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Chapter 37: Chapter 37: Psst! 150

Nile touched the droplet on his shoulder.

The moment he realized it was blood, Nile instantly look upwards and what he saw made him scared 'a bit'.

Nile saw a zombie clinging onto a metal railing like a monkey. It is a male zombie, but it has an overlong hair like a rockstar. One of its eyes is popping out. Its nose is disfigured. In its mouth, Nile could see the rows of teeth and the missing parts in between. The zombie no longer has its lips.

It looks like it is smiling.

Seeing that Nile had noticed it. The zombie jumped and lunges its body towards Nile.

Like a wrestler diving for an overhead chop.

Nile evaded the move by moving his body sideways. The zombie missed its target and its body fell flat to the ground.

A small sound of 'crack' could be heard as the flooring of the market cratered.

Nile did not waste the opportunity and smash the sledgehammer on the zombie's head.

The zombie rolled and evaded the strike.

The zombie is a speed type. Nile estimated that its speed must be only slightly lower than his.

The zombie rolled and rolled until it arrived at the corner near a column.

It stood up and hug the column while looking at Nile, acting shy.

If it could speak it would probably say, "Psst, 150!"

Seeing this, Nile widened his eyes. This zombie is gay.

'F*ck, even zombies know how to act cute and flirt? Wait..That's not even cute at all!' Nile grumbled inside his head.

Nile did not let the zombie 'act cutely' any longer. He dashed towards the zombie and smash the sledgehammer on its head.

It ducked and evaded the sledgehammer by a hairbreadth. The column it is clinging to broke apart from sledgehammer's force.

After it ducked, the smiling zombie opened its arms and pounced on Nile's waist.

"Not available for hugs." Nile grimaced and kick the ground and retreated instantly.

The smiling zombie followed suit.

While he retreated, Nile smashed the sledgehammer's face towards the zombie's head. It dodged its head, but the sledgehammer hit its shoulder instead.

The zombie staggered, Nile pose for another sledgehammer smash.


The sledgehammer hit the zombie's chest making its figure flew backwards smashing towards the broken column from earlier.

The zombie stood up, its right shoulder that is struck earlier is dropped down. The zombie's right hand is no longer usable. Its chest cave in, the zombie's posture looks like a very old man with a hunchback. Its face is still the same, its mouth that no longer has any lips had its teeth shown. It's always smiling.

Seeing the zombie that had a smile on its disfigured face, Nile felt creep.

He bolted towards the smiling zombie.

At three meters away, Nile jump and using the momentum, he smash the sledgehammer towards the zombie's location.

As usual, the zombie evaded by moving its body sideways. The moment it evaded, Nile changed where the sledgehammer's 'face' face and struck the zombie's leg.

The sledgehammer hit the area below the kneecap and it crack immediately.

With the zombie's broken leg, it could no longer move as easily as before. It will be an easy target.

But Nile did not lower his guard. He grabbed the zombie's broken leg with his left hand and clasp it tightly.

With Nile holding the zombie's leg, it is akin to a butcher butchering an animal on his chopping board.

Nile is smashing a crippled zombie's head.



After two hits of the sledgehammer, the unmoving target could really no longer move literally.

The smiling zombie is dead. Its head is smashed flat on the base of its neck.

Along with it is the 'System prompt' and the tingling sensation of getting stronger.

[Level One° Apocalypse Virus collected.

Converted into 5 Apocalypse Points]


Host: Nile

Level One°

Will: 7.26

Body: 6.76

Strength: 6.76

Energy: 6.76(6.50)


Level One° Sledge Hammer


Level One° Weapons Master

A.P.: 69.0

L.P.(Level Points): 0

The battle with the zombie only took for a minute.

As it was still early, Nile move towards another location that could house a Level One° zombie.

The Department Store.

The Barangay Hall is always at the center of every Barrio. The Market is at the West of the Barangay Hall of Barrio Compud, while the Department Store is at the North West of the Barangay Hall.

