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66.66% Izuka / Chapter 22: . . .

. . . - Izuka - Chapter 22 by Anotoki full book limited free

Chapter 22: . . .

The beam's size was fit in the narrow path of the alleyway, it went straight to the end until it hit the wall of the illusion realm.

Breaking through many walls of buildings.

After a few breaths, its light slowly went dim as the beam became smaller.

The person who cast this was in the air. A second ranker could float in the air as it threading in it.

Unfortunately, they cannot walk or fly.

Noticing that the person, or rather Furasa's spiritual energy sucked dry. Narukami stopped what he was doing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

In an instant, the lightning barrier disappeared.

Furasa gradually descended to the ground, a few distances from him. Her breath was quite hasty.

As soon as she landed, her torso was too heavy for her legs. Causing her to kneel. She did, however, try to keep her balance but failed. 

"Furasa-taichou!" The guy shouted in concern as he came to Furasa's side in hurry.

From behind, she has black hair with two long ponytails reaching her waist. As she sat on the floor, her long hair scattered on the ground.

As Narukami slowly approached her with his hands in his pocket, the guy pointed his finger to his side and Furasa turned around, following its direction.

Her eyes slightly expanded when seeing Narukami. She averted her head to the guy for clarification.

The guy nodded and Furasa turned her head in Narukami's way, clouded with doubt.

"Thank you for saving my underling, senior." She bowed politely and clasped her hands.

Narukami answered her answer with a nod as he stopped walking.

"Let me introduce myself, my name's Furasa Aru, the second daughter of the Furasa family. It's an honor to meet you." Her eyes once in a while looked up as she examined Narukami.

An eight-year-old boy dressed in a school uniform. His eyes were sharp and his face exuded the vibe of a child, innocent and curious.

However, his mouth said otherwise as it made him look expressionless. 

He also carried a mature vibe, giving her a certainty that this person just shapeshifted his body to cover his real identity.

Furthermore, he helped one of her underlings with ease and even protected him from her powerful technique. 

At this point, her doubt toward this boy disappeared. 

"Is it dead?" The guy beside her asked as his face was facing where the beam shot at.

"That blast is strong enough to make a third rank sorcerer spend a few years in a hospital bed. Still, until I see its corpse disintegrating, I can't be assured." She replied with her gaze looking downward. She will not move until given permission by the boy in front of her.

She didn't want to get the bad side of him.

"No need to be polite." Narukami crouched down as he used his right fang to make a small wound on his thumb and thrust it into her mouth.

Before that happened, Furasa raised her gaze and immediately greeted with that.

As she was dumbfounded, Narukami moved his thumb to the side of her mouth.


"Senior?" The guy wanted to act but in terms of strength or position, he might make things worse. 

The strongest around here was this person.

No matter what Narukami did, they wouldn't stand a chance.

Indeed, in this world. In this room called earth, no matter the era, the strongest would rule.

Narukami can feel her warm saliva slowly covering his thumb. It was an amazing feeling.

Following this, he pressed his thumb against her tongue. It was soft and had little bumps.

He played with it for a little while before pulling out his thumb. When he did that, one can see thick saliva extended to his thumb, like a bridge.

After his thumb was a few centimeters away from her mouth, the saliva disconnected.

As though Narukami slaughtered her family members, she glared at him and she felt the urge to punching him.

"You have your fun already, isn't it the time to end this?" Narukami abruptly brought up a strange question which made their brows slightly frowned.

Furasa was confused as she asked, "senior, this lowly and humble sorcerer didn't know what you were talking about. Would you be kind enough to enlighten us?"

"Still playing dumb, huh? Alright then, I'll follow your game and it'll be a fun one." There was a trace of a smile on his eyes.

Furasa could feel a static electric shock to her entire body, goosebumps as she felt unsettled.

She awkwardly laughed and it was pretty forced.

"Senior, you know how to jest! Jokes aside, may I know your name?" Furasa decided to change the topic or try to.

"That blast earlier is spectacular, isn't it?"

"Pardon?" She blinked blankly. Furasa didn't expect the boy would ignore her question.

Even though she felt something's wrong, she endured questions relating to that and went along with his conversation.

For now, she would see how this was heading.

"Yes, it is indeed a powerful technique handed down in the Furasa family."

"Incantation of Hundred Joys, I believe?" Narukami guessed and this made her ponder for a short while.

The name was only known to a selected few. 

Because of that fact, this showed that he was someone whose existence was well known in the organization.

Very trusted that the secret of the Furasa family was told to him.

"This reminds me, there are few particular incantations that shouldn't be uttered, is that correct?"

At this point, it would be useless to hide it.

"Yes. These are sealed and almost no one knows about its existence."

"Almost. Which means some people knew."

"Senior, are you suggesting that I'm one of those people?"

"I'm not suggesting anything, is what I like to say to show some faces to the Furasa family as they contribute a lot to the organization. But sadly and unfortunately, I think your existence in this city is a hindrance." His words were echoing into the dark alleyway. The guy felt the chill he had never felt never before.

His voice carried intimidation and one's heart couldn't help but shrink down.

Furasa's heart thumped. Her mouth slightly opened as she wanted to say something.

It was few seconds late as Narukami quickly continued. 

"Ah, not your family, okay? I don't want any misunderstanding here. I'm talking about you, Furasa Aru, a second ranker. Who not only lures your whole squad into this alleyway and kills them, you also tame an Anomaly using a sacred incantation. I apologize for my next action as your death will be a lot painful."

Taming an Anomaly was an act that could make you killed on the spot. Furthermore, she did so to kill her squad members.

There may perhaps be another goal but Narukami will get to the bottom of this later.

She perhaps going to be tortured for the rest of her life, being a sex slave if not.

"Wh-what are you talking about, senior? You're surely joking! I, for one, of course, wouldn't do such a thing! Is there any proof?" Her voice was shaky yet her expression remained firm.

"I don't need any proof for the fact I'm not fond of your kinds' ways of doing things."

Narukami simply raised his hand and she felt an incredible sense of fear.

"Wait! I can expl- Gaaah!"

Too late, with a snap of his finger. Furasa got electrocuted. 

As though the single drop of blood she gulped was the spark, Narukami simply activated his technique.

Like a spark into a pile of gunpowder. It quickly spread like a virus.


A powerful electric shock soon spread. 

Her figure was covered with a purplish glow as her nerves were torn apart. Sharp as throbbing pain transmitted to her brain. Her body struggled yet futile.

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