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Chapter 56 - In MHA with Star Platinum - Chapter 56 by blazuki full book limited free

Chapter 56: Chapter 56

No one had expected that villains would appear at the Festivals, from thin air, and attack the audience once the events were over.

The heroes had found themselves needing to go to the seats to help the civilians who are under the attack of random villains.

It was, obviously, a distraction from something bigger.

Kidnapping Lee, which appeared to be clearer when three Nomus appeared on the stadium while villains, weak ones, appeared at the stadium.

Lee called Star Platinum as a guard and commanded it surround him and Julia, in case something happen.

He didn't know why this was happening. However, his experience from the last time had taught him to not lower his guard in the face of these villains. Any small distraction can lead to self-destruction.

Kurogiri appeared in a safe spot away from the heroes but most closer to Lee and his mom.

"Now, Mr Lee, would you come with us, or should I also let these Nomus attack the civilians."

Kurogiri made his offer with a sneer.

'Does he think me that good of a person? Whatever, I'll get near him and blast his head off'

As Lee was about to approach him, Julia held his arm and Kurogiri took a step back.

Kurogiri chuckled, "I can't see where you are aiming that Quirk. Sorry, but we have to be careful when dealing with you. You can't approach me"

"You have seen it then." Lee sneered as he hadn't expected Kurogiri to be this careless yet careful at the same time.

"Lee, let's move, this is a job for pros."

Midnight and others seemed to have a hard time using their ability, especially Midnight since she doesn't know if these Nomus would sleep with her power. Most importantly, she may friendly fire the other heroes. She can't just risk sending everyone around her to sleep while villains are everywhere.

As Julia pulled her son's arm, one of the Nomus, with multi arms and green skin, dashed forward.

Star Platinum appeared in front of him in no time and punched his face, breaking it with no mercy. Since Star Platinum was stronger than the last time as well, he sent the Nomu jumping back.

When the Nomu flew back, Lee realised that this one doesn't have shock absorption Quirk, like the one he had fought before.

This meant that these ones are different.

The rest of the Nomus moved. The heroes didn't stay idle, as the stones beneath the Nomus were moving and trying to attack them. The beasts were strong enough and moved in a different direction avoiding the heroes' attempt to take them down.

Lee saw a fireball flying to the stadium with high speed. Endeavour, number2 hero, seemed to take care of one Nomu, as he started to burn him.

But it was very annoying as that Nomu could regenerate.

"Help us!"


Screams from the seats could be heard as random villains were attacking the civilians. The heroes were distracted with the Nomus, who were doing strong public damage, same for the other villains.

Lee didn't stay idle as he lifted a rock, which Julia touched. That woman can manipulate the forces in things she touches, so with Star Platinum throwing, it would be a blinding speed.

"I'll increase the speed vector just 60 times. Be careful where you aim it"

When Star Platinum threw it, the rock turned into a blur before exploding and piercing the stomach of one of the Nomus.

All Might jumped from the stadium to the ring, held one villain and started punching him.

However, something here wasn't as just as right as I may think. Kurogiri seemed to be calm as he went to hid back within the shadows.

"Lee, let's go."

"Something is wrong, mom." Julia touched Lee's arm and he felt light all of the sudden.

"Who cares, they'll do in no time." She said, giving priority to getting away from the centre of events, before coming back to keep her promise of turning that fog into a fag.

She had just hoped Lee would be fine. Because, given his whole life, she knew that he is the guy who always hit back, no matter what the fallouts are. That made her worry more.

"Where is that hero mentality, sacrifice and so," Lee said mockingly as he was floating and she was heading to the rooms down.

"Left it for comics. Besides, I didn't bring my license." Julia hissed. Priorities. What is the point of saving other's kids if you can't save your own?

"Yare Yare."

"I thought you would say that."

One they entered the room down, and Julia put Lee down. it was time to watch heroes doing their job.

Midnight had jumped to the seats and ripped off her tight costume. A pink fog spread from her body. Whosoever smell would fall sleeping, being a man or a woman. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

As for the beasts, they were moving fast here and there. Some of them just vanished when dark fog wrapped them.

"Plan C."

Lee and Julia heard a familiar voice behind them.

Turning, they saw Kurogiri and a man, next to him, who was placing his hand on the ground.

Electricity spread from his hand and touched Lee and Julia.


Lee knew what is this and quickly breathed, before summoning Star Platinum.

As for Julia, she could reduce the effect on her, and in instant, appeared and kicked the guy, once the stand punched him.

Too bad that Kurogiri was 8 meters away. However, Kurogiri didn't seem going to act passively here.

Moving fast, his body shape twisted as he avoided Lee's mom by teleporting. The next second he was behind Lee.


Lee knew what to do. Turning, Lee pointed with his finger toward the fog guy.

Kurogiri, who just made darkness surrounds him and Lee, didn't seem to care about what will happen to him.

"Ora Ora Ora."

Star Platinum punched Kurogiri with a strong punch on the neck, intending to break his neck.

This should kill him, right.

However, a storm wrapped them. It wasn't a portal but a random vortex which he had experienced in USJ. Lee knew that he has to call Star Platinum back, so the backlash from the previous time wouldn't happen again.

Lee remembered this random vortex move in USJ. It'll teleport him but somewhere near since it seemed to be very random.

As Kurogiri puked blood and flew back to his own portal, Lee yelled, "MOM, I'M SOMEWHERE NEAR, Use THE GPS!"

Then Lee found that his view changed all of the sudden.

He was standing on the top of a high place. Mountain, it could be. Turning his face, he could see the shadow of Musutafu City silhouette.

"Kurogiri, I'll get rid of you once I see your face."

Lee swore this time. Had he not been surprised by electricity, he would have already done so.


Now, either Kurogiri did this attempt desperately to escape. Or, just to get me away from the rest.

What's in their head, these villains? They aren't easy to predict.

I thought as I looked down the cliff.

Abruptly, from thin air, two vortexes appeared and two injured huge humanoids descended from them. Both of them had injured marks, and burn marks. They had no skulls though.

One of them had no eyes, while the other had many limbs.

I remember them. These were the ones who attacked the Festivals.

However, unlike the Nomu I fought before, they didn't have the same abilities. But that doesn't deny the possibility of them having more than one Quirk. And I had to watch out for Kurogiri since I don't know where would he appear from. Even though I gave him a lethal strike, I'm not in the mood for a surprise.

"Star Platinum." As I called, I took a deep breath. As I looked at the Nomus, a yellow aura, which was strongly visible now, wrapped me.

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