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Chapter 9: Alexander De-Martin

Petal POV

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I noticed was Ethan's strong arms warping around me from behind as we were sleeping in a spooning position. Slowly I turned around in his arms and noticed that he was awake, staring at me. I wanted to see him more clearly, so I pressed the curtains button and it automatically pulled open.

I reached my hand to touch his face and he leaned into my touch and pulled me closer to him. In response, I warped my leg around his waist as I ran my hand through his dark soft hair. Ethan placed his head on my chest as his hold on me tightened but it wasn't painful or uncomfortable and I continued to play with his hair feeling his tensed body relax gradually

Last night's events were too much for me but I'm not regretting it nor did my feelings change towards him. It's just that what I saw shocked me, the Ethan that I saw shocked. He is more violent and brutal than I imagined but in the line of work he does, it's only natural for him to be like this.

When I looked down at Ethan I felt my heart melt, he had fallen asleep again. He must be very tired, I too was still exhausted and didn't want to leave the bed so I closed my eyes and we both drifted off to sleep.

By the time we woke up, it was past none, we took a shower together and went

downstairs together. Both of us didn't talk about last night, well, it was mostly Ethan who seemed to be avoiding speaking about it so I played along. There was nothing to talk about, for me, he was still the gentle-loving man that I loved.

"What do you want to eat?" I asked Ethan, Signaling.

"Anything you make will taste delicious." He replied and I laughed at the cliche yet flirting complaint.

Opening the refrigerator, I started to pick up the ingredients for our late breakfast. I suddenly was craving an omelet and some bacon along with toast bread and coffee. I looked at Ethan and pointed at the ingredients.

"You went to make omelet, bacon, and toasted bread." He understood and I nodded my head."Then let's start cooking." He added walking over to my side, pressing a kiss on my lips.

Ethan brought the pan and started cooking the omelet and I started to cook the bacon. I love how me and Ethan work in harmony when we're in the kitchen, it always makes me feel happy and relaxed.

Ethan's phone started ringing. I brought the phone to him and he picked it up.

"Hello." Ethan answered.

I noticed how his facial expressions changed and heard him say."I

Let him wait."

"Alexander De-Martin is standing in front of our house door right now." Ethan said to me and I immediately remembered him.

I understood that Ethan was asking for my permission to let him enter."Let's welcome him together." I said.

Ethan looked at me and said.``Are you sure? he's a very annoying guest." He warned me and laughed at how childish Ethan is being right now.

I shook my head hopelessly as I walked out of the kitchen and to him to follow me. I would be rude to ask him to leave. Though I don't know that man very well, I have a feeling that he's not as bad as Ethan is describing him.

Opening the door, I saw the guards gathered in front of the door, covering my view. I turned to Ethan and to him to tell the guards to move away from the house entrance.

"Move." He ordered the guards and they obeyed his order

I saw a man named Alexander, standing not far away from the door. He was dressed In black just like the first time I saw him and wearing glasses, he was holding a cigarette, smoking it.

When I saw Ethan standing there just glaring at the man for no reason, I nudged him to stop what he was doing and invite the man to enter.

"Come in." Ethan

"I expect no less from the underworld king." I heard Alexander say as he entered.

"Good evening. Ma'am. I'm Alexander De-Martin. Ethan's friend." Alexander introduced himself.

I only nodded my head in acknowledgment as I couldn't reply verbally to him. The man

"I apologize for coming without further notice." Alexander said and shocked my hands telling him that it was okay.

Suddenly, I felt Ethan's hand warping around my waist and pulling me close to him.``Even with your apologies, it's still rude to come without calling." Ethan said.

"I was passing by and I thought about visiting my best friend." Alexander replied to Ethan's words with a heartful smile.

I just couldn't tolerate Ethan's uncalled-for rudeness and elbowed him as hard as I could and pulled away but he didn't move an inch, it was like he was made of steel."Tell him if he would like anything to drink." I signaled to Ethan.

Ethan rolled his eyes but still said what I told him. "Petal is asking you if you would like to drink something?"

Alexander looked at me and said."I don't want to trouble you."

"Just say what you want to drink." I heard Ethan say to him and glared at him.

His acting is very strange and it's beginning to anger me."Tell him that I'm inviting him for a meal." I signaled for him to say.

"Petal is inviting you to a meal. You can't refuse, she's insisting." Ethan said and I nodded my head looking at Alexander.

"Then I'll gladly accept your invitation." Alexander said and looked at Ethan who looked like he would kill him at any minute.

Something about their friendship seems off, I thought as I looked at the two men.

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