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Chapter 19: Share all of your concerns

Petal POV

The look on Ethan's face disappointed me. I thought at least he would smile and say everything is going to be alright, we can do this together. But he seemed to be angry.

Does he not want to have children with me?

"You shouldn't have done that. You could be–"

"I took a test. I'm not pregnant." I cut him off, feeling as if my heart was being stabbed.

I felt hurt, I looked away as I just didn't want to look at him right now. I'm aware that my health wasn't the best, but he could at least pretend that he's happy.

"I'm sorry." I heard him say and felt his hand cupping my face."I'm just worried. I don't want to see lying in bed again, sick and suffering. I can't lose you again." He continued and I turned to look at him with eyes full of tears.

"Do you want a child with me?" I asked, signaling, finally voicing my concerns.

Ethan stood up, removing the towel, he joined me in the bathtub. We were facing each other and he stretched his hand to me and took it, letting him pull me towards him.

He cupped my face and kissed me on the forehead, his aura suddenly became tender and gentle.

"I apologize for letting you misunderstand me. I was merely worried but it seemed like it was the wrong approach." Ethan said, his voice calm and gentle."And yes, of course, I want to have babies with you, not just one." He continued.

He finally answered the question that was always causing me to overthink, not knowing what he wanted. I felt happy and relieved.


Ethan POV.

I spoke without thinking, not realizing that my words hurt her. I should have been more careful. It's only natural for her to want to have children. But it isn't good timing considering her health.

Once we got out of the bathroom, Petal got dressed and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I took the chance and made some calls and scheduled an appointment for a full check-up at the hospital tomorrow for Petal and then followed her to the kitchen to help her.


Petal POV

In the kitchen.

I stood by the kitchen counter watching how to skillfully cut the vegetables with the knife like a chef. I was surprised at how quickly he became good at cooking. He can now cook most of the Italian dishes. I didn't know if I should be proud or jealous.

Once we ate our breakfast, we started to prepare the dinner dishes. I was thankful that Ethan was here to help or it might have taken me a long time to finish preparing the food. He had suggested that we bring some of the main housemaids to help but I refused.

By the time we finished cooking the food and the dessert, it was almost six in the evening. We went upstairs and got ready. I suddenly became nervous because this was the first time that I invited someone to dinner and the fact that I can't communicate normally like others is making me feel pressured and I hate this feeling. I tried my best to look normal and relaxed in front of Ethan because I didn't want to burden him more.

I know that he never complained but I'm sure that being in a relationship with someone like me who's quiet all the time is not easy. I don't even know how or when he learned sign language but he didn't for me. I still find him reading sign language books in his office so he can understand everything I say. It is both warm and breaks my heart. I always wondered what my voice would sound like if I was able to sleep one day, but that will never happen.

After the surgery I had after I moved to the Wilson's mansion, I went to different doctors and all of them confirmed that there's no medical solution for my disability. I was sad at first but I learned to accept the truth with time.

"What are you thinking?" Ethan's voice cut through my thoughts.

I was just passing by the window and stood there looking at the sunset but I didn't realize how much time I stood there, spacing out.

I turned around and smiled at him."Nothing important." I said, signaling.

Ethan reached to push my hair back with his hands while his eyes looked into mine.

"Everything you think about is important even if it seems unimportant to you." Ethan whispered, bringing my hand to his lips, and kissing my knuckles."Share all of your concerns with me." He added, lowering my hand and pulling me into his arms.

Yes, that's what I needed right now, to make me feel special to him and his warm embrace. I closed my eyes and just let him hold me, I felt as if the bad intoxicating thoughts were being erased from my mind.

Once I felt myself recharged and energetic again, I pulled away and looked up at him and then at the time. It was almost seven and our guests hadn't shown up yet.

"Don't worry. They're probably fighting over some stupid thing. But they will come." Ethan said.

It seems that he knows them well and by how he describes their relationship it doesn't seem like a normal relationship to me.

"How do you know that?" I asked, signaling.

"Because I have witnessed it more times than I can count. That girl seems mentally unstable to me." Ethan replied as he fixed my hair.

His answer only made me even more curious to meet her.


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