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Journey to the One Piece Journey to the One Piece original

Journey to the One Piece

Author: thelightedghost

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Chapter 1: Abandoned

Year 1504, Dadan's home, Mt. Colubo, Dawn Island, East Blue.

A baby who was born just 2 days ago was silently put down near the main door of the band of bandits which was led by the famous Curly Dadan of Mt. Colubo. The young baby in the basket made of straws looked cute, had big pearly eyes with natural black hair. The baby was surprisingly quiet and didn't utter a single word as a person whose face was hidden in the darkness of the night.

The man had put the baby near the door and left quietly, the same way as he came. It was late at night so none of the bandits heard him. It could be said that the bandits weren't very good, even the person who was responsible for the security at night was also sleeping while snoring.

Now if one looked closely at the baby, they would notice that the baby had a face which expressed confusion and curiosity as his eyes were trying to look around . The baby wasn't crying at all and was just looking around with his eyes. He wasn't strong enough to move his limbs the way he wanted to so all he could do was move his eyes.

Of course the baby was special. The baby who had just been born 2 days ago was confused because he didn't understand where he was. Now the question was how come a baby could have such thoughts.

It was simple. It's because the baby had gone through the famous process of transmigration. From the moment he became conscious he knew that he had come to this new world.

"What happened? Wasn't I just sleeping on my bed? How did I just get born in a new place? There was no truck-kun, no scooter-chan... Nothing... And now I don't even know where the fuck am I. Ah... My parents would surely be heartbroken seeing that their son was dead...."

These were the random thoughts that filled his mind when he was just being born. In his previous life, he wasn't much of an achiever but it couldn't be said that he had led a bad life.

He completed his studies with good grades. Even had a girlfriend at one point, though it ended very badly. But all in all he lived a contented life. He had his close group of friends on whom he could trust, loving parents and a respectable job.

Though he was introverted and didn't like to go out of his room, he never saw this as a bad thing or that he needed to change his habits. He was happy and content with his life. Anime, movies, manga, novels.... he had everything to fill his life with.

And now here he was. Suddenly, he was pushed to a new life which he had no idea about. Forget about accepting his new life, he broke down in tears thinking of his previous life. And soon the baby who had just been born cried.

But the cry was special. It wasn't a loud one as baby normally cries, but a soft one with almost no sound as tears fell from the baby's eyes. The person who had just delivered the baby was in shock as he had never seen a baby crying silently.



The baby who had been crying softly for a few minutes finally stopped and looked at the surroundings. After calming himself down he looked at the surroundings. The doctor and a man who was looking at him with concern.

"Fuck I can't even understand the language. But why does the language seem so familiar?"

The thought of transmigration still hadn't settled well with him and he was still taking time to absorb the sudden change. His panic mode made him think of random things right now and all the cries from his eyes made him feel sleepy and the baby just closed his eyes.



When the baby awakened again, he saw that the surroundings had changed and he was in a small room. He could hear the whispers of a man and woman talking beside.

"I am hungry. I need to eat something. No, I need to have milk. Fuck no teeth. This is annoying as fuck. I can't have solid food for such a long time..."

As the baby thought of this, he tried to attract the attention of the couple by making random sounds that his voice box allowed. And soon the woman came forward and looked at the child. She soon brought a glass of milk and stuck the bottle to the mouth of the baby.

"Thank god, I didn't get shoved on to the teats of the woman. That would have been very embarrassing."

The baby thought as he sucked off the milk from the bottle. The milk tasted a little different from the ordinary. The couple had again started talking among them in whispers. The baby finally understood why he felt like he had heard the language before. He had heard the language countless times before, though he couldn't understand it, he sure as hell was accustomed to it.

It was Japanese.

"Fuck, Japanese!! I need to learn kanji and hiragana. My JLPT was only the lowest level and I don't even remember what I learnt. Fuck!! By the way, was I reborn in Japan in a different time period? The house seems to have a totally different vibe from the time I was in my home. Sigh!! I will have to learn the language it seems and get a hold of the things around as fast as possible."

But little did the bay know that fate had a totally different plan about him. And after 2 days of living at the couple's home, one fine night under the cries of the woman he was was taken away by the man and left on the door steps of a home in the middle of a forest which was on a mountain.

The baby was awake the whole journey. He was confused at first but after the man had left him on the door of the house he finally understood what had happened.

He was being abandoned!!!

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