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28.75% It All Started With Love / Chapter 23: A Private Wedding Part 2

Chapter 23: A Private Wedding Part 2

I sat on a chair in front of the dressing table in the guest room that Ethan had turned into a mini hairstyling salon. I was both impressed and surprised but I'm sure he must have got help to do all of this. 

I'm both happy and nervous, everything was exactly like I dreamt about. A private small wedding, just me and him, enjoying our time. I had big gatherings and I'm glad that Ethan was an understanding person towards my needs.

Of course, Ethan's family will be shocked and angry, after all, the mafia king got married without a big-lavish wedding. But we will handle all of this later, right now we need to focus on our special day. 

I decided that I let my hair down for the hairstyle and for the makeup, I decided to do light makeup. I don't like putting on thick makeup and I don't think it suits me. 

"You're going to be a beautiful bride." The makeup artist said and I smiled at her. 

To be honest, I never thought about getting married. It was an impossible idea for me considering my condition but look how things turned out to be.

An hour later, I was ready, wearing my wedding dress and standing in front of the long mirror, looking at my reflection. The dress that Ethan picked was beautiful, simple, and elegant just like I wanted. 

Touching the soft fabric, I smiled at my reflection. I wasn't nervous or tense anymore, I don't know why but I suddenly felt relaxed and just happy. Though I wished that my mother would be alive right now, witnessing this moment, I know that she's watching me from the heavens. Right now having Ethan by my side is more than enough.

I heard a knock on the door before the door opened revealing Ethan, wearing his wedding suit. He looked handsome and I found myself smiling as I looked at him as he approached me, a flower boutique in his hands. 

He looked so handsome in his black suit. He looks good in everything. I thought to myself. 

"This is for you. It's your favorite, sweet peas." He said as he handed it to me.

He was nervous. I noticed how tense his shoulders seemed to be. He stood right in front of me, looking at me from head to toe. 

"You look breathtaking." He said in a nervous voice as he cupped my face and kissed my forehead before he pulled me into his arms, careful not to ruin my makeup.

That was just perfect and what we needed. A moment of silence, to try to take everything that happened in the past and prepare ourselves for the future as a married couple.

"I love you." Ethan whispered in my ear as he brought my hand to his lips, kissing the inside of it.

I looked at him and tip-toed to kiss him as a way of replying to his confession but he stopped me.

"Not now. We have a photo shoot for the wedding album." Ethan said as he fixed my dress and then offered his hand to me and I took it and we walked out of the room together.

I was welcomed with a beautiful sight, the floor was covered with flower petals. Romantic music turned on. This was just perfect, he didn't forget anything. My life is complete now and I couldn't ask for more. 

First, we took the wedding photos. Ethan had hired a professional photographer team for the wedding album photos. Once we finished, we went to eat the special dinner that Ethan asked the chef to make. The table sitting was romantic, the table was covered with petals. The candlelights added a sensual atmosphere. 

I felt Ethan's hands wrap around my waist, hugging me from behind. I turned around in his arms, facing him. I had a smile on my face, telling everything I was feeling.

"Happy?" Ethan asked and I nodded my head."Me too." He added as he leaned closer, pressing his lips on mine before he pulled away, pressing our forehead together. 

He took my hand and placed it on his chest, on his beating heart. I could feel how fast his heart was beating. He wanted to tell me how happy and nervous he was, but not in words. 

I looked up at him and cupped his face and he leaned into my touch and that was when I realized that Ethan was nervous…, he was scared of losing me again. 

It was just now that I realized how traumatized Ethan became because of the accident two years ago. I didn't know that it was that bad. His right hand was shaking slightly and his forehead was covered in sweat, his breathing was irregular. He was having a panic attack.

I unbuttoned his suit jacket buttons and helped him to take it off and then I loosened his neck and shirt buttons and guided him toward the near chair.

"I'm fine." Ethan said to me as he sat down. "I just need time." He added as he removed his necktie. 

I sat down beside him and pulled him closer, Ethan rested his head on my shoulder and I started running my fingers through his hair to calm him. 

Since I woke up Ethan focused on taking care of me and making sure that I was having his full attention and forgot how tired, exhausted, and traumatized he was.

"Don't think about it too much. I'm fine." Ethan lifted his head and said.

"I'm sorry." I said, signaling.

I should have apologized a long time ago. My foolish actions led to all of this. 

He was about to say something but I stopped him by placing my hand on his lips, shaking my head no, telling him to let me continue…

"I shouldn't have acted recklessly that night. If I didn't, things might have been different." I said, signaling.


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