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Chapter 30: Deal

On the training grounds, when the kids were practicing their elemental magic, Rain saw that a bunch of them could do the same as him since they had been practicing for one month already. Still, none of them could use the four elements.

Some of the kids looked nervous and scared when they had to use the elements that they weren't particularly aligned with. The wind was the scariest one for them since it could cut and was also hard to control.

Weirdly enough, fire was easy for them… it didn't make sense. Or it made sense since the kids were too stupid to learn its danger.

(An Unknown skill leveled up.)

(An unknown path received experience.)

(Until the path is unlocked, you will gain bonus experience in the Human Path of two hundred percent.)

(Human Path received 200 experience points.)

"Using the four elements is making me obtain experience insanely fast," Rain thought. "Maybe I can reach the level one hundred in the human path before I turn ten. I should be able to unlock a final path at level one hundred… but will that be the only change?"

In any case, Rain had an easy time summoning the elements in the shape of spheres but doing any more than that was difficult. Since the shape was easier, changing it would require a lot more training. Right now, couldn't even make a single dart out of the projectiles.

"Mana is also a problem since I can only train for so long. Meditating and image training help with that, but I guess I truly need a mage class for that," Rain thought.

At least the training was keeping in entertained. The magic lessons passed in the blink of an eye. However, Rain was having a bit of a hard time with archery. Hitting the targets wasn't that hard, but hitting the bull's eye was too difficult for him. Even though his dexterity was his lowest parameter…

"I guess I should take more notes and train the artisan path more as well," Rain rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "No, I should slow down a bit and develop those skills naturally… training with bows won't be something that I will do often, so I should make the most out of it."

The etiquette and history lessons were the same as always, just paying attention in class was enough for Rain to learn everything about it. Still, he wondered who the hell had so much free time in their hands to think of so many numerous ways to drink tea… In any case, Rain ended up spending two months on that course… maybe he could make up for the lost time, but he also gained some things out of it.

(You reached the necessary requirements to unlock a new path.)

Level 70: Alchemist Path - Unlocked due to the proficiency in alchemy and potion-making. This path focuses on the study of mystical substances, concocting potions, and experimenting with magical properties.

The Alchemist Path: Level 1: Basic Potion Brewing - Learns the foundational techniques of potion brewing, allowing the alchemist to create simple healing and elemental potions.

(You reached the necessary requirements to unlock a new path.)

Physical Path Lv 50: Battlemaster. The Battlemaster path is a culmination of physical prowess and tactical mastery, combining advanced combat skills with strategic thinking. This class represents a pinnacle of martial expertise and grants access to unique abilities and techniques.

Level 1: Health Bonus - Gains the ability to increase your health by ten points per level.

"Just as I had expected… the new paths unlock other paths at level fifty and one hundred," Rain nodded to himself in satisfaction and then equipped the Health Bonus skill. "The path also grants nine points per level, three in strength, endurance, and vitality… not equipping this one seems like a waste… but I also need to check what will happen once I reach the human path at level one hundred. I tried to read some books about it, but they didn't mention it."

In any case, once Rain unlocked those paths, he decided to take the tests of the second course, and once again, he passed on the first try. Since he had a few more days off, he decided that it was time to teach Dana a few things; she was already smart enough to draw some weird copies of his face on paper, which shouldn't take long. However, on the first day off… Roswall and Melody showed up.

"We confirmed that your first success wasn't a fluke," Roswall suddenly said. "To help with your development, we decided that you will join your cousins and be raised at our home."

Rain looked at his father, and he looked speechless. Leiah also seemed a bit surprised and worried… It looked like it wasn't something that he could come and go during Saturday mornings, and that was a problem.

"I am thankful for the invitation, but I don't think that such a thing will be necessary," Rain declared. "I will learn everything I can at school without any extra help. Also, I was planning to help Dana start learning how to read and write. That would make things difficult for that. However, I take that completely refusing this wouldn't be wise, so I would like to compromise in the matter."

"How exactly?" Roswall asked.

"I am willing to receive lessons on your estate on the sixth and seventh day mornings," Rain declared. "Until the day I graduate from school. If I fail to graduate the school in the next one and half years, then I will follow your orders."

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