothes, and at his request they finished making him a suit using his exact measurements.

Will remembers going to special events with his parents wearing suits, ties, dress shoes, dress pants, nice hair, and it all made him uncomfortable. Now that he was marrying the woman he loves he did not mind wearing a suit.

No one needed them to be wed to know they were officially the king and queen of the Sun kingdom, Will knew that, but he also knows how much Sandra wants a wedding. The only regret was that their parents were not here to see them.

Sandra's dress was a traditional white wedding dress, with a flower on top of her head that was made by Adaline. In this world there were also a few people who made wedding dresses.

Sandra did have some thoughts about wearing a white dress since she lost her virginity long ago to Will. In the end she went with it as the dress she got was beautiful in her opinion.

Of course the wedding was secondary, she just really wanted to be with Will because she loves him more than anything.

Adaline was the official ring bearer in the wedding.

Arbor and Grace would also attend the wedding disguised as humans. The thought of elves attending a human event was insane, but they knew Will and knew it would be safe as it was a short event, and they knew it would only happen once. So the elves decided to go attend the wedding out of respect and to congratulate Will and Sandra.

Will extended the invitation to them and even invited Silvas, but according to Grace, Silvas said he had other important matters to attend to and couldn't make it. If it wasn't so important he would have gone to the wedding.

Will did not take it to heart. 

Who would be the one to officiate the wedding? None other than Golem.

Will crafted the best looking human Golem he could think of. Golem had the facial structures of a handsome squidward just for laughs. It was a bit taller than Will, and had a buffed body.

Will hired tailors to make Golem a suit to make him seem professional when he officiated the wedding. 

This Golem was not pack-a-punched as the voice of pack-a-punched Golems were too threatening.

Golem does admit, Will had ordered him to do many weird things in the past, but officiating his wedding was somewhere at the top of the list.

"How do I look?" Will asked Golem.

"I do not know exactly how humans are supposed to look in those types of clothes, Master, but I think it looks good."

"Good. Shame we couldn't find a violinist or a pianist because music isn't too popular in this world."

"Hey, Will, you look great." Grace came up to him.

In order to blend in, Will had sent her and Arbor human clothes, otherwise their elven clothes would have given it away that they were elves.

Arbor was sitting in a chair in the front row. He was avoiding having to talk to others as he doesn't understand human tongue.

Will offered to give him his ring that could translate all languages, Arbor denied his help. He blamed himself for not learning human tongue despite being three hundred years old.

After today Arbor swore to study human tongue.

"Thanks, Grace. Shame your grandpa couldn't make it. I wonder what's so important?"

"I don't know either, but he and Rias are somewhat secretive about it."


"Will!" Jack called out to him and came running up to him. Beside Jack was Jasmine.

"I haven't had a chance to tell you congratulations on your wedding." Jack was happy for him.

To see the first hero he ever met inside his blacksmith shop, having him work for him for a short time, and to have him as a friend, and now to see him become a king in a kingdom he created by himself was unimaginable to think about. Now he was going to get married, 

"Thank you, Jack, but you already said that many times." Will chuckled, he thought maybe Jack was just as happy as he was about the wedding.

The truth is Jack was indeed happy, but for another reason. Will had personally rescued Jasmine and her family from being imprisoned by the Empire. How could Jack not be happy?

No one has heard anything about the prisoners.

"Thank you, Will, for saving me and my family." Jasmine said, she bowed instinctively as everyone did upon seeing an important person. 

Jasmine used to act differently around Will because when she knew him he wasn't that important, he was another friend. But Jasmine respects authority and power above all else, just like she did with the Great Sage.

"I know this isn't much but here, a wedding present."

Jasmine handed him a box, for some reason she was beet red.

"Oh, thank you. Can I open it now?" 

"NO!" Jasmine quickly covered her mouth, she said that much louder than she wanted to.

Everyone stared at her.

"Not out here with everyone watching. Do it in private. And give it to your queen tonight." Jasmine said softly.

"What are you… ohhhhh." Will somewhat understood what she was saying.

Opening the box a tiny bit, he saw part of sexy undergarments intended for women.

"Sorry if it seems rude, but Jack's uncle said that this would be a good gift or something. I am so sorry if it seems weird because we are not that close."

"Relax, Jasmine." Will said, her sentences were getting faster and incoherent.

