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13.15% Journey Into One Piece / Chapter 4: CHAPTER-4: PIRATE ESTABLISHED(SECOND CREW)

CHAPTER-4: PIRATE ESTABLISHED(SECOND CREW) - Journey Into One Piece - Chapter 4 by Devil_Riez full book limited free


#East Blue:

After leaving Fuusha village, Ian's team didn't go far....soon their ship reach on the Goa kingdom of Dawn Island. Ian decided to stay on this kingdom till the incident of the 'Gray Terminal' before sailing off his journey...

After docking their ship on the side of the island,

Ian decided to hide the black pearl as he is going to stay for a few month....but the shocking thing is that black pearl can hide underwater..

'hmm so thats why in the carribean, black pearl always appears from undersea...'

Soon, black pearl completely sank in the sea...

Ian and Albedo started towards the Goa Kingdom. After some time, both reach the busy town of the kingdom...

Ian: " this is the birthplace of Sabo...lets' go Albedo and find a place to exchange the gold first.."

Albedo: "hai...Ian-sama"

Then, Ian and Albedo strode through the town and after exchanging the golds...they soon find a hotel...after checking in, they decided to go shopping..

'I have to say, even though Albedo is from the system, her tsundere character is still included and even more dangerous while shopping.."

Seeing the loads of bag around Ian which is 70% Abedo's...Ian started considering whether he is the master or her...


"what is it? Ian-sama...ara that dress is beautiful lets go in.."

"nothing...huh? Albedo when did you become bold..her character change is scary.."

After shopping for hours, the goods are sent to our hotel and both went to eat on a nearby restuarant..

While entering, Ian saw an unexpected guest eating with a pile of food...

In the corner of the restuarant, a old man , wearing a white long coat with 'JUSTICE' written on the back, was dining alone holding two huge meat with both hands...Ian recognised the old man at first glance..

" seems that Luffy will meet Ace and Sabo soon"

Then he walks towards the old man and exclaimed..

" hoh what have we have here isn't this the Hero of the Navy, Old man Garp"

"hmm??what hero, now I'm just an old the way do I know you?"

Ian: "oh sorry!! My name is Ian, a traveller...also I had just visited your village few days ago.."

Garp: " nanda...So you are a traveller!! how is the village?? "

Ian : "Its quite the way old man, what are you doing here?"

Garp: " ohh...I am on my way to visit my hometown and also to check on my grandson..."

Ian:" ok...its lucky for me to meet you here so lets eat together and bills on me..what do you say old man?"

Garp: "freee meaall...ok² what are you waiting for lets eat...hahaha"

Hearing Garp's reply Ian suddenly sweats...' so this the hero..his character is still the same as in thinking as ever..'

Then, Ian introduce Albedo and three of them started their meal...soon Garp and Ian started getting along well chatting, drinking.....

Garp: " I have to say Ian are a good one I am leaving. Hope we meet again in the future and dine again...hahaha ok goodbye.."

Ian: "Its a pleasure old man hope we meet again"

Seeing the leaving figure of Garp, Ian gave a sigh..

'*sigh* I think next time we meet we will be enemies lets wait for the plot"

Soon, time passes quickly, a few month pass by..

in this time Ian has completely practised the thunder fruit at full potential and the [sulong] form also can be retained for about 40 min..though at first Ian went on a rampage and destroyed half of a mountain till Albedo held him completely..

Then, the Celestial Dragon came and the Bluejam pirates set fire on the Gray terminal causing turmoil...and the peoples were rescued by the revolutionaries and the event finally ended..

Ian: "Hmm...Sabo should be about to set off in the sea...Albedo lets go its time to get our second crew.."

Albedo: " understood...Ian-sama...ready to sail off"

"lets go"

In the middle of the sea, a small boat with a pirate flag was floating...on the boat was a small boy with yellow hair and a blue cap..

"hehe now its time to start my journey.."

"huh! a ship!"


suddenly the ship in front shot towards the small boat bombing the ship into pieces..

On the large ship..

"huh...stinky pirates. They should all die.."

*crackle*Suddenly a huge black ship approches them and on the deck was a man with white pale hair and said while laughing,.

"hehehe...I wonder how much my first bounty will be if I killed the dragons..[god sanction]"

As soon as the voice sounded a huge ray of thunder shot from the sky destroying the dragon's ship in one blow...

Seeing the noble's ship destroyed the navy escorting the ship was shocked and suddenly exclaimed...

"damn bastard!! Do you know what you have done? catch him"

Soon, several cannon shot towards the black pearl..


several bullet like thunder shot out from Ian's fingertip towards the cannon and destroyed them..

*boom* *boom*

"damn devil fruit ability...all troop attack..kill this criminal" the Navy Captain commanded.

