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Jujutsu Kaisen: Immortal Jujutsu Kaisen: Immortal original

Jujutsu Kaisen: Immortal

Author: Clockwork_055

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Death?

Why is this happening to me? Itadori Yuji thought.

He was just an ordinary high schooler until yesterday. But everything suddenly changed when he took an odd-looking object from the shrine.

After that, he was suddenly told that his friends were in danger because of some kind of curse or something.

As he is a new-generation youth, he doesn't trust what the black-haired kid, who introduced himself as Megumi Fushiguro. But looking at the school he was studying in, he could indeed tell that what Megumi said wasn't something to be passed over.

There was an invincible pressure that made him hesitate to enter the school.

If you want to live, stay here. Megumi's words came into Yuji's mind, and he looked at his shaking hands.

'What I am afraid of? Death. Well, I can feel death from the school. I am afraid of dying.'

'I wonder if grandfather was afraid of death. No, probably not. I cried because I was sad, not scared. The death I face now and Grandpa's death, how are they different?'

You're A Strong Kid, So...Help People.

Itadori Yuji thought about his grandfather and his last words.

"Damn it, old man! You should have said something good before you died."


Megumi looked at the inhuman figure—Itadori Yuji's friend but now he looked at the monster in front of him there was no human resemblance. They have become the eminence of curses.

Megumi is a relatively tall, slim young man with fair skin and green eyes. He has uniquely styled black hair with long spikes that jut out in every direction around his head, resembling a sea urchin.

From the perspective of beauty, Megumi is just an average-looking guy but his life is not.


He is a Jujutsu Sorcerer. Jujutsu Sorcerers are individuals secretly trained and employed by the government in Japan to defend humanity from cursed spirits. And Megumi is a first-year student of Jujutsu Sorcerers of Tokyo Jujutsu High School.

The reason he is here is because of the report he received from his teacher about a special grade cursed item seal getting weaker.

But looking around, it seems he is late as the seal has already been released.

"You are in the way!" Megumi shouted, The next moment from Megumi's shadow twin wolves appeared. One is white and the other one is black. They both have three dots on their forehead of the opposite colour that resemble the symbols of the Jewel of Turning Back on the Road and the Jewel of Plenty respectively.

"{Divine Dogs} Go and feast," Megumi ordered his shikigami. Without waiting the wolfs started to devour the cursed spirits and made way for Megumi.

Clearing through the curses, Megumi arrived at where the special-grade cursed item was.

"Found them," Megumi murmured.

'It looks like the curse is trying to devour the girl, along with the special-grade cursed item. Crap! I'm too late.' Just then, Megumi cursed himself. Suddenly, the window glass shattered. Itadori came flying and landed a dropkick on the curse's head.

"Itadori!" Megumi exclaimed, not knowing that Itadori would come to help. The surprising thing was that Itadori was able to deal with the pressure released by the curse, which would scare any normal human being.

But seeing that Itadori was fine and was able to prevent the curse from shallowing the Cursed item Megumi involuntarily let a sigh.


"Is that a curse? It's totally different from what I expected." Itadori Yuji murmured, although this was indeed his first time seeing a curse up close, he thought curses looked more like ghosts, things that float.

Then he looked down, even though there was a small bruise on her body, his senior was right and was unconscious.

"What... time.. is.." The curse murmured and tried to attack Itadori, but the curse couldn't because of the surprise attack done by Megumi.

After eliminating the curse, Megumi turned to Itadori Yuji.

*Phew*"Normally I would be pissed but good job."

"Why do you act so high and mighty? I just saved your sorry ass." Then Itadori turned to the two wolves that were devouring the Cursed Spirit like they were eating jerky.

"By the way, what are those things eating the curse?"

"Oh, that's my shikigami. Can you see them? Normally, you can't see curse. But there are exceptions, such as when you face death or a special situation like this."

"Oh, that's probably why I've never met a ghost or cursed person in my entire life," Yuji said with a light smile but looking at Yuji's smile, Megumi asked.

"You are not scared?" Yuji looked at Megumi.

"I know people actually die? So I figured for people I know if they have to die, then I want to do so in the best way possible. I don't get it either, but that's what I thought."

"I kind of get what you mean."

"Oh yeah, is this what you've been looking for?" Yuji said as he took an old mummified finger.

"Yeah, this is it. Special grade cursed item {Ryomen Sukuna} or at least part of it."


"Forget it, think of it as a dangerous item and just hand it over."

"Yeah, yeah, I don't need it." Just as Yuji was about to hand over the cursed item, he suddenly felt something above his head.

But since he was carrying his senior, he couldn't respond to the pressure. That wasn't the case for Megumi, who had her fair share of experience. So he was quickly able to react to the presence and push Yuji away from the impact area.

"Run!" Megumi shouted as a giant frog-like abomination fell from the ceiling. Because Megumi was busy keeping Yuji and his senior safe, Megumi didn't have time to avoid the impact.

"Fushiguro!!" Yuji shouted as he put his friend down and turned to where Megumi was.

Megumi was captured by the weird frog-looking curse.

"Nue..." Megumi murmured, making a hand signal but he couldn't finish the chant as the curse threw Megumi against the wall.


The impact was so great that Megumi broke through the wall and was sent flying outside. Due to the degree of the attack, Megumi's shikigami was unsummoned and turned into waxy goo in front of Yuji.

"Guh." Megumi groaned as he stood up on his unsteady feet.

'Damn, my incarnation time ran out. I couldn't think straight.' Megumi thought because he was outside the building, there was a slight advantage of freedom. But he didn't think that with a bleeding body, he could take advantage of it.

The Curse turned into Megumi readying its next attack.

Suddenly, Itadori came flying from above and punched the curse on its damn face.

'What a raw strength!'

"Are you okay?" Yuji asked, seeing Megumi in his bloody state.

"I thought I had told you to run away. Forget it; it's not like you will hear me anyway."

"I will have nightmares if I leave you alone,"

Help people

"Besides I've actually got quite the curse myself," Yuji said as he started to fight the curse with his bare hands.

'It doesn't matter how strong you are..'

"Itadori, only a curse can defeat another curse," Megumi shouted as Yuji was punched down by the curse.

"You could have told me sooner."

I told you to run away. Someone like you, without any curse energy, would only get in the way." But Yuji didn't mind what Megumi had said; instead, he asked a question that had been on his mind.

"Hey, why is the curse targeting the finger?"

"It plans to eat it to gain stronger cursed energy," Megumi explained.

"So there is a way to save everyone."

"Huh?" Megumi couldn't understand what Yuji just said.

"I just need some cursed energy, right?" Yuji said as he put the finger into his mouth.

"Wha—!?, You idiot, don't."


'That's a special cursed object with a lethal poison for ordinary humans. He will surely die, but there is a one-in-a-million chance...'

The curse moved at lightning speed towards Itadori Yuji. Yuji just stayed there silently, just as the curse reached him. Suddenly, Yuji punched the curse, turning it into ash.

"Hehehe, Ah, I knew it! Light is best appreciated in flesh." Yuji said, more precisely the being possessing Yuji said.

At the Megumi looked at Yuji.

'The worst-case scenario, one in a million, the special grade cursed item has incarnated.'

"A cursed spirit's flesh is no fun. Where are the people? The woman?"


Hello, guys! I'm Clockwork. Hope you like this new Fanfiction. As I said before, I'm a newbie to this, so if anyone has any suggestions or something, please comment.


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