"This is fine. A bit weird but fine." Will promptly closed the lid and stored it inside his inventory. He did like the present very, very much.

"Thank god." Jasmine let out a sigh of relief.

"You know, you two, if you ever want to use the wedding venue in the future just let me know."

Jasmine placed her head down blushing, she knew what he meant.

"What do you mean, Will? I'm not seeing anyone. I don't even have a girlfriend, or anyone who is even remotely interested in me."

Will and Grace looked at him with no emotion in his eyes. Both of them looked at Jack, then back at Jasmine, then back at Jack, then back at Jasmine, and repeated.

"What are you…" Jack looked over to Jasmine, that was when he realized.

"Let's go sit!" Unable to handle the embarrassing situation Jasmine grabbed Jack by the hand and walked away with him.

"You know, Grace, I was surprised you decided to attend my wedding. I thought being around humans would be too traumatic for you, after what happened."

"It's fine. About that, can I say something to you?" Grace said to Will softly.


"Can you keep it a secret from my dad?"


Grace got closer so her dad couldn't hear her.

"Everyone knows that it was an elf who staged my kidnapping, he wanted to fake my death so the elves would go to war with the humans. The problem was no one knew who it was."

"I guess that makes sense."

"But, don't let anyone know this, but I know who did it."

"Who?" Will got closer to her.


"Radix? I know he hated humans but doesn't he love his kind as well?" Will asked.

"His hate for humans was more than his love for his people."

"How do you even know about this?"

"The two humans who kidnapped me were taken as hostages by my grandpa, and he managed to get pieces of information out of them. They didn't know Radix's name or face as he hid it pretty well, but grandpa pieced it together and found out who it was. Apparently, Radix had managed to threaten those two humans into doing his bidding. I think he kidnapped their families or something, which is why those two humans never touched me or hurt me. A few days ago I overheard him talking to Lea about it, and that's when I knew he did it."

"Wow. Guess humans and elves aren't so different after all. Are you going to tell anyone else about it?" Will asked.

"No, not yet anyways. Radix was loved by the elves. I know what he did was wrong, and I hate him very much for doing that to me, but he's dead now so that's a plus. Really I don't know what to do. I don't think grandpa knows I know."

Grace was confused. Should she tell the people the truth and let them know they were admiring and cherishing a traitor even after his death? Or will she keep it from everyone so no one can get hurt by the truth. Perhaps Silvas was planning something himself as they spoke.

Grace knew her grandpa felt horribly betrayed by Radix. He regrets that Radix wasn't alive, because if he were still alive Silvas would have personally sent him to the afterlife himself, for putting Grace in danger. Not to mention is Arbor knew he would also feel betrayed that someone he considered a close friend could do something horrible to his daughter.

"Okay. You do what you think is best. I'll keep your secret a secret.

"Thank you, Will. Congratulations on your wedding."

"Thank you for being here."

Grace went to sit beside her father. 

At that moment Sandra appeared in her wedding dress. Everyone who was sitting immediately stood up. 

Sandra, who was blushing incredibly hard underneath her white walked down the aisle, which was a red carpet. She was holding a bouquet of flowers that Grace and Arbor had brought.

Will's heart skipped a beat seeing her.

Some people began to cry.

One little girl asked her crying mom, "Mommy, did uncle cry when you and daddy got married?"

"Yes, yes he did."

Once Sandra made it to the altar the people sat down. 

"We are here today," Golem spoke, "to witness these two magnificent individuals being wed to one another under the sun. We will witness how these two will become one with another, soulmates, partners, wife and husband, king and queen."

The Golem gestured to Adaline with his hand. Adaline marched slowly toward Will and Sandra, on her back was a small, purple pillow with the rings placed on top of it. 

"Thanks, girl." Will said as he grabbed both rings.

"Do you, Mast… Will Connor take her as your wife?"

"I do."

Will realized this is the first time Golem referred to him by his name, it was always "Master" even if he commanded him to stop calling him that.

"Do you Cassandra Connor, take him as your husband?"

"I do." Sandra held onto his hands and gripped it tighter. She even took his last name.

"With the power vested in me, by none other than the king(Will), I now pronounce you husband and wife."

Sandra quickly went in for the kiss, catching Will off guard, which then everyone cheered for them.

"You may kiss the… groom?" Golem said, confused. This wasn't part of the script.