Suddenly several bullets, cannons shot towards the black pearl..but it was all destroyed by Ian.

Then the Captain took out a long riffle aimed at the head and shot towars Ian. Seeing the bullet reaching Ian, the navy exclaimed.. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Now die...bastard....what!!!!"

but it soon turned to shock when the bullets went passing through Ian's head..

"what a trouble...logia natural-type fruit...damnn"


Then a laughing voice sounded..

" its my d

please die and be my stepping stones..[Thunderbird]"


A huge bird figure made of lightening flew towards the navy ship and hit the deck bombarding half of the ship..

*boom*" whhhhhaaatttt...."

Then, Ian jumped down and landed on the floating broken wood looking at the small kid floating in a broken wood with half of his face burned..

"hmm it seems a little late but its okay the scar is not a problem.."

then, Ian pick up the boy and return to pearl and handed the boy to Albedo..

Ian: "Abedo..treat this kid and let him rest in the bed"

Albedo: "hai...Ian-sama. Leave it to me" ....then she took the boy inside the ship..

" what shall we do with these remaining navy dogs..."

"I think its about time to become a pirate...Little pearl..change the whole cloth of the into the poster that I create last night and raise the flag high.."

"I understand...master"

Then a flag with a skull with two sword cross and another sword pierced from the head of the skull was raised changing black pearl adding more evil charm to the ship...

Watching the flag flying high at the exciting blood rose inside Ian..


its time to rise...

from today the ' GOD-HUNTER PIRATE ' is officially established..

I think its time for the world to change.."

" you are also a pirate..damn"...

a voice sounded and the navy captain stood up from the broken navy ship taking support on the wall....

his body was full of blood, one arm lost, his face looked ugly and pale...

Ian: " hoh...dont force too much it will only shorten your last moment.."

Captain: " think you can get away with this...a low pirate like you wont last long...ughh"

Ian: "hehe...a person like you who can't see the strength of your enemy should shut up and die"

saying that Ian pointed his index finger towards the navy captain and lightning started emiting from the finger...

"oh by the way, my name is " Lucifer. D. Ian"

thats the name who will send you to hell...



An electric bullet shot and hit the heart of the captain...soon the whole person bombarded raining blood..


Seeing the horrible seen...the remaining dying navies exclaimed and trembled in horror ..

Watching the dying navies, Ian said with a disdain tone: " hmph a bunch of weakling dont deserve my kill....pearl lets go "

then Ian turned around and left with his ship..

Ian had always hated most of the navies except some while watching anime so he has disdain toward the navy...

When Ian's ship sailed away, the navies gave a sigh of relieve but recalling the scene gave them a new nightmare..

' God-Hunter Pirates,...Lucifer D. Ian...f@ck isn't this the Blue Sea , when did such a horrible character appear here...'

Soon, the news of 'God-Hunter Pirate' and 'Ian the Devil' spread through the navy..

Inside the black pearl, in a room, a small boy was lying in the bed. It is the kid who Ian saved. But the scars and the injuries have all been healed.

' I have to say healing magic of Albedo is far more better than the medicines in this world '

The brows of the boy slightly wrinkled and slowly open..

watching the surrounding, he slowly raised from the bed and his eyes fixed on a man sitting near the window reading a book, a handsome face with pale white hair..

Ian: "oh so you are awake kid!"

"who are you?? where is this place??what am I doing here??"

Ian: " Before asking, you should first introduce yourself"

"My name?? hurts..."

Ian: "What...Can't remember?"

" name is..Sabo..who are you"

Ian: " My name is Lucifer D. Ian, a pirate , I rescued you from the sea and you are currently in my ship..."

Sabo: " rescued from the sea?? pirate!!"

Ian: " You don't remember anything?? "

Sabo: "remember!! head hurts..I can't remember anything.."

Ian: "Its okay don't try to for now..from now on you will be a member of our 'God-Hunter Pirate'...this is your new identity ,so you dont need to try hard to remember your past..understand? can call me Captain"

Sabo: "new identity...member...I understand, Captain"

Seeing the calmness in Sabo's face, Ian showed a bright smile..he could just force his memory out but he decided not to because things will be sooner revealed as Sabo has become a pirate..

( in the anime because of the revolutionary army, Sabo's identity was hidden so it was hard for him to regain his memory but now since he has become a pirate, it is another case..)

Ian: " Very good...then..Sabo...Welcome to the crew...let's show our glory to the world.."

Sabo: "Yes! Captain! I will always follow you! Captain"....

Ian: " lets start our adventure.."


ok guys..its the end of chapter...the character of the mc will be a little evil ...harse to the enemy and good to the crew...

[first crew:Albedo

second crew: Sabo..]

ok see you next....

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