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Inazuma 11: Another Chance With A System Inazuma 11: Another Chance With A System original

Inazuma 11: Another Chance With A System

Author: some_writer

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Chapter 1: Another Chance

"So you're going to give me another chance at life, a new name, and a system? Are you sure you won't just send me to Elysium? " A red haired man with red eyes asked the old man in front of him.

" Don't forget, you get to choose which anime world you get to reincarnate in. And no, I deem your death tragic. So I will give you another shot. " The old man corrected with a grandfatherly smile.

" Then I'll take it. " The red haired man nodded at the old man. The old man nodded.

" So, tell me. Which anime world do you want to reincarnate? Please, for the love of myself, choose wisely." The old man told him.

" Well, I was on my way to being a pro in my last life. Despite being a foreigner, I was training in Premier League Youth Development. I was deemed the youth program's greatest striker by the higher ups and the public. Then because of jealousy from my teammates, I got killed. " The red haired man recounted his journey with a sigh.

"My passion for soccer cannot dwindle and will never dwindle. If I can't become the greatest striker in my first life. Then I will with my second. " The red haired man decided what anime world he wanted to reincarnate in.

" Then, I want to reincarnate in the world of Inazuma 11. And I want to be reincarnated a month before Endou Mamoru attains God Hand in the football match between his football team and Royal Academy." The red haired man told the old man with determination in his eyes. The old man smirked and nodded.

"Then I will give you your new name. Yoichi Isagi. You will look like what you look like right now. You're handsome, don't worry.

And you will receive your system once you arrive in the world." The old man reassured him. The red haired man sighed in relief.

"Prepare to be reincarnated. Good luck, Isagi." The old man snapped his fingers and the red haired man in front of him disappeared in a golden glow.




(I will now refer to him as Isagi)

"Wow I'm skinny." Isagi said as he looked at his bare chested self in the mirror. He had just arrived at his new world an hour ago. He was not surprised at all when he was in the body of another person.

"The old man needs to check the dictionary. I got transmigrated, not reincarcerated. And I got transmigrated into someone very interesting." Isagi muttered to himself while putting his shirt on.

You know the tomboy, Natsumi Kurobe from the anime My Senpai is Annoying? And you know the guy that tried to get her attention but she just kicked his leg and ran away? Yeah, I got transmigrated into that guy.

"Status." Isagi thought to himself.

[Welcome to the System. You might think that this system will only focus on soccer. But you're wrong. This is just a normal system. Where you can learn anything.]

"Huh. That's cool. Will I be able to create and use Hissatsu Techniques? " Isagi asked the system. If you don't know what that is, Hissatsu Techniques are special techniques used in the entire Inazuma Eleven universe. If you know, you know.

[Of course you can. This system has one condition. Don't switch sports. The system will only count soccer as a skill. The other sports don't count. Of course you can learn other skills like cooking or taekwondo. But you will find extra tabs in the systems panel.]

Nodding his head at the system's explanation.

"Show me my stats." Isagi ordered the system.

[Name: Yoichi Isagi

Perks: None


Hissatsu Techniques:None

Skill shop


And that was it, there was nothing else to look at. Isagi raised an eyebrow at that. "So it's not like those football systems I read in fanfictions. Pretty neat. The only thing that's interesting here is the skill shop. I'll go check that out."

" Shop." Isagi was then introduced to a whole new screen. He saw that there were a bunch of things to buy.

[You are given 1000 credits for free. To earn more credits, you simply have to either level up in your skills or shoot the football into a goal when you're in a competition.]

"I can barely buy anything here. And why is Za Warudo here? How surprising, it costs a million credits." Isagi chuckled and shook his head in amused. Isagi kept looking at the shop, seeing if there was anything he could buy.

"Ah. I found it. The genius perk. It let's me learn things 50% faster. And it costs 500 credits. I'm buying that." Isagi purchased the 'Genius' perk from the skill shop.

[You purchased the 'Genius' perk. You can now learn anything 50% faster.]

"And I'll purchase a soccer ball, a few sets of Nike training clothes, a pair of football shoes and a Nike water bottle. Now I'm all set." Isagi nodded to himself. He was now left with 400 credits.

" Now I just need to find a soccer field to train. Thankfully I know where it is. The guy I transmigrated as has passed the soccer field a lot of times. And it's also one of the places where Endou Mamoru, the Raimon soccer team captain trains at. " Isagi went out of his bedroom. He filled his water bottle full of water. He then and exited his apartment.

If you were wondering where his parents are, well unfortunately he's an orphan in this world. But he doesn't give a shit at the moment.




After walking for a while, Isagi has finally arrived. He went into the field and looked around. The field had no grass. It was a concrete field.

Isagi looked around. After realizing that he was the only one here, Isagi put down his soccer ball.

"I was a striker back in my first life. I was pretty fast as well. But before I worry about my speed, I should worry about my skill of handling a football. I definitely do not have the skills I had in my first life. So I'll do my dribbling drills first.....

To be dribbling.....

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