A camera man was hired by Will and took photos of everything, he was the only one who owned a camera in the kingdom as cameras are rare. It was his most expensive and cherished item so he took good care of it. His wife even stated multiple times how he cared more about the camera instead of his own child.

After that the wedding would proceed perfectly.

Sandra at one point would throw the bouquet of flowers back, and it would land on a group of single ladies. The one who would get the bouquet of flowers is none other than Jasmine.

The wedding would last through the night. The first ones who left were Grace and Arbor. Then few people at a time would go back home until it was time.

The night ended. Will picked up Sandra in a bridal manner and he flew her over to their room. It would have been easier to teleport to their room, but Will enjoyed carrying her.

"Remember that dream you told me about? The one where we had kids?" Will gently whispered into her ear.

"Mhm." Sandra nodded and was blushing hard.

"Want to make that dream a reality?"

"I do. I really do."

"Oh, before we do anything, can you wear what's in this box?" Will handed her the box Jasmine gifted him.

The night ended great. The wedding day was great. It all seemed like it would only get better from here…

But it didn't.

Complications would arise.

Will really wanted children and so did Sandra. But no matter what they did, or how long it took, they could never conceive a child.

In a blink of an eye ten years would go by. Both Will and Sandra are now in their thirties, and still childless.

This led to many fights, but those fights would always be resolved quickly. Both loved and cared for each other. Many other problems rose but they always worked together, as a team.

During his time as king Will had to implement many things in his kingdom.

The biggest problem was currency. As a brand new kingdom currency wasn't a priority, but after a year Will realized how important having money was for everyone.

So Will used the old currency, copper, silver, and gold.

The next problem was implementing jobs.

Will's Golems could do any job a human could do. Farming? Will could create Golems for that.

Fighting? Will not only could do that but all of his Golems are capable of it. Blacksmiths? Will could craft items faster than 100 blacksmiths. Tailoring? Will also crafted Golems for that. Mining/heavy labor? Please.

The few jobs Will could think of were chefs, because Golems don't have a sense of taste. There was also music and composing, because Golems can't use emotion the way people can when playing an instrument. And there was also teaching, kids and people in general find it easier to be taught under people instead of machines.

In short the majority of the jobs were handled by the Golems.

There was also the problem with the Empire. 

Veronica said she would do her best to lead the Empire, but she made a huge mistake. 

Will had recalled his five Golems from the Empire as he had paid his part of the deal and more. Afraid that the prisoners would start a riot without the Golems present to keep them in check, Veronica ordered their execution. It would be the biggest execution in this world's history.

That one move caused tensions between the Sun kingdom and the Empire and even in the Empire itself.

Many prisoners had friends and families from all over. And also many felt that not all of those prisoners were guilty or had any ideas of rioting.

Just like that the last two remaining heroes were Sandra and Will.

Jasmine was also the only sorceress left in the whole world as all the other sorcerers were taken prisoners. The realization made her feel alone.

Sandra was of course devastated, she knew some of the heroes. To hear they were dead was tragic.

There were many other problems, most were taken care of, some couldn't be fixed entirely.

But it wasn't all bad news.

To no one's surprise Jack and Jasmine were married one year after Sandra and Will were married, and they had conceived a child soon after.

Sandra and Will were of course happy, but to see them with a child made them feel slightly bad as they tried for so long to have one. They never hold them against them. Even without a kid they were still happy.

Will would keep a close relationship with the elves and so would Adaline. 

Other elves would attempt to break into the kingdom to cause trouble, Will would always chase them away before they had the chance.

Will implement a few laws regarding them: 1: Any human guilty of trafficking humans or elves will be given life in prison. 2: Elves caught killing or kidnapping humans would be sent to life in prison. And so on.

Will saw how lenient the punishments were given to thieves, killers, rapists in his old world so he didn't want a repeat of that happening in his kingdom. Will made several laws where anyone found guilty of such heinous crimes would receive harsh punishments. 

The laws wouldn't matter if Will didn't enforce it, which is why he did. He tasked his Golem to carry out the punishments and would also be in charge of finding a person guilty or not of the crime he's been charged with. Will could only rely on his Golem to carry out such an important job as there was no chance he could ever be corrupted, and will always remain unbiased.

Later on, people would ask Will for power, such as giving them special titles and benefits like the Reyes kingdom did with nobles.

