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Chapter 5: First Day Pt 2

After they left the parking lot, Jax took them to the general office that was located on the first floor, just a couple step from the front door. Katy went inside, while Jax waited outside. She walked up to the front desk where the secretary was typing up something.

"Hi, I'm new here and I was told to collect my schedule here." Katy said to the secretary as she continued to type way without looking up.

"Just take a seat over there, someone would be right with you," she popped her gum still not looking up.

"Okay..." Katy took a seat on the chair that was crossed from the secretary desk. She stared at the secretary. The secretary was young, she looked like a student. She have red hair, dark brown eyes and pale skin. She was beautiful, but she seem standoffish.

"Miss McNoir, Katrina?" Katy was pulled for her thought as a voice called her name, standing in front of her was a short, balding white man.

"Yes, that's me." She stood up and shook his outstretched hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr.?"

"Lambert. Franklin Lambert, vice principal of Radford." He said then turned to the rude secretary, "Lorelei, can you pass Miss McNoir's class schedule, map of the school and her locker combination."

"Sure, Mr. Lambert. Right away, sir." Lorelei as Mr. Lambert called her, said in a sickly sweet voice unlike the bitchy tone she used a few minutes ago. She handed Mr. Lambert an envelope with the school logo on it.

"Here you go. Welcome to Radford Academy, I hope you have an excellent year with us, Ms. McNoir." He handed her the envelope before going back into his office. Katy walked towards the door as she was to turn the knob, Lorelei said, "Have a nice day."

But her tone of voice made it clear that she didn't mean it. Katy took a quick glance behind her to see that Lorelei was glaring at her. She looked back ahead and went through the door, Jax was still in the same spot she left him in.

"Ready to go? Also can I see your schedule and locker number?"

"Yeah," Katy answered and handed over what he asked for. Jax took a quick look at the locker number and started to walk down the hall. "Hey Jax, do you know a girl named Lorelei?" Katy asked after a few minutes of silence.

"Yes. Why do you asked?" Jax glanced at her before he stopped in front of a locker. "This is yours, mine across the hall." He pointed at a locker on the other side of the hall.

"I had a run in with her in the office. She don't seem to like me." Katy put her thing in side of her locker as Jax leaned onto the one beside hers.

"Well... with Lorelei you never know, she's kind of bitchy." Jax shrugged and smiled apologetic.

"There is no kind of about it." Katy rolled her eyes.

"Give her a chance, she have a lot on her plate." Jax said in a way that made it seem like there was more he was not saying.

"That doesn't give her an excuse to be a bitch." Katy said as she locked her locker and turned to Jax.

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!

The bell rung before they could say anything else, Jax looked down at the schedule in his hands and said, "We're in the same homeroom with Ms. Green. It's this way." They walked off in silence, either one of them wanted to say anything else about Lorelei.

They reach their homeroom 3B and went inside and took their seat as the teacher walked in.

"Good morning, class," Ms. Green said. She was a beautiful black woman in her twenties. She have long, black hair, high cheekbones and a sweet smile. Her eyes were dark brown that smiled at us.

"I'm Ms. Green, I will be your homeroom teacher and your music teacher as well. I hope we all get along as we are a family in this..."She was interpreted by the opening of the door and in walked in Mr. Motorbike, the hottie from this morning. "Mr. Al Babar, you are late."

"Sorry, Ms. Green. I got held up." He gave her a half smirked that cause all the girls to sigh longingly.

He is too cute, for his own good, Katy thought as she watched Ms. Green fell under his charms as well. He looked around the classroom, his eyes shifted passed Katy but came back to stared into her eyes. Katy started to blush and looked down to break the connection. She glanced up again only to see that he was smiling at her. She looked away again for her eyes to meet Lorelei's. Lorelei glared at her with a displeased look on her face. Katy looked away her eyes met Marianna, who smiled kindly at her. She smiled back.

All the while that was go on, Seth was told to find a seat and he chose the open one beside Katy. The class continued but much was not done, since this class was for them to get to know each other and before long the bell rung for their next class. All of them stood and went about their own business but before Seth went through the door, he aimed another smile at Katy.

Katy was so caught up in the smile she didn't notice that Jax and Marianna was standing before her.

"Hey, Katy." Jax said to get her attention, "We don't have the same class next but Marianna do, so she offered to take you. If that okay?"

"Sure. That's fine." Katy stood and they all walked out of the classroom before she and Marianna turned left while Jax headed right.

"See you at lunch." Jax called before he was absorbed by a herd of students.

Marianna and Katy walked in silence as they don't know what to say to each other. "So... how are you liking it here so far?" Marianna asked at last.

"It's great actually. It nice to be back with my father and grandparents." Katy said as they dodged the other students. "Plus, my father's girlfriend ally sweet."

"That's good." Marianna gave a shy smile which Katy returned in kind. As they walked down the hall, she bite her lip wondering if she should ask about that guy. She contemplated for a few seconds than decide to go ahead.

"So... what's up with that guy who came to class late?" Katy tried to act like she was not dying of curiosity. Marianna smiled at her in way that made it known that she failed to hide her interest.

"That's Sethaniel Al Babar, the Prince of Radford." Maria said as they stopped in front of their next class since they had a few minutes to spare. "He is Mr. Popular/ bad boy/ heartbreaker of the school. He is handsome, popular and has his own kingdom."

"His own kingdom?" Katy looked at Maria in shock. "What do you meant by his own kingdom?"

'His father is King of this small country in the mid-east and he is the Crown Prince." Maria explained.

"Then what is he doing here in the states?"

"Because Radford is one of the best school worldwide and his family owned a lot of businesses here in the US."


"Yeah." Maria sighed in agreement. "Also every girl is competing for his attention, so far he only left a trail of broken hearts." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"It's a pity," Katy sighed. "He really was cute but players aren't my type."

"You are preaching to the choir, sister." Maria said sassily. They both busted out into laughter as the final bell rung. They went into class, still laughing and joking like they been best friends for years. The rest of the morning classes passed in the same way as homeroom, with them getting to know each other and what to expect for the rest of the semester. Before they knew it, it was lunch time.

They walked to the cafeteria and met Jax at the door, they all went in together. "So Katy... how is your first day going so far?" Jax asked as they walked to the cafeteria line to collect their lunch.

"It's been great so far, especially with the help of Maria." Katy gentle pushed Maria with her hip and smiled at her. Maria smiled back. They didn't say anything more for the time being as they moved down the line. They each piled their tray high with food; Jax especially. They each got a slice of pizza but the girls also got fruit salad to go with it while Jax got a hamburger with chips. They each got a soda with a bottle of water.

After they paid for their lunch they all walked over to the table that host Jax's friends that were located in the middle of the cafeteria. As they strolled towards the table with Jax in the middle and the girls on either side of him, when all of a sudden one of the student pushed back their chair right into Katy's path. She tripped but Jax was able to catch her before she face planted into the floor, but he was unable to stop her lunch from flying through the air and landed on none other than Lorelei. There was complete silence then a piercing shriek was echoed throughout the cafeteria.

gabriel_mindley gabriel_mindley

I know adding a mean girl is cliché but I believe that in life there will always be that one person you can't get along with. But sometimes they are the ones who presents you with the best opportunities to grow as a person.

Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

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