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10% It's a Psycho Thing / Chapter 4: Psycho Card

Psycho Card - It's a Psycho Thing - Chapter 4 by MS.CHINITRIXIE full book limited free

Chapter 4: Psycho Card

Who says that I was really going to hit his friend? I was not a fool like him to do such gibberish thing that could make my life at risk.

I beam a bit to make the tension more compelling.

I abode and glance at him as I decided to approach him but in a middle of my

scheme someone interrupted me.

“PSYCHO!!!” They squeal that made me frowned.


Did they called me a psycho?

I turned my gaze and drawn my attention to the other two remaining male students behind me.


They are only juniors based on their uniforms but how come that these two students acted like a seniors now?

I also even noticed that they were the two most famous Varsity players in our campus.

I smirked.

I don’t know why some people only admiring them bacause of their appearances?

I gave them a drastically look and started to trenchant myself.

“P..psycho?” I repeated and slightly pace my feet as I slowly trudge towards them.

Eyes Don't Lie.

I could see in their eyes that they both scared now.They also avoided my gaze and lowered their heads.

That's right.They should respect me as their seniors.

If other people homage them then I am not because I can flatten their image to get hold of my revenge.

Remember,I have many cards to play with their little kiddy games.

I chuckled.

"D-don't come near with us!" A tanned-skin boy shouted and they even picked a rock to protect themselves.

I sighed.They just wasting my time,so I take my phone on the ground and I pretended to film them.

"Say Hello,little kiddos" I teased and on the spur of moment they begin to hide their faces and immediately ran.

I cackle as I put my phone back to my pocket.

Yeah,they should run because I won't hesitate to break their bones.

I rolled my eyes.

“L...let g-go of me----” I suddenly stopped from what I was doing when my dearest classmate spoke.

I lowered my gaze and sat down to clearly saw his swollen face.


“U...ugh!” He groaned.

I punched him again so that I could satisfy myself.

‘that’s right’

'Your unfortunate moments is my happiness.' My other self whispered.

Actually, I will never get tired of seeing someone struggling because of me.

I’m sorry but I have another alter in my body.She was always with me when people oppress me.

“Your Friend was right.” I stated and back my gaze at him.

How pity those eyes.

“U...uh asdfghjkl--” I immediately cut his words off by slightly laying my finger on his lip.

“Sshhhhh.” I hushed.

“I will tell you the truth.Kindly listen.” I initially stated and gently touching his cheek.

“I'm a Psycho.My evil side easily triggered when someone bring up a fight against me,so don’t you dare to messing up with me.” I threatened.

His eyes tells everything.I could clearly saw his fears.

"Y..yeah" He well-behaved replied even though he can't barely move his body.

I chuckled and patted his head.That's what I want to hear.

I won.

I heaved a deep sighed first before I officially left him.

'It's your turn,Ms.Zin Co. Girl' I leer and whispered to myself.

I started to walk towards in her direction.She was still on the ground and continue crying like a baby.

I rolled my eyes as I reached her.

"Can you---" I was about to talk to her when she suddenly knelt and touched my foot.

What the?

I sighed.

Seriously? She looks so ignorant by doing that such thing.Tch!

I look away.

I don’t like weak people because I could only see myself before who can do nothing but to cry.

“T...thank y-you...” she stated between her sobs.

So I just stepped back a little and crossed my both arms.

“Get up." I sparingly said.

She stood up but still bowed her head.I also even saw a wound on her neck.

“T-tha...Thank you” she thanked me again and held my both hands.

I furrowed my brows.

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I straightened up and looked at her intently.

“I didn’t help you because I wanted to.It just so happened that I passed by.” I lied and removed my hand from her grip.

I don’t want to received any praises from all of the people.I am not a good person that they thinks.

She instantly smiled at me and wiped her tears.

“Yes,but how can I pay you back?” she asked.


I steeply stared at her and giving myself a time to think about it.

Based on her words that she was hiding something and obviously she offered me a favor.

“Why are you here?” I purposely asked to corner her.

She looked ponder.

“A..ah b-because.. I-I...” She didn’t know how to come up with her answer and even tried to avoiding my gaze.

I grinned and crossed my both arms.I could clearly saw her reason.

“You’re a daughter of Zin Co. right?” I asked.

She turned her gaze at me first and nodded.

Zin company was one of the richest and best known for producing articles,news and magazines, so once I reported it to her parents it may affects the reputations name of their company.

I smiled a bit.

She's a wise girl but I much more wiser than her.

She doesn't have any choice when I blackmail her.

Well in fact.I accidentally caught her with a guy earlier before she was exposed here in the park.

and besides she was only in a second year college level student in our University and instead of attending her classes she just chose to date her boyfriend and doing some romantic intimacy.

“I’m curious on how would your parents react if I say that you had with your boyfriend and doing cutting in classes.” I teased and she was literally shocked from what I said.

I even took my phone and pretended to called the Zin Company office but In just a short moments,she quickly approached me and held my both hands again.

I looked at her.

“Please! Don't report me to my parents,.” She begged.

I burst into laughter when I saw her priceless reaction.

“I think you are even more afraid to me than those guy who bullied you earlier? am I right?" I mockingly asked.

But instead of answering me she just bowed her head.So I crossed my arms and exhort.

“As far as I remember that you will going to pay me in return for helping you? isn’t it?" I stated and changed the topic.

She seemed to be liven up after I bring up her offer.

It's time to used my Psycho Card.

“Of course, yes! Name it.” she immediately assert.

I leer a bit as I adjusted my uniform and picked my bag.

“Zin Company releasing their new ZEQUE tomorrow,right?” I asked.

She nodded to me but I could see in her reaction that she has no idea from what I am saying.

“Yes,but why?” She replied with a full of curiousity.

I slightly smiled and handed her a piece of paper.

“Publish it.” When I said that, She immediately looked at me.

“But I don't have an authority to publish this and besides it was my parents company and not m--“ I quickly motioned her to stop and looked at her closely.

'You can't say No.'

“Do it.I’m holding your secrets and I hope thay you may not forget about the deal.” I threatened her with my words.

After that I saw her tears began to roll down on her face.

‘I won again'

Thanks to her because I can finally start what I have been longing for.

“Why are you blackmailing me?” She looked at me and so do I.

I simper for her nonsense question.

“Because I have a Psycho Card” I answered.

Her forehead immediately furrowed as she tries to understand what does it mean.

I didn‘t help her because I wanted to.Hmm.So to be more specific, I need her to start my plan.

“Give and take. Publish it and your secrets will be keep forever.” I stated as I began to turn around and planning to leave her.




“Ok. I will do it but please don't report me on my parents,please?” She suddenly spokes and begged again.

'I got her *smirked* I sealed the deal with a mark of loyalty'

I didn't bothered to turn around and just raised my right arm to her as my answer.

Xianel Alvarez.

The Timer starts now.....

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