Some would even ask to share his power, that instead of one man being in charge there should be many people in charge.

Will would always laugh in their faces. It was his kingdom, his Golems. Everything they see, everything they eat, everything they wear was made by him. There was no way he was ever going to share his power with anyone.

The greatest thing to come out during the past ten years was his magical items. Will had crafted countless magical items all of which contained great power. 

A few items could generate him an infinite amount of iron. Some could also cure diseases. Some could grant him 100 times more speed and strength.

Such magical weapons were too powerful especially after being pack-a-punched. Will continued making more and more magical items, but would always store them in chests guarded by his strongest Golems.

Will would also never stop creating more powerful Golems. And he would never stop expanding his territory. 

The entire east region, once under the rule of the monsters, was now desolate. Will took over the region and established more kingdoms and bases all over. With the total annihilation of monsters the world was at peace.

Will also crafted Golems that could easily annihilate all sea monsters. Some were basically small submarines, some were sharks with propellers, other Golems were basically sea snakes with guns.

The only one who was spared was Amelia, who had grown into an adult woman. Her appearance is said to be very beautiful. On the outside she appeared as a serious, tall, and mature woman, but loved her adopted family especially her younger brother who she had done her best to protect.

Some people would report how they saw an apex dragon flying around, that dragon was Amelia. Will didn't mind if she transformed into a dragon, as long as she didn't do it inside his kingdom or killed anybody, and was careful, he let her do what she wished.

Twenty years had gone by.

By then Will had expanded his kingdom all over the world.

The Empire fell on its own. Under the leadership of Veronica it fell hard. How it fell was a mystery. It seemed to have destroyed itself in one night.

Will was sure that if it was Valerie who was still in charge the Empire would still be standing.

Will, who was now in his forties realized something long ago, he stopped aging somewhere in his late-twenties.

Sandra, who was also forty, looked like she had matured a lot.

Both realized Will would never age.

The idea that they won't always be together dawned on them. And sometime in the future Will will be left all alone. And in a thousand years Will will still be alive.

Even in their late forties they could never have a child. They have considered adoption for years, but decided against it because of many reasons.

Will thought perhaps one of the magical items he crafts could help Sandra live longer. Until now there was no such item.

Will also hoped to get another lucky item that would basically grant him luck one time, but the item in question never appeared again. It didn't mean he didn't stop trying.

There is one item that could extend one's lifespan, the exotic flower, but that only works for elves. For humans it was basically a deadly poison. 

Will studied the exotic flower his exotic flower seeds and Adaline would produce.

After twenty years Adaline produced so many exotic flower seeds, after planting them all, at one point his exotic flower seed production would outclass Adaline in producing exotic flowers. And because of that his HP continued to rise.

{HP: 7,230,550/7,230,550}

Will started from less than 50 HP to over seven million HP in twenty years.

In the blink of an eye, sixty years went by.

Will was standing beside a majestic bed. On the bed was an old woman nearing her death. Will held her hand gently and never took his eyes off her.

"Oh, Will." Sandra said in a frail voice.

"Oh, Sandra. I'm so sorry."

"You don't need to say that, Will, this is not your fault. When we were in our late-thirties we both knew this would happen. We have so many good memories from when we were younger. And I cherish them all."

Will couldn't help but shed a few tears. 

"Besides, I am not going to be alone. I'll get to see Jack, Jasmine, Bruce, my dad, your family, and let's not forget Alex."

"Alex… haven't thought of him in years."

"I know. You should visit his statue more often, along with Jack's and Jasmine's, and soon my own. I should be the one who is sorry that I'm going to be leaving you. At least Grace, Arbor, Silvas, Amelia, and Adaline are still here for you."

"Yeah, they are."

Amelia's adopted parents passed away ten years ago. Amelia also stopped aging around her early twenties. Kat, Amelia's sister, had the appearance of a 50 year old woman. Even so both sisters cared about one another, always hung out, and acted like they were still kids.

Amelia became a teacher and taught history, math, and english.

Many knew of her identity, but nobody messed with her because she's a dragon and Will protected her.

"Will, do me a favor: get married, find someone else, have the kids you always wanted."

"How can I? I know I will never find someone as great as you. You are the only one for me."

"I'm sure you will find someone."

