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10% It All Started With Love / Chapter 8: The other side of him part two

Chapter 8: The other side of him part two

Petal POV

Once Ethan left, Issac told me to sit down in front of one of the screens. Through the screen, I saw entering the room I was in earlier and that made me think about if I should tell Ethan or not.

Lights were turned on and I could see everything clearly in the room. It was an empty room except for Ethan, the two men, and a table in front of them. I could see some kind of tools on the about with different shapes and sizes and I immediately realized what these tools are for. It's to torture people.

I saw Ethan grab a chair and sit in front of one of the two men and said.``So, have you decided to talk?

The man remained silent and Ethan reached for one of the tools that looked like a nail clipper.

I looked away because I knew what was going to happen. A painful scream was heard and when I looked back at the screen, my eyes widened at the sight of oozing blood from the man's hand that was missing a finger right now, crying in pain.

I turned to look at Issac and saw him smiling as he watched the screen and it felt as if it was the wrong place for me to be in, even so, I continued watching.

Ethan walked to the second man who was staring at Ethan with bloodshot eyes as if he was ready to kill him.

I saw Ethan put the tool in his hand down and pick another tool that looked like a hammer and without further warning he began to hit the man on his knee.

"Aaaargh." The man yelled in pain but Ethan didn't stop.

I gasped as I looked at the screen with wide eyes, I felt so sick as I held onto the fabric of my dress tightly.

"STOP PLEASE." The man screamed, bagging Ethan but he didn't.

It was like he turned to someone else, It was like he's a bloodthirsty monster. He no longer had that gentle expression on his face, it was like I did not know him.

Ten minutes passed and the torture and the screaming of the two men didn't stop as Ethan continued torturing them without stopping. Blood covered the floor underneath Ethan's feet, his face, and clothes but he was unmoved by it.

I couldn't watch any longer, this was too much for me. I felt so sick and I needed to go to the bathroom but my body felt so weak yet I forced myself to stand on my feet.

I couldn't stay here any longer, it was too much for me to take. Pushing the door open, I left the control room and reached the stairs heading towards my old room.


Ethan POV

I looked up in the direction of the cameras, knowing that Petal is watching and properly she might be scared right now. She might be feeling sick right, maybe rethinking about us being together, I already knew that something like this might happen and it scares the hell out of me.

Picking up the clean cloth, I wiped off the blood on my hands as I watched the two nearly dead men. Now that I got the information that I need, I no longer have any use for them.

I heard the door being opened and I knew that it was Issac and that Petal had left the room, affected by what she watched.

"Did she leave?" I asked Isaac.

"I don't think she's alright." Isaac replied.

"Send them to their leader like this, no treatment," I ordered before I left the room heading upstairs.

I knew where Petal I'd right now, but before I went to her room, I needed to take a shower and clean myself first. She had seen enough horrific sights tonight.

Fifteen minutes later I was standing in front of her old room, I gently knocked on the door and waited for a minute before I opened the door and stepped inside it. The room was empty but by the sound of the running water, I knew she was in the bathroom.

I walked towards the bathroom only to see Petal hovering above the toilet, throwing up. After what she saw, this was a normal reaction. Walked towards her and called her in the most gentle tone I could master.

"Petal." I called her and she looked up at me and extended her hand to me asking me to help her stand up.

Immediately, I held her hand and helped her."It's okay I'm here now." I whispered in her ear as I guided her toward the sink and helped her clean herself.

Her face was red and covered in tears, she was so scared that her body was shaking but surprised me that she didn't push me away, instead, she held onto me tightly and that eased the fear inside me.

"Do you want to leave?" I asked and she nodded her head.

I called the driver and told him to get the car ready and then I picked up Petal, carrying her in my arms as she's not in a condition that allows her to walk on her own.

The whole time inside the car, Petal stayed in my arms, sleeping, holding into my shirt, her face buried in my chest. She didn't say anything and I didn't bother her.

To be honest I preferred it that way because I wasn't ready to know what she was going to say and how she views me now after what she saw.

Once we arrived home, I took her to the bedroom, laid gently on the bed and took off her hearing aids, and joined her on the bed, pulling her close to me, letting her use my arm as a pillow.

I pressed the button above the bed and the lights were turned off and the curtains automatically closed. I was so exhausted by the day's events and it didn't take me long to fall asleep and having her in my arms eased my mind.

Cornflower Cornflower

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You can now gift the story and use golden tickets.

Thank you everyone.

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