Nile arrived at the Department Store after 12 minutes of walking. He killed 13 half-step Level One° zombies along the way.

His Apocalypse Points is now at 75.5. With his current level, his Apocalypse Points could be said to be abundant.

But he knew this amount of points could only amount to the lower or middle list of the Systems product when he successfully reaches Level Two°.

15.0 is the minimum stat points one required to become a Level Two. Nile still had a long way to go before he could Level Up°.

Nile still quite liked his sledgehammer right now. He did not plan to change it soon.

The Department Store is three stories tall. It is colored with the mixture of orange and blue. Two to three meters above the main door is the name of the Department Store.

'Kanor Department Store'.

Kanor is written in a bold form while the 'Deparment Store' is written in italic, and its font size is smaller than 'Kanor' which makes the 'Deparment Store' fit perfectly under the 'Kanor'. Its font is colored white with a dark blue stroke on the outside.

Nile did not enter the Kanor Department Store immediately and instead circle around its surroundings.

Nile could not afford to waste the Apocalypse Points that is wandering around the area.

The wandering Level Zero° or Half-Step Level One° zombies are free for the taking. Even though they only give him 0.5 Apocalypse Points, this could still increase his Apocalypse Point counts.

Nile remembered a saying in his previous world.

'A Peso could not be born without a Centavo'.

(A/N: For those who did not know, Peso is the official currency of the Philippines, 1 peso is equivalent to 100 centavos. Centavo is also known as 'Sentimo'.)

Nile circled the Kanor Department Store and after 6 minutes, he only managed to kill 15 Half-Step Level One° zombies.

'Strange'. Nile thought.

15 zombies are rather sparse considering the population of houses around the department store.

With this number of houses, 50 or so zombies are already the bare minimum, some of them will die during the chaos, but that amount could not dwindle to a mere 15 Half-Step Level One° zombies.

If this is the doing of a Level One° zombie there should be more zombie bodies everywhere. But the number of dead zombie bodies around here did not even go higher than 20.

The only reason he could think is that the zombies are killed and their body is disposed of somewhere else. Level One° zombies did not have this kind of intelligence.

It only means that there are people who frequented here and killed the low-levelled zombie's before dragging the bodies elsewhere.

'It must be the people from the Barangay Hall' Nile thought.

They are also the only survivors he had meet so far on Barrio Compud. So he could only associate them with this, for now.

As for what reason they bothered to drag the bodies elsewhere, Nile did not know.

'Oh right, they have two Level One° Human, so it must be them.' Nile nodded his head. He even secretly praised his genius-ness inside his head.

He also noticed that since the earlier encounters, he no longer see any Level Zero° zombies and instead, the Half-Step Level One° zombies are already quite normal.

'The weakest Apocalypse Viruses had already finished their hibernation. The stronger one's must already be preparing to advance to another Level. I need to hurry.' Nile thought as a sense of urgency lingered in his mind.

Nile carried his sledgehammer over his shoulder and pushed the enormous door of Kanor Department Store with his free hand. The door is locked, but with his strength, the lock is easily broken.

The door is made of glass, aside from the lock breaking, it produces another 'creak' sound on the side. Nile glanced over and noticed the 'Hinge'. The hinge is covered with orange-brown rust.

'Two months of no maintenance and the hinge is already quite rusted? Strange!' Nile thought.

They did not purposely pour salt water around here, right?

Nile no longer paid it any attention and entered the Department Store. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!-150_47115414722897178">!-150_47115414722897178</a> for visiting.

Nile saw that aside from the three stories building, the Department Store also have 1 floor underground.

There is a stair in the center that leads to the underground floor. On the right and left side of the stairs is the pathway leading to the ground-floor.

Nile decided to explore the underground floor first. Just like a dungeon, clear the lower-floor first before proceeding upwards.

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