"I love you so much." Will placed his forehead on her forehead.

"I love you, too. Please, live your life to the fullest. You are a good man, a good husband, a good king. Do not stray from that path because of me."

"I won't. I promise."

"You know, I always believed in reincarnation. So once I pass away, I'll wait, and perhaps I'll come back. And maybe we can be together again."

Will smiled.

"Sure. I'll wait for you until then."

"Wait, no, that is not what I meant. Just live your life. Don't wait for me."

"I will wait for you." Will held her hand firmly. 

Then he realized her hand and body went limp. He didn't even need to look at her HP, he knew she had passed away.

The sounds of crying were heard throughout the night. 

The years would go by in a blink of an eye. Will placed flowers on Sandra' grave everyday. He also made her a statue with the words engraved "I love you."

Beside her was a statue of Jack, Jasmine, and Alex. On Alex's statue were the words engraved "rest in power."

Will would spend the rest of his days feeling shallow. He would spend time with Adaline who helped ease the pain a bit.

Will also stopped making friends with other people, because he cannot bear to see people he cares about age and die while he continues to live.

Before Sandra's death Grace and Arbor made sure to visit him more often. After her death they practically visited Will every day for years,

Their companionship helped Will through dark times. 

There had also been many, many women who tried to get to Will. Many wanted to marry him, some for the wealth, some for the power, some for the fame, most for it all. And a few of them would want to marry him out of genuine love.

Will always saw through their schemes, and those who did try to love him in return Will would always reject them for a number of reasons: 1: it felt weird that a 60 year old man like himself would go for women who were 18-25 years. He might look young but he definitely wasn't. 2: he would always compare those women with Sandra, and the thought of her made him run away from trying again.

To some marrying an elf seemed like the obvious option, but the majority of the elves still hate him. Lately many elves were becoming bold and killing humans, Will returned the favor by imprisoning them.

The thought of marrying Grace never occurred to him, she was just a friend. Besides, Grace was around Will's age, to elves being 60 years old was no different from being 6 years old.

Amelia seemed like another option, but Will had practically seen her grow up as a kid. To get into a relationship with someone you knew as a kid seemed highly immoral.

It was of no surprise that Will did not forgive criminals who go after kids. The death penalty was not given to them, but something far worse. It was because of his harsh punishments that people did not try to break any laws.

Will didn't mind being alone, he had his hobbies and would always improve them. His hobbies didn't just include Golems anymore, but buildings, roads, books, and lately he's been looking for ways to make game consoles a thing in this world.

His love for video games was still there, but his memory for video games was long gone. After 60 years he was starting to forget how minecraft worked.

Soon 100 years went by. Then 140. Then 200. Then 250…

Nearly 300 years had gone by since he was summoned to this world. 

The world had drastically changed. Most of the world was under the control of Will. Will had built so many structures by this point. 

The Empire was no more. It had disbanded after 100 years. 

Will had taken over the world, including the sea. There was food for all. Crime was always low. People had hobbies they could focus on, and jobs. 

Mortality rate was at an all time low. Life expectancy had greatly increased. Laws and punishments were still being carried out to criminals no matter how small.

The world was not perfect, but many could say it was great to live in that world.

Invention of advanced technology was still being developed. Will was glad to see his Golems and brilliant people working together and had barely managed to build the first computer.

Weapons of mass destruction were to never be invented. 

Will also hid his pack-a-punched machine, no one knew of its existence anyways. That device was too powerful.

Will had crafted tens of thousands of magical items, and he still had a lot of the mountain dragon's corpse left over to last him another 200 years.

The belief of monsters existing was a thing of the past, many were starting to doubt if monsters even existed because Will erased them all.

The Witch also never made a return after all this time.

Grace, Arbor, and sometimes Silvas would still visit Will one a week or every few days. At this point they were family to Will.

Will made sure to stay clear of Lea's forest. It wasn't a law to enter her forest, but he had placed many warning signs that if anyone was stupid enough to enter they were more than welcome to, but do not expect to come back alive.

A lot of people died trying to get into Lea's forest to capture and sell some elves.

Some things never really change.

Will walked into his throne room. The throne room hadn't changed after three hundred years, neither was his room, the garden, the statues of his loved ones. All those rooms he and Sandra worked on together.

He didn't know if that was some kind of sickness but he didn't care, whenever he remembered her he felt happy.

