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8.37% Isekai Absolute Copy and Online Shopping / Chapter 16: The World is Wide! New Unique Skill!!

The World is Wide! New Unique Skill!! - Isekai Absolute Copy and Online Shopping - Chapter 16 by wintermist1994 full book limited free

Chapter 16: The World is Wide! New Unique Skill!!

-Catherine POV-

[[Thank you for your patronage! please come back again~]]

I am seeing out the recently young man with his new slave while my shop's subordinates giving a textbook business style gratitude towards the two of them.

After seeing the two of them off, I recalled the thing that happened earlier while I tried to appraise him with my appraisal skill, for the first time in my life I failed to appraised someone completely, and the young man from before was the one that made it happen.

All I could see after appraised him was his job and level, as for the other statuses, it became an incomprehensible symbol that I couldn't read for some reason...


Job : Swordsman

Lv 49

HP : ~@@%%98*>?

MP : @34%~*&^^_-

Skill : {{:D"W> :D)JQQ_U (#)DY&E Y&YD% ^#&@E(E )@(EW (^E^(W %^G D m YGW^ @^)@ &Y&S HWDG) ^$@(#^#)* #)FNC*DY &DB*UW ^D&Y(*)@O DSK*@% #^@@^*

After failed to decipher that mysterious young man's strength, I smiled while started to reminiscence about the old days... when I still had "that" prestige, that young man somehow reminded me of the past Challenger that tried to subdue me

[What a mysterious customer~... and the way his Magic power suddenly became stronger slightly, it's quite bothered me a bit~... interesting~]

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I continued smoking leisurely, but my mouth couldn't stop smiling for some reason.

-Back to Alex POV-


[Master? are you alright? your face looks so pale?.... don't tell me... did master regrets it after buying me?]

I heard a bewitching mature woman voice beside me, as she asked me worriedly. Somehow, I could perceive a hint of sadness in her tone

[Ah? S-sorry... I-I am Okay, there is no problem at all hahaha]

I tried to appease her, but all the words that came out of my mouth became so stiff and trembled slightly. It couldn't be helped, I will give you an example!

"One day you are in a good mood because something good happened in your life, while you walking in the park you met a beautiful and cute kid, now, what happened if that cute kid its actually an "extraordinary powerful demon lord"?! and for some reasons, you can see through the kid's identity but that kid the actual demon lord was still played her role innocently as she smiled cutely at you" 

I bet you will shit your pants off and faints in the spot!!!

I consider my mind strong enough because I didn't shit my pants and still barely conscious, you know what?! the sexy and bewitching Madam Catherine's true identities was that "extraordinary powerful demon lord"!! I mean it's "literally" the Demon Lord in all true meanings!! even tho she was the retired one...

*Descendant of Lilith*

Ex Demon Lord

Job : Demon Lord

Lv 250[max]

HP : ?????????????????

MP : ????????????????????

Skill : ??????????? [Legendary] ??????? [Legendary] ???????[Legendary].....[Legendary]....[Legendary].... Mana Body (max)[Unique], Space&Time Magic (max)[Unique]....etc.

I copied the Mana Body (max)[Unique] and Space&Time Magic (max)[Unique] hurriedly after I appraised her! I didn't even have time to check her rare ~~ common rating skill because of fear!! 

Anyway I swapped my AGI Up Large to Mana Body skill

Mana Body (max)[Unique] : MP x20, and increase MP regeneration by 20% of total mp/minutes permanently.

<Mana Body (max)[Unique] has 99% affinity with Ultra regeneration VII[Rare]>


<Combination success>

<Acquired Skill Ultra Mana Body (Max)[Unique +]>

Ultra Mana Body (Max)[Unique +] : MP x20, and increase MP&HP regeneration by 20% of total respective amounts/minutes permanently.

Space&Time Magic (max)[Unique] : Manipulate Space&Time with magic. Magic list: Teleportation (teleported yourself with/without your party member to anywhere you ever been. skill channel 30 seconds. consume 500mp), Blink (Blinked directly to any area in your vision. cooldown: 2 seconds, consume 25mp), Inventory (Store anything [Except living beings] in your Personal Space. the inventory Space depends on how much your total mp/meter. mp consumption 0), illusive Barrier (Create Space&Time Barrier in approximate area, the barrier will hide and camouflage the approximate area. The max area space depends on how much mp you have. consume 1000mp/km), Backtrack (Back at the conditions 1 second ago. cooldown: 1 minute. consume concentration), Chronospere (The time in the surrounding 1km area will stop for 1 minute. cooldown : 1 day. consume 50.000mp)

<Acquired title: Become The one with mana>

<Acquired title: Magic swordsmen>

And for some reasons, I get this notification after I bought my 1st slave after the owner qualification transferred to me

<Triggered Otherworlder title by owning slaves>

<Acquired skill: Otherwolder [???]>

Become The one with mana : increase MATK by 100% and Magic resistance by 50%

Magic Swordsmen : Unlock Magic swordsman job after you maximize swordsman Job. after unlocked the job you will get an affinity check and get affinity titles

Otherworld [???] : explore yourself!! don't be lazy!

-Otherwolder [???]-

Party member list : [Alex] [Chaliope]

Yes! my slave name is Chaliope, I bought her for 700.000 Rham. Seeing the unsettled appearance of her that didn't disappear yet, it seems that I failed to appease her. What a failure master am I... 

Anyway, there is a party member list in my Otherwolder skill, as for the skill description, I don't care about the stupid system anymore!

I cleared all the messed up sudden information that appeared inside my head, and trying to make myself calm. yes... it seems I got conceited after defeating the orc king! the feeling of wanting to be recognized by other people poisoned me to became arrogant...

Or maybe deep inside my heart, "that" personality of me wanted to be free from the jail that I set myself... even though I already buried it for a long time ago... 

Immortal dragon... what a disaster...

Anyway, I realized that I still a weakling in this world now. I still have a long way to go before got the qualification to become arrogant in this world...

If I keep this bad behavior, sooner or later I will self destruct myself after it's backfired me. 

The world is so wide!! look what I found a while ago?! a demon lord class powerhouse hiding in a small border town like this!! if one day I unconsciously messed up with the wrong person... Somehow I didn't want to think about it...


I started to arrange my mind before calmed myself once more. I could feel a hint of redness started to back again to my pale frightened face. I started to look at Chaliope who still had an unsettled expression softly before holding her hands gently to calmed her unsettled heart


[You know Chali... there is a lot of stuff that I really want to share with you, but please be patient for now, okay~ and, stop worrying about me that not wanting you, because it's just Chali negative feeling get into Chali's mind... I will tell you my real feeling now... I, Alex, never, ever once thinking that buying you is a mistake, for me, Chali will become one of the important people in my life from now on~... so rest assured, and keep accompany me in this life okay?]

I hugged her gently and caressed her tender back softly after saying my real feeling. I could feel the mass of softness squeezed my chest area before enveloped it with a warmness that made me comfortable.

But now, it's not the time for me to think about the lewd thing, so I just enjoy it silently for now.

Before long, I could feel Chaliope Stiff body started to relax. 

Chaliope. She is the Red werewolf race bewitching and beautiful women. She is my first slave and my first companion that will accompany me on this journey in a brand new world that I am in now...

[Let's go back to the inn, Chali!]

[Yes master~]

Chali answered me with her beautiful charming smile. The smiled bloom on her face changed and improved my mood to be better as it warmed my heart slowly...

From now on...

My Isekai journey will never be lonely anymore~

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