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Chapter 1: Prologue: Before Reincarnation 01: Final Rodeo

In the Year 2022, Earth

A young man named Luke was chasing an Organization Cult called Mortifer that was planning to end the world, Over the years that he was finding trails, and clues about the members of the organization and hunting its members and their final mission of ending the world. After years of gathering information, clues, and data about the Weapon that the Mortifers are going to use and the final location of the operation which is located in Ghana Africa.

Evergreen Forest Ghana, Africa. 5:30 PM (30 Mins Before D-Day)

A Full Armed Group of Mortifers are patrolling the vicinity of the operation. At the center of its location, the Mass Weapon of Destruction called Mortem is operating and waiting for its power to be fully unleashed on Earth.

(Luke's PoV)

While I was scouting the area here in Evergreen Rainforest a large beam of light was shot through the sky 3 miles away from me. "Shit! it's starting and for sure a bunch of crazy-ass batshit is guarding it!"

I was running to the location and preparing myself for my final rodeo.

Then after running for almost 15 mins and catching my breath. I saw the bigass Mortem in the Center and the Mortifers protecting it. *Ha ha ha x2* "So, This is it. it's going to be my final rodeo, For sure I'm not gonna survive this after destroying that weapon, But hell I'm not even planning to survive this shit! I'm tired of hunting this kind of crazy cult organization that's planning to destroy the Earth. Bloody hell, why do crazy people want to destroy Earth~chan?????. Earth~chan deserves better than this. Ohhh well I'm gonna enjoy my remaining time cleaning trashes and saving my beloved Earth~chan"

After catching my breath, I started to headcount how many cultists I needed to clean before I stop that Mortem thingy. after counting 20 heads and preparing myself to storm in John Wick style, or maybe I'm going to do a Deadpool style. I was preparing my two beloved Semi-Automatic pistols named Ebony & Ivory and Katana named Yamato after the guns of Dante and Vergil's Katana in Devil May Cry that I played before. that game was badass and I like those guns and katana so I commissioned myself a customed made semi-automatic pistol and a customed katana blade in Japan and named it after those three badass weapons. then I heard one of the cultists saying that the final preparation is on the way. so I panicked a little and started to do my last hurrah. and so after taking cover near one big, thick tree. * Pew x2* I Shot two cultists near my location resulting in a double headshot and alerting the remaining cultist. when the cultists heard those two gunshots they've been alerted that there was a rat that trying to stop their goals. So when they're being alert and start shooting my cover. *Peeeew* x5 While I was taking cover from their gunshots, I went to the two cold bodies of cultists that I shot and get one of their Rifles and magazines and two powerful grenades one each from those dead cultists.

"Fuck! Here goes nothing!" I was exchanging shots with the cultists * Peeeew*x10 while running for a new cover.

" Hahahaha! fuck!! that's close" after running for my next cover. I yeet one grenade to the cultists. *Booooooooooooooom*

"fuck yeah! 12 to go." I saw 6 dead cultists' bodies near the explosion. then I start to loot their bodies trying to find some extra magazines In which I failed because of the result of the explosion. then after taking another cover, I saw another 3 cultists coming near my location trying to find out the status and what happened to the explosion. then when the 3 Cultists saw the dead bodies of their comrades they start to panic and report it to their commander. Then after they reported it they are starting to fall back. but I stop them by firing at them. which resulted in another 2 dead bodies and 1 critically injured fellow. so I went near him, where I saw him trying to say not to kill him, In which I find funny when they are trying to destroy the world and he's now trying to say not to kill him. So I unsheathed my Katana from its Saya(Scabbard in Japanese) then pierce his heart with my Yamato. Counting for a total of 11 Dead Cultists. but when I'm starting to move to the location of Mortem I heard an announcement **10 Mins D-Day** and I knew that I only have a limited time to finish my goal.

"Shit! I'm running out of time! there's more fucking trash that I need to clean!"

So without further ado, I started running and kept firing at the cultists, resulting in another 8 dead bodies. but of course, I was injured resulting in blood loss but heck only 1 remains and It's the fucking commander of this trash cult Mortifer. So I drag my bloody body to the center where I saw the Commander waiting for me with his smirking face. ("god, I want to punch that fucking face").

When I come near with the Commander facing him. He started to laugh maniacally at me and said, "You're finally here Luke my boy!" and I said "You bastard!!!!" then I started to walk face to face with him. While I was coming near him he started his Inner Dio Brando line. "Oh? You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming, right at me? Even though your old man Ray died because of the bomb that I gift to him for his betrayal of our life mission!" I was smoking angry at him cursing him right there. "Fuck you! I'm Gonna kill you!" and then I started fighting him with my Yamato.

After our bloody duel to the death, I finally had the advantage to kill him resulting at the end of our duel with his final villain curse "Daaamn yo-" with the final touch of me beheading him with my Yamato. of course, I'm also near my death because of blood loss. so I drag my bloody body near the Mortem and starting shooting at it with my Ebony & Ivory and yeeting the final grenade that I have left with me. resulting in a loud *boooooooooooooooooooom* destroying the Mordem and of course killing me in the process because of the big explosion due to the power that the Mordem collected resulting in killing me and the destruction of the Evergreen Rainforest.

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