"Golem, play 'diggy-diggy hole.'"

The Golems began chanting in unison. "BROTHERS OF THE MINE REJOICE! SWING SWING SWING WITH ME!"

Will taught the Golems songs and had them sing together to create songs he heard from his homeworld. They also learned to play all the instruments.

Will went downstairs to craft more magical weapons. 

After a few decades Will ordered his Golems to stop mining. Instead he now had magical materials that can produce infinite materials daily, hourly, or weekly. That includes iron, titanium, gold, mana ores, water, honey, wine, sugar, and more.

Will still never drank a single drop of wine even after Sandra died. The wine was for his people.

The population had increased exponentially which is why Will decided to expand his territory. 

Will had a lot of fun building many types of houses he could think of: igloos that were not made of snow, china based houses, skyscrapers, modern houses, mansions, whacky houses that don't make sense, and so on.

It took Will a few years to get over Sandra's death, and he could smile again. But he could never love another woman.

While Will was crafting another magical item, he swore he heard a deep voice behind him and someone holding onto his shoulder. It said, "Thank you. Now I'll repay you back."

Will gasped and turned around. He saw no one was behind him.

"Golem! Did you see anybody here?" 

"Pardon, Master?"

"Was there someone behind me just now?" 

"No, Master, there was no one behind you."

Will was so sure someone was behind him.

"I might be getting tired or something."

"Um… Master, something happened!" 


"One of the leading scientists discovered how to make a computer!"

"He did? Oh, right, finally!" Will felt ecstatic hearing that. Perhaps one day he can play minecraft again.

"But, he is also coming up with ways to invent other devices."

"What?" Will was confused.

"He has already written down plans for creating three new devices, now it's four. I've never seen anything like it. It's like he's possessed."

"Lead me to him."

"Um… Master, something else happened."

"What now? Something bad?"

"It's difficult to explain. Please go to the outside of the main castle entrance."

"Main castle entrance? What?" 

Will immediately teleported outside his castle. There was nothing out of the ordinary, except one person knocking on his door wearing a hoodie. Judging by the figure it was a woman.

"Her, Master." 

"What about her? Hey, don't you know people can't be in this area? It's strictly forbidden… wait a minute."

Will noticed something weird about her, and that is her status above her head.


{HP: Inf/Inf}

'What the hell?' Will suddenly grew weary of her.

She turned around to face him. Her face was that of pure shock, joy, and surprise.

Will took a step back, he stopped breathing upon seeing her figure.

"S-s-Sandra?" Will squinted his eyes, unsure if this was a dream, a hallucination, or a ghost.


Will got closer to her, unable to believe what he was seeing.

Not being able to take it anymore, Sandra jumped on him and hugged him tightly. She couldn't help but cry.

"I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! PLEASE DON'T LET THIS BE A DREAM! PLEASE DON'T LET ME GO!" Sandra was on his chest, she held him so tightly she was afraid if she lets go she'll be gone.

It took a while for Will to react. After a while he hugged her back, with his embrace getting tighter around her.

"You're back. You're really back. YOU'RE BACK! SANDRA YOU'RE HERE WITH ME!" He also began to cry out of pure joy and hugged her tighter than before.

Adaline, who was near, heard a weird commotion. She went to check it out. Once she noticed Will she also noticed a familiar presence, a presence she hadn't sensed in over 200 years, a presence she missed dearly.

Adaline immediately ran towards her and jumped on top of them. Adaline moved and jumped around like a happy dog.

"Adaline! Adaline!" Sandra also welcomed Adaline with open arms.

It took the trio an hour to let go of each other. 

"Sandra, how is this possible? How are you back?" Will grabbed her shoulders still unable to understand.

"I…" Sandra was about to say something, but then she realized something, she didn't know.

"I don't know. All I remember was being on my… deathbed." Sandra looked at her hands. The last part of her life she stared at her hands thinking they were old woman hands. To her hands again so smooth and young again was great.

"Then, I died. I remember being in this place. And I remember waiting, and waiting. I think I must have waited for something for hundreds of years. Until I saw someone come up to me, a tall, good looking man. He said he was an old friend, but I didn't recognize him. Next thing I knew I was here."

"What matters is that you're here now. You're here and I will never let you go again."

"And I will never leave you."

All three of them would then enter the castle. 

