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input output sex system(r18) input output sex system(r18) original

input output sex system(r18)

Author: chittaasura

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Chapter 1: Ladies tailor

A gorgeous fantasy was disturbed by a knocking sound, making me drag my body out of the bed drowsily.

'knock knock'

again I heard the sound of knocking on a wooden door. I slowly turned my body and sat on the bed with my still on it.

I slowly stretched my hand while blowing hot air from my mouth .placing my feet on the ground and then stretching my whole body I walked near a window and slightly opened it and poked my head out.

hearing the window sliding sound a mature woman dressed in a long blue gown looked up showing me her crystal clear face.

while seeing her face my eyes automatically moved below her neck I saw semi revealed peaks that looked to be tightly bound by a black color smooth cloth.

Then she greeted me with an enchanting smile while waving her hand"hello Drake?".

I saw a jiggling of peaks from right to left and then left to right, in to and fro motion with some more view of black-clothed peaks.

I felt adrenaline rush in my body and slight tightness in my boxers

while seeing her huge peaks I completely opened the window and jumped out while trying to get a clear view of them. I landed in front of her by slightly touching my feet on the ground, but due to excitement I slipped my legs and fell on her pressing my chest against her peaks and touching my moistened lips on her neck.

I happily lie in that position calmly but my lower body got hard which poked her thigh through the long gown.

Feeling an extra touch on her thigh she flushed red making me want to bite her.

she said" umm Drake ..."

hearing her voice I snapped out of an enchanting dream. and slowly woke up and touched her hands with my palms and helping her to get up.

even after being on her feet she flushed red and dropped her head down making her chin almost touching her peaks.

sensing her embarrassed expression I got looked down only to see nothing except my huge boner in a black boxer.

then I suddenly rushed into my home with just a boxer while saying "aunt Kristy just wait a bit".

After few minutes I walked out wearing blue pants and a white T-shirt appealing to Kristy

while greeting her"ms. Kristy, You are as beautiful as ever and more graceful in that black cloth" I said.

"uhh, Drake it's a white gown," she said

"I know" I replied

hearing my reply she was lost in thoughts for a second and snapped out of it with the red expression on her cheek saying "drake you have become quite naughty"

I glanced at her and without replying to her I said: "Actually aunt Kristy I slept at 3 pm just after completing your dress " diverting the topic.

she said "oh thanks Drake .i know you would complete my dress in one day." said Kristy smiling towards me, not discussing earlier embarrassment.

"ok then first let me open the shop "while saying I walked to a shutter beside the main door of the house.

"sorry aunt Kristy I let you see my embarrassing act," I said while searching for a dress in an almost empty room with just a sewing machine and few dresses on the small cupboard and a chair.

I went near the cupboard and took out a violet color wrap dress with full sleeves.

seeing the violet-colored dress her faced became bright.

with a beaming smile, she said"I know you can only make this new kind of design which can't be seen anywhere and best dress for me."

"Drake here is the money will invite you to lunch at our home after returning from .trip," said Kristy Opening Get wallet and gave 1000 notes to me and she decided to leave.

I saw the note which was 1000 and hurriedly said to her "ms. Kristy, it is only worth 100 coins for work and even you have given the material to me."

"hmm how many times I have to say to call me aunt and don't make the price lower for myself," she said somewhat faking her anger.

" ok aunt Kristy" saying I resigned.

As I knew she often would give me money in the name of buying clothes for my monthly expenses.

" ms. ahh I mean aunt Kristy don't you want to try them here in my shop. if you feel uncomfortable I can adjust in minutes" I said pointing at the door inside the shop which is written 'trail room'.

"it's ok Drake. I am in a bit hurry see you next time " saying she turned around and walked to the gate

then I said "aunt Kristy next time do wear a white cloth "

hearing my reply she stopped and turned around while making her ass swing and peaked at my face and left swinging her ass seeing her busty ass I was mesmerized and thought of porn models from my previous world.

I am not from this world, but an ordinary person who just completed my graduation and learning a data course to find a decent job. but one day suddenly while downloading a new sex game on my computer. I got electrocuted while moving the mouse and when I woke up I was in this world.

this world too is the same as my previous world except it has denser qi which allowed people and beasts to train and gain powers to shatter mountains and cleave oceans. most people become hunters and go hunting in wildlands to hunt down the beast and collecting it blood, skin, and organ to make a profit by selling in the market.

with basic technology like electricity and tv and the internet which can only be used by rich people, there is nothing different in this world because of denser qi they directed their research to gain strength than directing it to social media and communication.

this world has special mobile phones and the internet but it can only be used by awakened people who can sense qi and cultivate.

and some rare people in this world awaken spirits along with sensing qi for cultivation. people with spirits are more respected and given preference compared to normal people and cultivators. because awakening spirits can allow them to choose an occupation and let them have a good amount of money, status, and respect. even worst to worst some sprits like scissoring which gave them excellent skills in making clothes even some people with higher occupation spirits can make strong armored clothes using qi with beat skin

.But my predecessor hasn't awakened any spirit even worst he can't sense any qi to cultivate and he has a somewhat strong body compared to normal people because of his strong parents. having no talent he was kicked out of his house and sent to a low-level district which he was staying in now i.compared to the childhood he was spent in a rich atmosphere. where 1000 coins were cheap to him. now it has become the very root of survival for a month.

even without skills and powers my predecessors didn't resign it to fate and started hard-working .while taking care of tailoring shop for his bread and butter for 2years and with expecting some increase in strength and money from aunt Kristy who helps him buys clothes from him to survive .there is no progress.

and the reason for Kristy buying clothes from him is because she too can't sense qi so she felt empathy with him and also seeing his hard work she decided to help.

two weeks before now while I took over this body.his father scolded him for being wasteful and gave him some money and a forbidden pill which can people forcibly sense qi. then. as usual, he ate the pill and died giving chance for me to possess his body.

first I was super happy when I got the memories of transmigration and waste son plight and waited for 2 weeks for any cheat code or system to respond.

I practiced 100 times and ran 1000 times and meditated and cultivated but of no use.

resigning to my fate I accepted the tailor shop and changed it to "only ladies tailor" and continued to live.

designing dresses from my previous world and create some ladies mini skirts and my most favorite one almost transparent white-clothed bikini as they are cheap and offer a great view to me.

after waiting some time and almost at sunset while closing shop. I heard a beautiful voice from my behind which sounded distant yet familiar.

I turned around and saw a beautiful lady with a tight top and pants. with sexy figure and big D cup size bulging boobs which made me excited. I controlled myself and searched my memories and got to know that she is the step-sister of my predecessor and from. memories they were quite close.

"Hello little brother, how are you," said the girl snapping him from my thoughts.

"hello daisy, after a long time visiting my house, "I said mockingly eyeing the luggage beside her as she has not visited y predecessor even once after being kicked out.

"hehe, sorry brother don't be upset I have come specially to spend a week time with you and bought it luggage with me as you can see, "said daisy making their pouted expression making my expression better.

"ok ok, you go to the t. I will bring luggage after closing the shop" said Drake going into the shop.

while saying" ok" she walked into the house.

I peeked at the cupboard and packed all the dresses in the room into a clothed bag and closed shutter taking the clothed bag and my sister's luggage home.

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