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17.39% Jaden Yuki's Story / Chapter 8: Chapter 8 First day together

Chapter 8 First day together - Jaden Yuki's Story - Chapter 8 by My_Anime_World_2311 full book limited free

Chapter 8: Chapter 8 First day together


       At 7.00 am, Atticus went to the clinic to check on Jaden and his sister but was shocked to see neither of them there. He went on to search for them himself as the others are probably still snoring in their sleeps. He checked everywhere within the main building including the cafeteria, duel arena, all the classrooms, gym, locker rooms and even the stairways but with no avail.

       He then went to check Alexis's room at the Obelisk Blue Girls Dorm. He was allowed entry because he was too attractive to the girls. He still couldn't find either Alexis or Jaden. He started to get worried and went to the park and the other dorms excluding Slifer Red Dorm.

       After an hour of search, he still couldn't find them and none of the students saw either one of them. Then finally, he decided to check Jaden's old room. He was shocked to see what was in the room when he opened the door, his sister sleeping on the same bed with Jaden! Luckily he was always prepared with a camera and he took a photo of it.

The flash from the camera woke Alexis and she screamed " ATTI! " .

        The loud scream woke Jaden and he sat up immediately, " What is it Lex? A bad dream? " asked Jaden while he rubbed his eyes. Then he turned his head and saw Alexis's brother by the door.

" Oh.. Hi Atticus " Jaden greeted Atticus

" What are you guys doing sleeping together? " Atticus asked although he knew the answer but he wanted to make them say it

" Lex is officially my girlfriend now " said Jaden as he placed his hand around Alexis's waist

" Congratulations sissy! Now I can finally leave you to Jaden " Atticus told Alexis cheerfully

" So you remember everything Jaden? " Atticus asked Jaden as he stared from Alexis to Jaden

" Technically he didn't forget anything " Alexis helped Jaden to reply " He was just pretending to test me "

" Oh.. Nice one Jaden! You got us all! " Atticus laughed

" Can you leave us alone now? " Alexis asked her brother impatiently

" Sure Lexi, since you asked, hope you have a good time " answered Atticus " I'll make sure no one enters "

" Thanks Atticus " replied Jaden

" No problem, you can call me bro from now on " said Atticus before locking himself out

" So Lex, want to make out? " Jaden looked at Alexis and asked

" Sure " Alexis answered and they started making out on the bed

     Alexis was on top of Jaden and Jaden's hand was around Alexis's waist and her hair while they kissed. Then, Alexis's tongue was at Jaden's lips begging for entry. Jaden allowed her tongue to enter and they started tongue wrestle. After a few minutes, Alexis gently pulled back and lied down on Jaden's chest with him hugging her.

" That was awesome Lex! " Jaden said

" You like it? " Alexis asked sillily

" Of course I did Lex! We should do this everyday " Jaden joked

" EVERYDAY?! " Alexis shrieked

" Shh.. Someone might hear you Lex.. Why not? Unless you don't like it " replied Jaden

" Ok Jay " said Alexis happily

" When did you start to like me? " Jaden asked curiously

" You really want to know? " Alexis asked and Jaden nodded

" Ok.. I started to have interest with you after you beat Crowler on the first day.. But I started to fall for you after our first duel " Alexis replied softly and blushed while saying

" Oh.. What do you like about me? " Jaden asked

" You're full of questions, aren't you? " Alexis replied " Well, you're handsome and a great duelist! I've always wanted to be with the best duelist like you! "

Jaden later kissed Alexis's forehead but didn't say anything

" Now's your turn to tell me Jay, why did you like and when? " Alexis asked

" Ok, I think it was after our first duel " Jaden answered " You're a great duelist and you were the Queen Of Obelisk, who wouldn't want a girl like you?

" That's it? " replied Alexis looking into Jaden's golden eyes Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-story_21157995905368105/chapter-8-first-day-together_56796299730675937">;s-story_21157995905368105/chapter-8-first-day-together_56796299730675937</a> for visiting.

" No, you're the most beautiful girl in the world! " said Jaden and kissed Alexis

" I love you very much " replied Alexis

" Me too " said Jaden " You wanna have breakfast now? "

" Just a little longer " replied Alexis looking at Jaden full of admiration

" Ok, Lex " Jaden replied

" I should've confessed to you after our tag duel " Alexis said almost crying

" Was that what you were trying to say? You were saying ' I've always.. I've always ' but you didn't finish it " asked Jaden

" I was too nervous and I didn't dare to say it out, I was afraid it would ruin our friendship " Alexis answered now sobbing on Jaden's chest

" Silly girl " replied Jaden while stroking his hand on Alexis's hair comforting his new girlfriend

" Come one Lex, let's go eat " said Jaden

" Ok Jay " said Alexis while she wiped off her tears and they left for the cafeteria holding hands

" Hi everyone " Jaden and Alexis greeted Syrus, Chazz, Atticus, Zane and Bastion together when they entered the cafeteria

" Hi Jaden and Alexis " Syrus greeted back ' Huh? Jaden! Why are you holding Alexis's hand? "

Chazz choked himself with the toast he was eating when he saw them

I'm her fiance Sy, don't you remember? " replied Jaden

" Wow! When did it happen? " Bastion asked curiously

" Was it the duel against Harrington Jay? " Syrus asked

" Yeah, you're right Sy " Jaden answered

" So Atticus wasn't lying after all " said Bastion

" Hey Jay and Lexi, I told them everything about you both, hope you don't mind " said Atticus with a huge innocent smile

" No, I don't mind, you saved me the trouble for telling them bro! " Jaden joked around

" Looks like he's fine now " said Zane who stood alone in the corner

" Slacker! Just you wait, i haven't given up yet! " shouted Chazz

Alexis kissed Jaden immediately after hearing what Chazz shouted which made him jealous and shut up

" Nice move Lex " Atticus praised

" Jaden, can you come to the office now? " Chancellor Sheppard announce " Alone if possible "

" I'll go myself since you guys are still eating " Jaden told everyone

" I'll go with you Jay " said Alexis

" You sure about that? " Jaden asked

" Yeah, i'll go everywhere with you " Alexis replied



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