Far away there was a man smiling and watching the entire thing.

"I always knew they would end up together. Shame I couldn't be there for their wedding. I mean I can turn back time but it doesn't seem like a risk I'm willing to take. System, how come you never told me Will was also a system user?" 

{Alex, why would I tell you that in the first place?}

The man was none other than Alexander Anderson.

*Spoilers for "Killer of MC's" ahead*

"It just seems like something I would want to know."

{I knew someday you would find out eventually}

"At least I was able to pay him back for taking me into his home. I returned Sandra to him, gave her many benefits, and I also introduced this world of his to some advanced machinery, advanced medicine, everything he could ever need. It was nice to see them again, honestly."

{Why not introduce yourself to them now? They clearly still remember you even after all this time}

"I will. Right now I still need to take care of my own family first. I think it's best to let them settle first."

{Are you going to tell them something is going to happen in 18-19 years from now on?}

"No, not yet at least. Let them enjoy their moment. I mean, in the end, time is nothing to me."

Alex had just returned to Earth after being given a special mission to protect humanity and to continue spreading stories like anime, movies, T.V. shows, books, manga, anything.

Immediately after arriving at Earth, with his family. he thought he could find out what happened to his friend, Will. Will took Alex to his home when Alex had nowhere else to go. Before Alex died he never had a chance to repay him back what he owed him.

Alex was surprised to see Will turned into a system user.

Alex found out what Will had gone through.

One piece of information did intrigue him, it was about the Witch.

The summoning circle, the daughter of the Conqueror and his inventions are old news. The system in charge of Earth noticed three people went missing in the 1700's, she went to investigate and found traces of the Conqueror.

Finding the Conqueror was of utmost importance. They studied his items and the daughter in secret, but they could not find any way to trace him back. They left Lea alone whereas Lea had no idea that there were systems who found her and ignored her.

Alex saw what happened to the Witch. This is the reason why she never returned.

A few days before Will would be transported to a new world, the Crafting system decided to check out in advance what the new world looked like.

Usually he wouldn't care for his users speed of progress or how dangerous the world he'll be throwing them would be.

But he made a bet with Satan that one of them would do the winner's work for a century whoever's user dies first. And so the faster Will progresses the more likely he'll live.

He closed his eyes and scanned the history of the entire world.

"Hmm... this world is kinda bland, it's relatively new, there isn't that much variety of monsters or metals or ores, really the only possible threats are an old man, a big boi dragon, and wait a minute... her?"

The Crafting system found something he hadn't seen in so long.

He appeared before Lea in a dark room underground where she was sitting and keeping a watch on the elves to protect them, Lea couldn't even see or feel his presence..

"One of the Conqueror's children. It's been so long. Ohhhhh, now I remember the Master telling me something about this world."

The Crafting system ignored her for the time being.

'There seems to be nothing here that can actually kill Will, which means I can win my bet. Wait, I can sense something.'

He teleported north of the Empire right beside a village near the ocean. He was floating 30 feet above the ground and nobody could see him or sense him.


He reached out his hand, and a dark portal appeared before him.

He pulled out something from the portal, a dark blade.

'Oops. Wrong one.'

He dropped the sword which impaled the ground and the area withered in an instant. Luckily there weren't any animals or even insects that could have been infected by the sword.

Reaching out again, he pulled out a sleeping woman. Her body was covered perfectly with a similar dark energy that her sword has.

The woman was none other than the Witch. He immediately scanned and read her history.

"What a terrible tragedy has befallen upon you. Still, I can't have you in this world, you're a huge threat to my user. But it'll be a waste to simply dispose of you. Hey, G. G! I know you can hear me!"

He called out to someone that wasn't there. A few seconds later a man appeared before him. It was an old man wearing a dark robe, but the old man wasn't really old, he was actually younger than the Crafting system by many years, he just liked to be bald.

"What is it, Crafty?"

"Oh, you know how much I hate that name."

"I know. What do you want? I have a user I need to keep an eye on."

"Do you think you have a use for her? I know your user grows stronger the stronger the opponent he kills, you know because of the bullshit leveling system." The Crafting system pointed to the woman behind him.

"Why me? Can't you have called Blue or Ava? Their users also gain power from killing powerful opponents. Also the only thing that's bullshit here is the respawn ability your users get."

