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85.71% Jack sheppard The Devil's tower / Chapter 6: The hotel

The hotel - Jack sheppard The Devil's tower - Chapter 6 by Jack_Sheppard full book limited free

Chapter 6: The hotel

"Right, listen up you two, I've never had good luck with Hotel's probably since I murdered my parent's in one" Jack said to Arron and Jasmine "and if there is anything that I am aware of, it is that in my story's hotel's tend fuck with your head and nothing inside of them is safe and since we are in a game that is possessed by The Devil himself. well this ain't going to be easy, so we need to stick together" Jack said cautiously warning Jasmine and Arron.

"It's a hotel though Jack" Arron said straight after Jack spoke "What's the worse that can happen, I am going to go in and I'm going to collect resources such as food and water" Arron informed as he pulled out a semi automatic machine gun and loaded it. Jack looked at him with curiosity before saying "Don't say that I didn't warn you after all I am the one who wrote this story line." reluctantly as Arron walked toward's the hotel, Jack stuck his hand out and stopped Jasmine from following looking at his watch "Three. Two and one" Jack said as He looked up and saw a big red demon with two long and pointy horn's looming over Arron from behind, "See Jack! Nothing is going to.." Arron said just before this demon grabbed him by his head with it's right hand and closing it's strong fist completely crushing Arron's skull and disconnecting his head from his body which just fell to the floor, Jasmine who was standing there next to Jack looked at Arron's decapertated corpse in shock before turning her head to look at Jack

"You stopped me from going in after him." She said looking at Jack thankful for what he just done for her

"So? you un-tied us, it's the least that I could do" Jack responded as he loaded his revolver and then heading inside of the hotel "Oh and once we are in here, well don't die." He said as they both walked into the hotel

it was dark and cold, all that could be seen were the dark blood patches on the Wall's and the blood puddles and dead body's scattered on the carpet floor's, the only light in the lobby was the light that came in from outside

"Yuck, what the fuck is that smell?" Jasmine asked Jack who didn't seem to bothered about the decaying corpse's and this metalicy smell which filled the room

"That smell is blood Jasmine, we're literally surrounded by blood and decaying corpse's" Jack said back sarcastic as he looked for the dreaded room key that they needed to be safe "Here Jasmine help me look for the presidential suite room key" Jack said to Jasmine who nodded her head and started searching the back cupboard "There's a bunker in the Wall's and it's how we're going to get to the carpark" Jack added as he searced himself .

"Found it Jack" Jasmine said passing the key to Jack who took the key and jumped over the desk and headed for the elevator. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-tower_21101321605212905/the-hotel_56807843243806396">;s-tower_21101321605212905/the-hotel_56807843243806396</a> for visiting.

calling the elivator down to the ground floor Jack noticed something off about the room, what was previously a warm and safe environment a second prior had suddenly turned into a cold and eery room with the whisper's of a familiar voice

"You did this to us. this is your fault. you deserve to die in here and you will never make it to The Devil's tower alive. your not worthy of life." it whispered in both Jack's and Jasmine's ear's, Jack looked at Jasmine and said "Don't listen to that voice it's how demonic entities win" he said as she stood puzzled

"What do you mean?" Jasmine asked Jack as the lift doors opened and They both stepped in

"They belittle you and ware you down, so that it's easier to possess you" Jack said as he looked at the room's key information "Floor B4?" Jack woundered as he clicked the button making the lift go down to basement floor four

"Oh okay so like ever horror movie?" Jasmine asked Jack who just looked at her surprised that she had just asked the stupidest question he had ever heard

"No. look, we are in a game. a game based on a story that I wrote. I am the type of guy who thinks all horror movie's ain't scary because the shit I've been through is the type of shit that would give even Satan PTSD and psychosis." Jack responded "So no not like every horror movie even if you knew about the chucky series and that Donnie Darko crap, or even Friday the 13th nightmare on elm street, It chapter one and chapter two which you don't because you are apart of a simulation and a story that I made. I am skitzophrenic which is why your sentient, which poses a threat to you because the lord of hell has taken over your world and trust me on this but because your aware of your own existence and how this is a game he's going to ce and get you next. I just prolonged the inevitable." Jack said in a incredibly cold manner because outside of the game everyone saw him as this skitzophrenic freak and bullied him for his mental illnesses.

"So I'm going to die next?" Jasmine asked Jack fearfully Jack looked at her and let out a sigh

"No you drafty. your a bunch of coding in a game." Jack said in a irritated manner because the last friend of Jack's just got himself killed by Satan's minion because he shouted in the hotel lobby after discrediting Jack's knowledge of the game's story as Jasmine went to speak the elevator had reached the basement's fourth floor and the bell dingged as the door's slowly slid open exposing a room which was bigger than the lobby while every light flickered on and off.

"Right, Jasmine we should be safe down here for a couple of hour's, you collect all the food and drink that you can get and then get some sleep, I'm going to find the passage to the carpark and then find and load a car up with the food and drink's that you find, and before I go looking for the passage I'm going to look for some more ammo as I am running low" Jack said to Jasmine before walking off and searching the entire room on this massive floor, "Actually I'll do all of the searching Jasmine you get some sleep, this has been one really bad day for you" Jack said commanding Jasmine to get some sleep on the couch.

"Okay Jack" Jasmine said as she laid down and slowly fell asleep while Jack searched the room and made a pile of its contents that can be taken and placed into the car before suddenly passing out and landing on the floor just a few feet away from where Jasmine slept soundly.

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