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Chapter 13: Swimming class part one

Pulling the sheet up to my chest, I rested my head on Ethan's chest. It always feels comfortable when we stay like this, just relaxing and enjoying ourselves. I looked up at Ethan who was running his fingers through my hair, kissing my head now and then.

I saw Ethan's eyes leave mine and focus on my chest and I knew exactly what he was looking at. Touching the scar on the chest, he traced the pink tender skin with his fingers. This scar was caused by the surgery that was performed to remove the bullet from my heart.

"Does it hurt?" He asked the same question he asks every time he sees this scar.

I shook my head, telling him that it doesn't hurt. He still blamed himself for what happened and after all this, I realized that I can't do anything about it. Something broke inside of him on the night of the accident and all I can do is try to love him back together.

I turned around to face him, making sure that kept the sheet pressed against me but I realized that I can't use my hands to speak to him If I kept holding onto the sheet. It frustrated me and Ethan noticed it.

"Let me hold it for you." Ethan said as he placed his hand on the sheet so I could use my hands.

His action warmed my heart and I felt like crying. Ethan is so good to me that sometimes I feel like I'm dreaming and scared to wake up from this sweet dream.

"Don't cry. I'll always protect and support you." Ethan said as he reached to wipe the tears from my eyes with his free hand."Now, tell me what you wanted to say." He added and kissed me on the forehead.

I smiled and nodded my head."I want to go to the beach." I said, signaling and Ethan looked at me confused before he smiled at me.

"Do you want to go today?" He asked and I thought about it for a while before I nodded my head.

I haven't been there that much, I only went one time with my mother when I was a child and since that time I wanted to visit it again. Besides, summer is almost over

"Then, let's get ready." Ethan said and hugged him, feeling very happy.


An hour later we were on our way to the beach, of course, we were surrounded by armed guards. Ethan himself was armed, he always is. I know it's for our protection, so I didn't mind it.

I was so excited, though I didn't know how to swim but I like the idea of sitting on the soft sand under the warm sun. I turned to look at Ethan who was texting someone on his phone and wondered if I was interrupting his work with my request to the beach.

But suddenly, he warps a hand around my waist, pulling me closer to him as he shows me the phone screen. He was online shopping.

"I was ordering a swimsuit for you." He said and I titled my head confused.

"I don't know how to swim." I said, signaling.

"That's not a problem. I'll teach you." Ethan said as he put his phone down.

A swimming suit, I never wore one in my entire life, so how am I going to wear one now? I thought to myself as I looked outside the window of the car.

Thirty minutes later, we arrived at the beach. It was a five-star hotel overlooking the sea. Once we got out of the car, an old man and woman were waiting for us.

"Good evening. Sir. Ma'am." The old man greeted us.

I nodded my head in response and Ethan greeted them back.

"Your order has arrived. Sir. Your room is also ready." The man said to Ethan as he handed him the room key.

"Thank you." Ethan said to them and turned to look at me."Let's go." Ethan said, offering his hand to me.

We walked towards the hotel entrance and headed towards the elevator. Once we arrived at the room door, Ethan unlocked the door and we stepped inside. I looked around the room, both happy and surprised.

"Did you like the surprise?" I heard Ethan ask as he approached from behind, warping his hands around my waist.

I nodded my head and looked up at him."The place is beautiful." I said, signaling.

"It's yours now." Ethan said and I looked at him with wide eyes.

I turned around, my lips parted, still confused by what he said. Just when did he buy it when he was with me all the time? But, yes once again I forgot who this man is and what he can do.

"Don't look at me like this or we might have to cancel the swimming class." Ethan purred I'm my ear and I shivered and pulled away.

I heard Ethan laugh and I glared at him which made him laugh even more which led me to glare harder at him.

"Alright, alright. I'll stop." Ethan said and walked towards the table."Why don't you try the swimsuit on so we could head to the beach." He said as he grabbed the shopping bag and handed it to me.

One of the things that I love about Ethan is that he always gives me the space and privacy that I need. Never force me to do anything I don't like or want.

I took the bag from him and walked towards the bathroom, pretending to be angry when I was trying my best to not smile. He's so adorable I thought to myself. Closing the door behind me, I placed the bag on the sink countertop and took out the swimming suit only to be shocked.

What was he thinking about buying a revealing swimsuit like that?

I thought to myself as I looked at it.

Cornflower Cornflower

I placed the swimsuit image in the comments

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