The number of systems to have such leveling systems for their users are few, the Crafting system obviously does not have that function.

"One: I can't bring this woman to Ava, her user is guarding Earth, and I don't want to face the Master's wrath if something horrible happens to Earth if she makes it there."

"Well, yeah, but... actually, no, you're right, it's too risky."

"Two: Blue is married to Satan, and I currently have an ongoing bet with him to see who's user outlives the other. The loser does the winner's job for a century, so why would I want his user to benefit from this?"

"So you're cheating by wanting to get rid of this threat for your user?" G. pointed to the Witch.

"Let's be honest, Satan is most likely helping his user as well if not more. But she is way too powerful for my user currently. And I can already tell that he won't even last a year in this world if she stays here. Her seal is getting weaker. In five or six months she would be set free."

"Fine, but only because I know my user can benefit from her death." With a thought her body flew to G.

With a flick of his finger another portal opened up where she disappeared again.

"Hey, G. How's John doing lately?"

"Oh, he died a couple years ago. My new user is named Sky Rouge."

John was one of G.'s users. Unlike the Crafting system's users, G. 's users do not have infinite lives.

"Seriously? I thought you said John became the strongest in his world."

"He did, but one of his closest friends betrayed him believing he could steal his powers, that's what happens when you make friends but that's his mistake. Luckily I found someone else not too long ago. Speaking of which, I have to go back and make sure he's not dead somewhere on an island or eaten by a sea monster."

With that both system users bid their farewells.

The Crafting system appeared in the middle of the Reyes kingdom. He stood on top of the summoning circle. Nobody could notice him, not even the Great Sage could feel his presence.

"To think humans from Earth have disappeared thanks to one of the Conqueror's inventions. Still I don't think the Master will get angry at me if I did this, but I feel this is going to help Will, maybe."

He placed his arms on the summoning circle and made some slight modifications to it.

The summoning circle would summon 100 random heroes from anywhere on Earth no matter who they are. Will was going to be one of those lucky few, or unlucky few, But the summoning circle would also be the reason he dies.

The Crafting system modified it so that it would now summon people that Will was close with except his family, The only other people who were close to Will was Sandra, his girlfriend, and his classmates who were just classmates and nothing more. Will did not have many friends.

Alex stopped recalling that memory and he returned home.

"So long, Will. One day I'll bring my family here to meet you properly." 

For the next few days Will, Sandra, and Adaline would be inseparable. All three of them were back together.

Amelia was in shock to see Sandra back from the dead. Amelia and Will did have a close friendship as they have spent the last 300 years together.

Amelia had recently gotten married to a man, a chef who could satiate her appetite. 

Seeing Sandra again Amelia leapt from joy but didn't cry. At one point Amelia asked her if it was possible to bring her adoptive family back, Sandra told her "no" because even she didn't know how she is back, and with all her memories intact.

Amelia was sad but understood.

Next, Grace, Arbor, and even Silvas would be beyond shocked to see Sandra back. 240 years had gone by since her death, to them it felt like a few years had gone by since they last saw her.

Five months would go by. 

The first few weeks were crazy for Sandra and Will. But soon they went back to their old lives. 

Some things did happen, one man apparently wrote blueprints and ideas for devices never seen before, vehicles specifically for Golems to go out to space, and among other things.

Such things Will couldn't care about at the moment, because he was finally happy for the first time after so long.

Will exited his castle to go out with Sandra to eat at a restaurant.

"Thanks for waiting for me." Sandra said.

"Of course! I will always wait for you. I made reservations at your favorite restaurant. We have the whole restaurant to ourselves for the evening." Will said.

"Sweet, if I didn't know any better I would say it was my birthday."

Sandra left the castle with the Golem closing the door behind her. There was one notable difference on her, her belly had grown, she was pregnant.

Will grabbed her hand and led her to the restaurant. 

"We can pretend every day it's your birthday if you want."

"Will, you're spoiling me too much!"

"I know but I am just so happy right now. I just can't stop smiling."

The happy couple went on their merry way to enjoy a nice evening.

And so, one story ends, another story begins.

William Connor will return.

DemonGodHiatus DemonGodHiatus

Thank you for reading my book. I hope you all enjoy it.

Check out my completed fanfic "killer of MC's"

And also check out my ongoing book "Gamer of the Seas"

Once again thank you for reading my book.

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